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2 White Owl Research

This week in 2 White we have been looking at a lovely book called ‘The Little White Owl’. Today we will be carrying out some research about owls in real life. Have a look at the information below and write some interesting facts on the blog! Owls

2 White Are Reaching New Heights!

Welcome back 2 White! You are all so grown up! We are having a super day reading our class book for book week, The Little White Owl. We have made predictions about what will happen next in the story. What prediction did you make? What have you enjoyed the most today?

Last lunch of the year!

To celebrate the end of another successful school year children and staff joined together to eat lunch. Due to the inclement weather they were all confined to the dinner hall but this didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for the packed lunches. It was a relaxed time before the final preparations of the day, and before the […]

Healthy Hearts

Today everyone in 2C worked together to produce a video. This video shows exercise examples and important facts we previously learnt. We had great fun going around our school to create the video. We also felt fit and healthy while doing it! Watch and join in at home.

Coventry Fun Run

You should all be aware by now that there is to be a Fun Run in Coventry on Sunday 4th October and we at Broad Heath because we would like to be fit and healthy want to enter a team full of pupils,teachers,parents and anybody else in your family.So if anybody would like to take […]

The Heart

This week we have learnt lots about the human heart. Can you tell me what you have learnt. Watch the videos if you need reminding.  

How To Keep Your Heart Healthy By 2D

This week in Year 2 we have been learning about the Heart and why it is important to keep it healthy. 2D have created their own short video to explain to you how important it is and what you need to do in order to remain healthy. Enjoy!

Year 2 Weston-Super-Mare Trip September 2015

Hi Year 1! We have some exciting news for you! In September, when you are in Year 2, we will be learning about the seaside. As a special treat to help us with our learning, we will be visiting Weston-Super-Mare! The trip will be on Thursday 17th September 2015. We will leave school at 8am so […]

Independent Projects

Year 2 were set homework to produce an independent project about a country of their choice. This linked in with their ‘Around the World’ topic work. Some children have gone above and beyond what was expected, so here are some examples of their work! Well done everyone who has had a go! Well done our […]

Year 2 Brazilian Carnival

On Friday, as part of our Topic work on Brazil, Year 2 had a carnival! We created carnival headdresses, played instruments and most importantly… DANCED! We had so much fun! Can you spot Miss Ahmed having fun too?! She couldn’t resist! Can you tell me any facts about Brazil?

*3S’ Breathing Experiment*

So far this week, we have learnt about the function of our lungs, the different parts of our respiratory system including the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli, and the effects of smoking. 3S had a really fun day today learning to control their breathing using different techniques. We then carried out an experiment using a […]

Year 6 Leavers

Hi Year 6, We are nearly at the end of our primary school journey but will finish this year on a high in true Broad Heath style!! 1. Tomorrow, at 2 p.m. Year 6 will perform their Japan leavers assembly. Parents, we hope you can come to watch! 2. On Thursday evening, from 5:30p.m. until […]

Year 3- Our lungs

You do something about twenty times a minute without even thinking about it—you breathe! In fact, every day you take about twenty-thousand breaths. The organs of your body that allow you to breathe are called your lungs. You have two of them that work together, located in your chest inside the rib cage. The main […]

1E Trip to Coombe Abbey!

We had so much fun on our school trip! Pond dipping, minibeast hunting, playing on the adventure playground and eating icecream are some of the exciting activities we had in the day. Have a look at the pictures and video to see our day. It was a super way to end our time in Year […]

Release some chemicals into your brain!

We have been researching the brain and how chemicals can be released into the brain; stimulated by situations and surroundings. Your challenge tonight is to try to release some chemicals into the brain. You will need to find someone that you trust and care for. You need to give them a big cuddle. Really relax […]

What do you love in life?

We would like you to make a word cloud of the things you love in life. Type some sentences into the box at the bottom about the things you love/like and a word cloud will be made. The words you use the most will be the largest.

Nurse visit in year 4

Today year 4 had the opportunity to learn more about the risks of high blood pressure. The video below shows more about the activities and facts children gained from this visit.  Share new facts and information you have gained from this visit and today’s learning. 

Memories of Reception

Hello RP I know you are all looking forward to going into Year 1 and looking forward to exciting learning experiences. You will have a wonderful time! Have you any good memories of Reception that you would like to share?

Dol y Moch-Memories

The last few days have been such an experience and working with the children in a different setting has been priceless. We have all learnt so much and supported and encouraged each other as a family would. The BH family has shown what is needed for society to succeed. I hope you are all enjoying […]

Year Three PSHE – Changes

Year Three have been reflecting upon their year within PSHE this half term. They have thought about what they have gained, and reflected upon their successes. They have also looked forward into the year ahead, and decided upon what they would like to achieve and what they need to overcome in Year Four. As part […]

Summer Reading Challenge!

We had a fantastic visit to Foleshill Library on Tuesday! Take your grown ups and sign up for the summer reading challenge and pick up lots of exciting prizes when you have read 2 books. You will need to read 6 books altogether to win and get invited to a super exciting party! You can […]

Year 2 Library Trip

Hi everyone, On Monday morning, Year 2 will be visiting Foleshill library to sign up to the Summer Reading Challenge. Please could children bring their library cards if they have one. The children WILL be allowed to take books out if they have their card but they will need to be returned with parents before […]