KS1 STEM Club.

Meet our KS1 STEM club! At STEM club we are designing and making a car that will travel down a ramp in a straight line. In the Summer we will work with engineers from Schneider Electrics in Coventry to test our cars against children from other schools. This week we began designing our own cars […]

Marvel STEM Superhero Test

It’s not just the Children of Thanos threatening Earth’s security, our planet is facing new challenges every single day! Find out how engineers use their super heroic skills to solve real-world problems with this new test. Do you know that you already have what it takes to be the engineering Super Heroes of tomorrow?

1 Red-STEAM Challenge

1 Red were remarkable this afternoon. They were given a challenge to: Stage 1 – Design a kite. Stage 2 – Make a kite. Stage 3 – Test the kite. Stage 4- Evaluate the kite. Please watch the clip below and then anwer the questions. What did you use to make your kite?   2. […]

1 Blue Kites – STEAM

1 Blue were set a STEAM challenge as part of their Science topic. They were set the challenge of using materials to make a kite that would fly in the sky for at least 5 seconds.  Take a look at their challenge work below…

STEAM – Marble Runs

Wow! You are amazing creators! The Marble Runs that some of you have made were wonderful.  They have all been tested and you can see the results below. If you made a marble run I would like you to think about these questions… Did your marble run work? How could you change your marble run […]

STEAM Holiday Challenge.

Can you use junk materials to make a marble run? The marble can only travel for up to 20 seconds from start to finish. Use paper to design your marble run before you make it. Can you evaluate your marble run? 1. What worked well? 2. Did you need to change anything?  3. How long […]

2White – Handwashing Investigation

This week in Science we are learning about hygiene. We carried out an investigation to help us understand the importance of washing our hands properly. What did we find in the investigation? When should we wash our hands? Why is it important to wash our hands?

Year 3 Science Club Week 2 & 3

What a fantastic time we have been having in Science club! All children have behaved beautifully, worked hard and gained!! Our task for Week 2 was to find out which rock would be best for a new path at Broad Heath School. We became geologists! We had to rub lots of different rocks against sandpaper […]

Heart dissection in 6 Red!

Our Science topic this half term is Body Pump and this ŵeek we have learnt in detail about the heart. Dissecting a real heart helped us visualise the structure and function of this important organ.  Can you answer the questions in the video? What additional information can you find out about the heart? 

6 White Heart Dissection!

Today in 6 White, we were learning all about the heart. As part of this, we went to the science pod to dissect a heart and look at the different parts and their purpose. Back in the classroom, we labelled diagrams and discussed how blood is pumped around the body and gets replenished with oxygen […]

1 Red’s Problem Solving

This week we had to solve many problems whether they were big ones or small ones! Here are some the challenges we faced!  1. What was your favourite challenge? 2. Why do we need to know how to solve problems?  Well done on your last project week 1 Red! 

5B STEAM Bridge project

Today’s challenged required us to create our own bridge. To do this we needed to start with researching the purpose and structure of bridges as well as famous architects. We then used this knowledge to create a design and create our bridges in groups. We then tested our designs, some were able to hold the […]

3 White- STEAM Skipping ropes

3 White have been challenges to create a skipping rope in teams, using only plastic bags and sellotape. We researched skipping ropes using the internet. What did you find out? We tested different skipping ropes outside on the playground- Which material was best? Why? After that we designed and created our skipping ropes in teams. […]

5 White Space Nappies part 2

Today in 5 White we concluded our investigation into Space nappies. We made our own nappy and tested how successful it was. Can you answer the following: What went well? What needs improving? What will you do differently next time?

3 Blue – STEAM Project

Over the last 2 days 3 Blue have been busy creating their STEAM project! Their challenge was to create a skipping rope using ONLY plastic bags and sellotape!  Have a look at the video below to see the fantastic results.  We had so much fun designing and creating our skipping ropes. Which material was the […]

2White Problem solving Day 2

Another great day! We built a fire to cook the gingerbread man, made shelters for him, made a pop-up gingerbread man, creating artistic settings, programmed Lego we-do to create a trap, developed sewing skills to create a sleeping bag for him and even baked our own!! What a busy day!!! Which activity was the trickiest […]

Building boats.

Today the children had to solve the problem of making a boat that floats. First they looked at different types of boats and planned their own design. They thought carefully  you about which materials they would use and how they would make sure it floated. Then we tested the boats to see if they float. […]

Skipping ropes

Today, children created skipping ropes with plastic bags and sellotape. They researched, designed and created the skipping ropes in groups. They were able to recognise its weaknesses and strengths and investigated further on how they could improve their final product. Well done year 3!

5 White – Space Nappy Part 1

In 5 White we all took part in a SOLE project when we considered what would happen if we went to the bathroom in Space.  We concluded it would be a disaster! To resolve the problem we began working in teams to design a space nappy for NASA. We had to consider all the problems […]

2White Problem solving Day 1

A great start to the week! Today we learnt lots about having a growth mindset and why this is so important in life. We can ALL be geniuses… if we believe we can! Winners never quit and quitters never win! We played a game to develop our teamwork skills, problem-solving skills and resilience. Tell me […]

Science Club Skills Academy

Another fantastic Science Skills Academy group has come to an end. Here are some of the exciting things we got up to… What did you enjoy most about Science club? Tell me about your favourite investigation…

Glass Guardians Competition

Do you have a recycling bin at home? Where does the recycling go? Why do we collect it? Do you think you could recycle more? What can be recycled? ALL of these things can be recycled.  They are all used for packaging. We need packaging to keep things clean, to transport them efficiently and stop […]

Easter Basket STEAM Challenge!

Wow! Well done to everyone who made an Easter Basket over the holidays following the challenge! There have been some super baskets, which show great creativity! 1 Blue enjoyed helping me to test all of the baskets to see if they can hold 6 eggs without breaking. They also helped when choosing a winner as […]

Stephen Hawking

Award winning physicist (famous scientist) Stephen Hawking sadly died early last Wednesday morning (14.03.18), aged 76. Hawking, who wrote several influential books including “A Brief History of Time,” was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 1962. His children, Lucy, Robert and Tim said about the news, “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed […]