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Year 4 : PSHE School rules.

Write down the school rules and make a promise next to them detailing how you will follow the rule. For example, One of the school rules is to respect and care for all things. I will follow this rule when I am on the adventure playground, as I will ensure I treat all equipment with […]

Plants Science Investigation!

This week Year 3 have been taking part in a science investigation around their topic of ‘Plants’.  Their investigation was based on testing sweet peas and planting them in three different pots, ‘small’ ‘medium’ and ‘large pots’. The aim of the investigation was to observe which flower in each pot was the most successful in […]

News report homework reminder!

Hi 6 Red!    Just a a quick reminder of the homework which myself and Mrs Janjua set. This is to watch one short news clip over the weekend (this can be on the television or even off YouTube) and comment on here with 5 features that you saw, which link to what we have […]

Circus week in reception white

The children in Reception White have had a brilliant time learning about the circus. They have been involved in different activities around this theme. Watch the the short clip below to see what excitement took place. Have you seen our video on when the circus came to Broad Heath?   

Circus week in Reception Blue

A great last full week in Reception Blue that has been jam packed with Circus activities looking at all the different acrobatics and people who make the circus such a magical place. A real circus even came to give a fantastic preformance. Watch our video to see what we all got up to.

3 Red SOLE Project

The 3 Red SOLE Project group (Ayaan, Muhammad, Mahamad, Leona, Riyad and Aleena) have worked very hard this week and have produced some fantastic written work.  Their question to research was ‘How does working in a circus impact on children in the Ukraine?’  As a group, they came to the conclusion that working in a […]

6 Red Circus week

  Wow! What a great week! A fantastic, fun week to end the year. We learnt about the history or circuses, learning persuasive Spanish phrases, making clay elephants, designing clown faces using geometry and much more! I cannot believe that this is the last project for you at Broad Heath! Thank you for being a […]

Year 1 Circus Week 2017

What a magically memorable way to end the year (almost).  We have learnt some handy hula hooping, terrific tricks, jubilant juggling, smart skipping, cheery cheerleading, dapper dancing and some pretty perfect poi patterns. Roll up roll up and prepare for an exciting extravaganza!!

What a brilliant year 4Red

Good evening 4Red, I would just like to say a big thank you to you all, you have all been amazing this year, and were so welcoming to me when I moved down here from year 5. You have all made yourselves so proud, and I hope you are excited and ready to move up […]

Circus Wonderland

This week in Year 6 we have had fun learning all about the circus. We have learned  about some interesting facts about the circus. Roll up, roll up and come and watch our persuasive videos…. Well done Year 6 you have had a fantastic week…… Good luck…..

3 Blue – SOLE project

3 Blue’s SOLE project question was ‘What impact did the circus have on Ukrainian children’ Raumaan, Devanshi, Sonit and Leeda worked extremely hard all week and have learnt a great deal. See the videos below:

Roll Up Roll Up! 3 Red go the circus!

What a fantastic week we have had this week in 3 Red!   As the circus was coming to town, we decided to create some schedules of events, so that everyone knew what was going to happen and when. We looked at examples of optical illusion art by Bridget Riley, and then had a go […]

Year 2- Circus week SOLE

Some Year 2 children were set the big question: ‘Should animals be used in the circus?’ They worked as a group to research and discuss their findings. They have collated reasons for and against using animals in the circus. They created an Imovie to share the information the have found. Year 2- Do you think […]

Year 3 White SOLE Project!

Year 3 White SOLE project! Names of children: Hadisa, Zuzanna, Humzah, Farhaan, Omar Big Question: What is the impact upon children working in circus’ in Ukraine? [gview file=””]

Year 3 White Circus Week!

Roll up!! Roll up!! Circus Week in 3 White! What a fun and creative week we have had during Circus Week! We have learnt how to perform, how to produce some spectacular illusion Art and how to create a Lego moving fairground ride amongst many other things! Have a look at our video showcasing our […]

Year 6 Spanish Circus

During the final week of term, the circus came to Broad Heath and year 6 researched a range of information surrounding all types of circuses. We understood the ethics of animal welfare with regards to their training and performances during shows, as well as what different types of act you would find under the big […]

Thank-you Nursery

We have had the best year this year.  You have all been great and we know you will continue to shine as you continue to grow. Thank-you for for making us smile and being the best Nursery in the world!!! Mr Harwood and Mrs Mattu

Circus Week in Reception Red

This week is Circus Week and the children participated in range of activities to learn circus tricks. They used a range of media to make a clown hats and collars. Children used different 2D shapes to make a shape clown, they made clown biscuits and enjoyed performing in the ‘Big Top’. Have a look at […]

Year 2 – Circus Mystery

Today, Year 2 became detectives!! We had a mystery to solve… SOMEONE had stolen our clown’s juggling balls. The only clues we had was a footprint and a shadowy figure on CCTV. Luckily this led us to work out the suspect’s height so it was our mission to find the culprit using our measuring skills! […]

2White Circus Week

What a fantastic week we have had! From learning circus tricks to solving crimes, 2White have gained so much during their final week in Year 2! Ruby was also very lucky to be chosen to join the circus performers in the big top… have a look! We also had a debate about whether it was […]

3 Blue – Circus Week

3 Blue have had a fantastic week as we have embarked upon Circus Week. We have learnt so much and had a great deal of FUN! We have had amazing opportunities from seeing a live circus to creating a fairground ride using Lego We Do. Watch the video below to see our amazing week.   […]

Clay elephants

Today some of the children sculpted elephants out of clay. They followed step by step instructions and applied different skills and technique to ensure their elephant did not break up. What skills and techniques did you use to create your elephant? Did you find the task challenging?