Year 3 Music Notes Competition

Today we had a competition to see which Year 3 class could name the most musical notes by playing the game featured in the link below http://www.teachingideas.co.uk/notation/name-that-note I’m very proud and happy to report all 3 classes did really well but the winners were 3 Red with 240 points. Well done! Use the link to […]

Dol-y-Moch -mountain day

Good evening everybody,  We are settling down for the night after our hot chocolates but wow, what an amazing day we have had! First we had to get all of our kits, waterproofs and windproofs along with our walking boots ready to climb Moel y Gest a small mountain. We set off around 11am and […]

4 Red: Digestion drama!

This week 4 Red have been using their scientific skills to understand how the digestive system works. We used household items such as orange juice and tights to represent parts of the digestive system. This was a fantastic and engaging experiment which resulted in all children understanding how the digestive system works. Test your understanding […]

Good morning from Dol-y-moch

Good morning everybody,  We begin our first full day today and are very excited. We are up and ready with our beds made waiting to start our adventure. It is a wet start to the day so please cross your fingers that the weather improves as we are walking up the mountains today. I will […]

Week 1 in RB

In Reception Blue we have had a fun filled week of learning. In our English lesson we read the story ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’ and then we became intrigued by dinosaurs! Please watch our video. Can you tell me what the dinosaur looks like in our class? Which sounds did we learn?

Mad About Science

This term in science, we are learning about space.   I would like you to research and answer the questions from our display, which will be displayed  on our science champion board. You can use morning class time to complete the task or you can do this at home. Below are the links to help […]

What does genre mean?

Today in English we have been learning what genre means. We sorted a variety of books into different fiction and non-fiction, and then into genres. What does genre mean? What  are the three purposes of why books are written? Here are two book covers. Can you answer the following questions? What genre are the books […]

Year 3- Answering questions using evidences from a text

Read through the story of Jumanji and identify whether these statements are True or False. Use the evidence from the text to explain how you know. Peter wanted to play the game.Jumanji is only finished when a player gets to the Golden City.Judy laughed when the lion appeared.There were twelve monkeys in the kitchen.Peter wasn’t […]

Book Week in 2 Blue

We have had a fantastic first week in 2 Blue reading and doing lots of activities based on our chosen book ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. We created scarecrows by joining materials, doubled and halved the ladybird spots using playdough and made rosettes for the prize cow.  We created character profiles of the […]

Land next to playground

Dear Parents/Carers, As you can see on our school grounds, we have begun work on our new mini golf course. Our builders have opened the access to the field next to our playground (behind the muga pitch).  This land is not open or accessible to children or parents. The reason for this is that this […]

6 Red – Book week day 2

Well done for another great day. The art work you did this afternoon was great. We were really impressed with your teamwork skills and the way you are gaining dojo points. Cloakroom Well done for making sure the cloakroom was spotless! Really impressed. Need to keep this up everyday! Your challenge: Look at the image […]

Year 5 Autumn 1 Spellings

MONKEYS GROUP Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6-ough wordsSilent letters-able/-ible ending-able/-ible/         -ably endingHomophonesReviewtoughdoubtvisiblepossibleheardoftencoughlambhorribleenjoyableleadoppositeroughislandadorablecomfortablyherdordinarythoughtknifecomfortabletolerableledparticularfoughtFebruaryreliableadorablypastpositionenoughknightsensibleterriblecerealperhapsthroughWednesdayincredibleforciblepassedpopularcassettehippiesdyesSpainbullsquidBeatlesdyedcassetteMadridfight dancertimelinecultureCivil Rightscastanetsmatadorclimate  CROCODILES GROUP Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6-ough wordsSilent letters-able/-ible ending-able/-ible/-ably endingHomophonesReviewenoughenvironmentlegiblereasonablestationaryaccommodateboughtchampagnenoticeablereliableprincipalapparentlybroughtraspberrydependableapplicablystationeryachievealthoughcupboardincredibletolerablyprincipleaccompanyingthoroughgovernmentapplicablechangeablyprecedeancientboughcastletolerableunderstandablycomplementamateurboroughFebruaryvisibleconsiderablyproceedaccordinglychronologicalhippiesdyesmatadortortillacastanetscassettepsychedeliccassetteSpainpaellaflamencoBeatlescountercultureCivil RightsMadridBarcelonaGaudi SHARKS GROUP Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6-ough wordsSilent letters-able/-ible ending-able/-ible/-ably endingHomophonesReviewroughislandadorableforciblefartheraccommodateoughtdoubtapplicabletolerableguessedaccompanyenoughknightvisibleconsiderablydissentaccordingthoughthistleterriblechangeabledessertachievedoughsolemncomfortableunderstandablyaisleamateurthroughFebruaryhorriblelegiblefatherancientploughraspberryconsiderableenjoyablydescentapparentchronologicalhippiesdyesmatadortortilla castanetscassettepsychedeliccassetteSpainpaellaflamencoBeatlescountercultureCivil RightsMadridBarcelonaGaudi