Class 5 Red Blog 16-17

Summer Holiday Competition

Here is a brilliant, thought provoking competition for you or your child to enter. It is to think about a job they would like to have in the future. Whether it is the brains behind bringing water to the Kalahari Desert or building the first robot hairdresser or being an alien lawyer… There are prizes […]

British Values Week

We hope you all had an amazing week.  The staff were all extremely proud of the discussions, role play, maths, art work…..we could go on and on.  This week has proven a further example of what we can achieve when we work together and also shown that we are indeed a courageous cohesive community with […]

Individual Liberty

This week in Red 5 we have been looking at British values, particularly individual liberty. The children produced posters on individual liberty, including quotes from inspiration individuals. They also looked at the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.   What is individual liberty?  What political movements helped us create greater democracy and individual liberty […]

Year 5 Summer 2 portfolio

Hi Year 5 We have had a fantastic last term in year 5. You have all worked really hard to secure your knowledge and preparing yourselves for year 6. Below are the portfolios for Summer 2 to show your learning and gaining.We hope you all have a great Summer holidays, relax, stay safe and enjoy […]

Abir and Martins’ work with Miss Fisher

Abir and Martins have been working really hard with Miss Fisher and want to share their experience with you all! They have been involved in lots of different activities to help them progress in different subjects. Miss Fisher – I have thoroughly enjoyed working with both of you! Thank you very much for all your […]

Red 5’s Trip to Warwick Castle

Today Red 5 had an amazing trip to Warwick Castle! A particular highlight was an amazing workshop learning about different weapons and how to sword fight! Children learned about different methods of defence, as well as the varying lifestyles enjoyed by those who used different weapons.         Here they are learning how to […]

Last Day of Term.

We will have a whole school picnic at 12 and children are free to leave at 1 pm. Nursery will be open in the morning  that day, for afternoon and morning children  together from 8:30-11:30 am. Any questions please ask.

Red 5 British Values Week Day 3

Today, Red 5 had a great day learning about British values – democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. Here is one of their party political speeches on what they would want to do if they were standing for election: The Confidence Party: We also learned about the rule of law […]

Year 5 Warwick castle trip information

Hi everyone, tomorrow is our trip to Warwick Castle and I am really excited. Please make sure you are in class for 8:30. You may wear your own comfortable clothes but you must have your Broad Heath jumper. Wear sensible and comfortable shoes. If you have a school dinner a packed lunch will be provided […]

Our Own Political Party

Today, Red 5 started applying their knowledge of democracy to create their own political party. They came up with a name, slogan and a set of policies. They have launched their campaign and will be delivering their speeches tomorrow, ready for a vote. Answer these questions: What is your party name? What is your slogan?  […]

Red 5’s Democracy

Today in Red 5, we learned about a very important value: Democracy. What is democracy? Why is it important? Children created their own parliament to represent a wide variety of views across the political spectrum. They discussed big issues such as taxes, public spending, immigration, transport and foreign policy. They debated these issues with each […]

Introduction to British Values

Hi Year 5, Next week is British Values week and we want you to have a look at this video (from a London sixth form college) and answer the questions below as you begin to think about this. What is democracy? Where in the country is this practised? How is it practised at Broad Heath? […]

Summer 2 Awards – 2017

Week 4 Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Superstar Work Teamwork Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Hanfaa Naqash Nursery PM Tyson Millward RR Ayaan Mattu Inaaya Shazad Zakariah Dean RW Jasleen Grewal Amelia Hussain Taha Ali RB Aaminah Asghar Abdulasis Mouse Aatifa Ali 1R Ouzair Ahmed Raaqiyo Cabdi Mikolaj Przychoda 1W Mishal Naeem Aayan Mattu Saanvi […]

Sainsbury’s Vouchers

We have counted and verified the total amount of Sainsbury’s vouchers Broad Heath has collected as a school. As a team we collected 6,551. WOW, I am pleased, impressed and very happy to see how well we have done! The fun part now, as we have collected so many vouchers, we will be able to […]

Sports Day 2017

A massive thank you to all of those who turned up to support the children and the school in such a brilliant event! Another big thank you and congratulations to Mr Burgess and Mr Mountford for another successful sports day! And lets not forget all the staff, Graham and Mrs Frankish for creating such an […]

Analysing Choices in Up

Good Morning Year 5 – here is your task for literacy this morning: Below are a series of photos from the short clip of “Up” you just watched. They have been numbered. You need to look carefully at the photos and use a comment to annotate them – make sure you write the number of […]

Summer Fair 2017-What a family!

The morning started well and the weather outside was good.  Then it began to look overcast and some hearts began to sink but Broad Heath did it again. By 12 o’clock the sun was beaming and so were the staff and families.  The Broad Heath family made the Summer Fair yet another memorable event and once […]

Summer Fair

Thank you all for your support and ensuring we had another memorable day. We raised just over £1500, which goes towards the purchase of our new stalls which cost the school  a few thousand pounds. Well done team BH!

Year 6 Fiver Challenge Update

Hi Everyone, Firstly, well done to the year 6 children for their efforts with the fiver challenge this week. Some of them faced some unforeseen difficulties relating to their businesses but adapted and worked well regardless. Secondly, thank you to the rest of the children and adults in school who helped and supported us, either […]

**Sports Day**

Sports Day 2017 Final Update Key Stage 1- 9.15am-11.15am Key Stage 2- 1.00pm-3.15pm Come to School in your Sports Day colours (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) Please bring a drink What races are you looking forward to? Who do you want to win? Which team will be crowned 2017 Champions this year?

Symmetry in Red 5

Today in Red 5, we were learning about symmetry and completing different challenges to help us with our understanding. Have a look at the flags below and tell me how many lines of symmetry they have. Explain how you know. Switzerland                             […]


This week we have been learning all about festivals. We have focused on Glastonbury and next week will be exploring Eid. Watch our video about Glastonbury and write 5 things that you have learned underneath!! Enjoy! The Nurture Group!

Junior Librarians visit W H Smith

Broad Heath Junior Librarians paid a visit to the West Orchard branch of W H Smith today. They met the manager and asked him some very good questions. How old was W H Smiths? How many books were there? Which was the most popular, fiction or non fiction?…      First they were shown the […]