Year 3 Music Notes Competition

Today we had a competition to see which Year 3 class could name the most musical notes by playing the game featured in the link below http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/notation/name-that-note I’m very proud and happy to report all 3 classes did really well but the winners were 3 Red with 240 points. Well done! Use the link to […]

4Red:Measuring madness.

Today, we went to the outdoor learning area in maths to solve different problems. This involved using a variety of measuring equipment to solve different mathmatical problems. Being outside was a great opportunity to relate maths to real life. Answer the questions below How many centimetres  in 2metres?How many grams are in 2kilograms? Measuring ropes. […]

2 Blue Traditional Tales

This week we have been reading and working on activities linked with Traditional Tales.  Today we focused on Jack and the Beanstalk and discussed how the characters might feel at different points in the story, using a wide range of vocabulary.  Some of us did a freeze frame activity, where we held the expression of […]

Reception White Carve Pumpkins! 🎃

Reception White had fun on Halloween and carved their own pumpkins. Take a look at our video below, to see how good the finished pumpkins looked and how much the children enjoyed making them. Who can rememberthe day that we celebrate Halloween? Every correct answer will receive a small prize. 😊 

Year 1 – Diwali Assembly.

Thank you so much to all our wonderful parents for their support today in our Diwali assembly.  The children were wonderful and I’m sure all the teachers in Year 1 will join me in saying how proud we are of them  for all their hard work and efforts!  We hope you all enjoyed the assembly […]

Drama club.

Yesterday, was the first drama club session for years 3 and  4, and wow what a start ! The children dived straight in playing get to know each other games, which really helped the children build up their confidence. The children then engaged in an improvisation task, where they were given a story and had […]

4Red: WW2 timeline.

This afternoon, the children in the 4Red created a timeline of WW2. The children worked brilliantly as a group, discussing and organising the events into chronological order. Working together, helped the children develop their communication and teamwork skills. I am so impressed, I can’t wait to see them use their skills in class. Use the […]

Raising the standards for homework!

As part of our Literary week, Six red learned about the  British author Benjamin Zephaniah. We discovered his parents originated from Jamicia and Barbados. On Friday Six red were set a challenge to design a persuasive information poster enticing people to visit either Jamaica or Barbados! So today Julia brought in her completed piece of […]

Winners of the Wow challenge 5 White

We are proud to announce joint winners Jessica and Zuzzana as our wow challenge winners. You have both worked extremely hard and shown exemplary creativity in creating your space rockets for our topic work.  We shall be proudly displaying in our class for all to enjoy. Well done girls be proud and keep up the […]

Animal dress up in 2 Blue!

It was great to see the children in their animal outfits today to celebrate the final day of our ‘Literary Figure’ week.  They  are now very good at reciting and performing our poem ‘Come All You Little Persons’ by John Agard.  Have a look at our blog to see the different activities we have taken […]

5 Red’s Space centre visit

Today year 5 visited National Space Centre in Leicester. It was a fun packed day and we enjoyed a variety of exhibits and lots of interactive activities. We had our lunch before seeing a space show.It was the brilliant experience for us kids and the teacher’s😋!!!! By Ayesha and Leeda Please share highlights of your […]

Kate Cooper Research

Kate Cooper was born in Liverpool in 1984. A self thought artist without any formal art education, Kate Cooper started her career as a member of a collaborative art project named Auto Italia South East in London, whose goal was to explore various alternative forms of labor in art practices. After 8 years of collaborative work the […]

Super homework!

Well done to Yoshita and Aisha for using creativity to complete their homework. Mrs T and Miss Chahal are so proud of you. We also look forward to more creative home works this week. 

Performing Poetry in 2 Blue

This week in English we have looked at different types of poetry, the patterns found in these and how alliteration is used.  We then wrote our own poems with a pattern and shared them with each other, trying hard to use expression and intonation. Well done to our brave performers.   How do you think […]

Science-Taking care

The Caterpillars’ challenge this week was to explain how we can take care of our bodies. Can you think of any other ways in which we can take care of our bodies? What is the job of the heart and how can we make sure that it is healthy?

Y1 I am Safe Online

This term on Computing, the children in Year 1 have been learning how to log into websites that the school uses for learning. By doing this they have been learning how to make safe decisions and what they need to do to stop others accessing their work. Along the way, they have also tried to […]

Mastering Multiplication!

Year 6 worked this week on written methods for multiplication. Explaining and talking through our methods and the process has really helped our accuracy in calculations. Challenge: write a multiplication word problem for your peers to solve. 

The Black Death

Year 6 have had a fabulous half term learning about the Black Death. We learnt about how it came to Europe and England, and the impact it had on society and everyday life.  What was the most interesting part of your learning? How do you think it must have felt to have lived in those […]

Crazy Golf

In English this week we are writing a news report about the new crazy golf course at Broad Heath School. The children had the opportunity to have a go at crazy golf  to help them with their writing. Everyone had a great time and look forward to playing again. What did you enjoy about the […]

Year 4 : PSHE School rules.

Write down the school rules and make a promise next to them detailing how you will follow the rule. For example, One of the school rules is to respect and care for all things. I will follow this rule when I am on the adventure playground, as I will ensure I treat all equipment with […]


Just a reminder to parents of children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 that the blue flu forms need to be returned regardless of whether your child is having the vaccine or not. The school nurses require ALL forms to be returned to school.

4 Red: Pastel Paradise

This week the children in 4 Red have worked exceptionally hard at creating a piece of artwork. They created a luminous sky with watercolours as the background for an erupting volcano. They then used layering and collaging to add a volcano to their background, and finished this off by adding oil pastels to add texture […]

3 Blue trip to memorial park

Next week 3 Blue will be visiting the War Memorial Park as part of Arts Week. We will be visiting the park on Tuesday 16th October, we will leave just after 9am and will be back in time for lunch.  There will be a small cost of £2 per child to cover the cost of […]