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Year 4 you lucky bunch, today you had a great opportunity to watch a classic Walt Disney movie…Mary Poppins! Full of imagination, fun and great music!   Why not show of  the skills you have gained this week in literacy…

Cinema Visit

Can I remind you all that years 3-6 will be going to the cinema this Friday 14 th November. They do NOT need any money and the film that they are going to see is appropriate for their age.

Fireworks Celebrations

The weather was finally kind to us today and we were able to have our bonfire and fireworks!! We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves.  It was so lovely to see lots of parents and families who came to celebrate with…


The firework display WILL take place today (MONDAY) on the school field at 2.30 p.m.  We hope you can join us.

Autumn 2 Spellings

 CROCODILES GROUP   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 ‘sc’ words dis_ prefix Apostrophes for plurals Double consonants + suffix Change y to i + suffix Revision science disbelief women’s shrugging strawberries scene scenery…


There are many similarities and differences between Mexico and England. Please use comparative connectives and compare the two countries. Consider the following; languages houses jobs climate      

Fireworks Tomorrow!

Don’t forget our fireworks display is TOMORROW at 2.30 p.m.  Families are most welcome to come and celebrate with us for this short display. We hope to see you there!


Mexico Mexico Mexico!!! Hola 4A we are begining our journey through Mexico! Keep everyone posted about YOUR learning. Favourite facts? New Vocabulary? Skills and progress YOU are making?

Good Vibrations

Today we explored a range of instruments to create either loud,quite, high or low pitched sounds with regular and irregular patterns.   What was your favourite instrument? Why? Describe some sounds you created using your new sound vocabulary. Make your…

Firework Celebrations

This Friday is our firework celebration on the field at 2.30 p.m.  Your parents are welcome to come and join you to see the bonfire and the fireworks. Don’t forget to bring 50p for hot chocolate and a biscuit!

Buenos Dias 4A!

4A have been working hard this half term learning Spanish Greetings.  They have created role plays which we videoed so we can share our language work. 4A can you remember another way of asking Como estas? How is Mia feeling…

Mysterious Pointy Finger

Who thinks they can guess what this mysterious pointy finger is doing on the wall in our classroom? Use your imagination to think ABOVE and BEYOND the average idea! Be adventurous and take a wild guess about the MEANING BEHIND this pointy finger!…

Handprint Mystery?

Why has a handprint appeared? What does it represent? Where is it? Why have I damaged a white wall? Is there a message in the form of a picture? What do hands represent in our school behaviour policy? Why a…

Super Saxons Homework

Anglo Saxon Day! What a brilliant day we had yesterday year 4! Miss Ahmed, Mrs Cotton, Mrs Sharma and I had so much fun and we were very impressed with your attitude to learning, teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the day.  For…

4A’s Anglo Saxon glossary

Year 4 have been busy writing an Anglo Saxon laws and ordeals information text. Please write a glossary so your audience understand all the subject specific vocabulary.

A Professional Athlete Is Visiting You!

GB hurdler, Edi Okoro, is visiting Broad Heath on Tuesday! A fantastic opportunity has arrived and Years 4, 5 and 6 are lucky enough to be having a PE lesson lead by a Professional Athlete. He will be talking to you about how…

Harvest Collection

WOW! I am so proud of the children and adults at Broad Heath School – we have collected nearly 1000 tins and packets for ‘The Coventry Foodbank’!!!! Hugh, from ‘The Coventry Foodbank‘ has asked me to pass on his thanks.…

Year 4’s trip to the Mandir

Year 4 have been learning about Hinduism therefore we went on a visit to see a magnificent Mandir! Please share all the new things you have learnt and what features you spotted on our visit? Was the Mandir how you imagined?…

Anglo Saxon Day

On Thursday 9th October, year 4 are being given a fantastic opportunity to be Anglo Saxons for the day. We are going to be completing lots of activities that the Anglo Saxons would have had to do in their day…

Where does our food go?

As you know year 4 we have been learning a range of scientific facts about our digestive system and teeth. Please share what you knew before and what you know now?  

Year 4’s reading comprehension

Year 4 have been reading our fabulous cultural novel ‘Grandpa Chatterji’. I want to test your knowledge year 4! Let’s see if you can answer these questions by the end of week 5! 1. How is Grandpa Leicester portrayed by…

Cinema Trip

Would you like to go on a free trip to the cinema? When: Friday 14th November Film: Mary Poppins Where: Showcase, getting there by coach/bus This is available to ALL pupils in Years 3,4,5,6. You can go FREE if you: 1-…

Harvest Challenge

Hi Broad Heath, We will be having a harvest competition! The winners will be the class who collects the most food for the Broad Heath Food Bank. All food must be long life (tinned/canned food, biscuits etc.) and the competition…

Thank you Broad Heath!

4T and 4A would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helps us on the playground and they would like to share their experiences of being helped by others at Broad Heath. : )

Swimming at Broad Heath

From what I have heard from the teachers, last weeks swimming lessons were very successful! Share your experiences of the swimming pool; What did you enjoy? What did you find difficult? What are you most looking forward to developing? What…

Find out more information on trips for next year here.