Year 3 Music Notes Competition

Today we had a competition to see which Year 3 class could name the most musical notes by playing the game featured in the link below http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/notation/name-that-note I’m very proud and happy to report all 3 classes did really well but the winners were 3 Red with 240 points. Well done! Use the link to […]

Year 4 WW2 Freeze Frames!

As part of their learning on historical stories, in today’s lesson year 4 have been creating freeze frames for their WW2 Story “The Enemy Airman” by Dennis Hamley. Post your finished freeze frames below! Who are the characters? How have you shown their emotions in your freeze frames? What are the main events in the […]

Roman Day in 3 Blue

3 Blue have had a great day! We made mosaics, Roman shields, had a gladiator competition, identified Roman numerals and learnt a song about the Romans. What was your favourite activity of the day?

3 Blue learn about pneumatics

This week in Design and Technology, 3 Blue have learnt how pneumatics systems work. We created our own simple pneumatic systems using a balloon, a syringe, a piece of tube and a washing up bottle. We discussed how air pressure affected each system. Which pneumatic system was the most effective? Why? What happened when we […]

More Pen Licenses in 3 Blue

Well done to Maryam, Aisha, Serina and Gufran who have shown consistent, beautiful handwriting and have therefore been awarded a pen license. What advice could you give others so that they can receive a pen license?

Times Table Olympics in 3 Blue

  WOW! Zakariah, Luxor, Gufran, Zakariya, Maryam, Aisha, Safa an Safiyah have all moved up a podium on the times table olympic chart. All of these children correctly answered different multiplication facts in 3 minute. They are all one step closer to becoming the times table class champion. Amazing Safiyah has raced ahead to the […]

Super Spellers in 3 Blue

Well done to all our super spellers, including Aisha, for achieving 10/10 in this week’s spelling test. We were so proud of the number of children who scored 9 and 10. This has improved from last week. Well done 3 Blue! Let’s push ourselves that little bit harder and turn the seven 9’s into 10’s […]

Investigating strength of bridges.

As part of our design technology unit, year 6 are investigating bridges. Our final outcome is to build, evaluate and improve our very own bridge design. This week we conducted a practical investigation to test different methods for strengthening and joining lengths. What properties did your materials need to have to ensure your join will […]

Amazing Bodies in 3 Blue!

In Science this term, Year 3 are learning about Amazing Bodies. So far we have learnt about what a healthy meal should include, the five main food groups and this week we looked at the three diet groups of animals. We then sorted out these animals into a venn diagram. What does a herbivore? Give […]

A Monster Calls in 6 White

In Literacy we have watched a film called A Monster Calls and are in the process of reading the book. This will help us to compare both the film and the book. It’s a fantastic film full of different emotions showing how to tackle real life situations that can affect anyone. Today we orally retold […]

A great week in Reception Blue!

What a super start to the new term we have had in Reception Blue. We listened to the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson and then took part in lots of fun, challenging activities. We used our positional language to describe where the mouse was, used adjectives to describe the Gruffalo and role-played the […]

The Romans in 3 Blue

This week we started our topic on the Romans. We looked at when the Romans ruled and when they invaded Britain. We also looked at some Roman Artefacts and tried to figure out what they were and what they were used for. When Was Rome built? What is an Artefact? What kind of Roman materials […]

Ostinato: a pattern that repeats!

Today in Six Red we were learning about Ostinato ( a pattern that repeats ) during our music lesson. We were extremely luckily to have the privilege of Mr Russell, a qualified music teacher leading our learning. Mrs Frankish and Mrs Donnelly also joined us, as they too wanted to take part in this engaging […]

Brick Wall Prize Spring 1 2020

Happy new year and welcome back to everyone at Broad Heath. This term, the reward for the winners of the brick wall will be . . . HOT CHOCOLATE AND MARSH MALLOWS (halal)! You can earn the bricks from your Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Team, Office Staff and Leadership Team. Please make the most of […]

Fiction and Non-fiction

This week we are learning to identify fiction and non-fiction. We are looking for the features of non-fiction in a variety of books and talking about them too! We learnt loads in our first lesson on it…

Around the World Week in 3 Blue

This week we have been learning about Australia. We have developed our geographical skills, learnt about the history of Australia, understood how Christmas is celebrated in Australia, used VR headsets to explore the Great Barrier Reef aswell as other fun activities. Retell the Legend of the Poinsettia. Tell me 3 facts that you have learnt […]

Year 5 Maths and Reading Practise

Dear Year 5, I have assigned some reading comprehension on Rising Stars : Black Beauty. Please read the text and answer the comprehension questions.  There are also some maths tasks on Education city.  It would be lovely to see these completed. Have a fantastic holiday. Mrs Habib        

1 Red in Kenya

During Celebrations Around the World week, 1 Red virtually travelled to Kenya; discussed Kenyan life and made Kenyan necklaces. We have developed our knowledge of the world, our recognition of shapes, our speaking and listening skills and our respect of other cultures.

Magistrates’ Court workshop.

Today, we were given the opportunity to take part in a Magistrates Mock Trial. We started the day by discussing British law and the consequences of breaking the law. *At what age can children be accused of a crime? *Can young people be sent to prison? *What is a criminal record and what impact might […]

A big Thank you to Mr. Newman

It gives great satisfaction to say that we recognise and respect all the valuable skills, knowledge and all the positive qualities that Mr. Newman instilled onto us and thank him for all his time and effort shaping our library. We need to express our gratitude to him for all his contributions. Mr. Newman will be […]

Around the World Week- Christmas in the Philippines!

This week, year 4 have enjoyed learning all about the Philippines! We have looked at topographical maps, typhoons and the country’s rich history. We researched how Christmas is celebrated in the Philippines and even created our own traditional Philippine ‘parol’ lanterns- check out 4 white’s i-movie to find out more! Tell me something you learned […]

Maths Problem Solving in 3 Blue

3 Blue have been using their knowledge of place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve a range of mathematical problems. We demonstrated that we were super Broad Heath citizens by showing resilience and working as a team. See how many of these problems you can now solve independently. PROBLEM 1 Four bags contain […]

PSHE- Creating Games

We learnt how to play Cat’s Cradle and created our own rules. We discussed how we could use teamwork, respect and perseverance. I was so impressed with the children’s ability to persevere. Well done, 3 Red! Think of some times you’ve had to use these values on the playground.

Year 4 Marble Jar Complete!

Over the first term year 4 have been earning marbles for good behaviour. This week we reached the silver line on our jar- earning us a class treat! Today 4 White will be watching “The Book of Life”. A big well done to 4 White who have been working hard improving on their confidence, teamwork […]