Class 1 Blue Blog 17-18

PE Assembly Winners

Today we shared lots of sporting achievements with the whole school, in wide range of sports. This year 288 pupils have represented team BH, and we’ve even reached 4 county finals… Yr 2 GymnasticsYr 4 TennisYr 6 Boys RowingYr 5 Boys Cricket The highlight of the year being the year 6 boys who managed to […]

Summer 2 Awards – 2018

  Reading Maths Reception Ramarni Jassal Hanfaa Naqash Year 1 Safah Dean Manvi Raj Year 2 Ravi and Rahima Archi Patel Year 3 Abinash Namapalan Velin Raykov Year 4 Mahamad Yousif Safa Hussain Year 5 Zabit Malaj Esa Khan Year 6 Maleeha Memi Shaakira Khan Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition […]

1 Blue Sole Project.

Some of the children in 1 Blue were set the following task. They worked independently to complete the challenge and went through several stages of Problem Solving to be able to complete the challenge. To make a structure for a Lego man to cross the road using only 14 Art Straws. 

Summer Reading Challenge

Summer Reading Challenge Reading for pleasure is more important to children’s successes than education or social class. The Summer Reading Challenge gets three quarters of a million children into libraries to keep up their reading skills and confidence during the long holidays while the local libraries help build a lifelong reading habit. Because everything changes […]

World Cup Challenge – Homework

At the start of the World Cup each class picked a team in the sweepstake and were challenged to produce a piece of homework researching that particular country. There were over 50 entries from several classes, well done to everyone who entered and congratulations to the winners! (Please watch the video to see who the […]

Staff Vs Pupils Rounders Match

Tonight, several members of staff played rounders against a select team of year 6 pupils, to challenge them for bragging rights before they leave and continue their journey into secondary. The game was very competitive with Some huge hits from both staff and pupils (Kayden clearing the adventure playground fence). Both team faced 30 good […]

World Cup Sweepstake Winners

The winners of the FIFA World Cup 2018 were France beating Croatia 4-2 on Sunday evening. The big game came down to NurseryPM vs 3Blue.  Congratulations to Nursery PM who had France and here they are celebrating their prize which was a box of chocolates…

I Am a Data Handler

This term in computing, the Year 1 children have been linking their maths and computing skills together to collect, represent and interpret data. Can you tell me what DATA means?What does INTERPRET mean?

Year 1 Memories

Year 1 memories We have had a brilliant time in Year 1 this year. Please watch and enjoy 😊.  These are some of the pictures from the class iPads…… We thought they were too cute not to share with you all. 

1 Blue Super Hero Day

To start our project week off Year 1 had a Super Hero Day! The children all dressed up as their favourite Super Hero and worked together to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills. The children designed their own Super Hero’s and logos for their creation. They thought about the super powers that their character […]

Looking forward to Year 1

Reception are really looking forward to moving to Year 1 and have made a video of messages for Miss Addie and Mrs Mattu. They would also like to say thank you for the ‘Welcome to Year 1’ card they received from Year 1 Blue. Have a look at the video below:

Art Challenge for Problem Solving week

As it is Problem Solving Week next week I have a challenge for you all! I want you to turn a 2d object of your choice into a 3d piece of art. Here are a few examples of what you could make. Are any ideas popping into your head? How you create it is entirely up to […]

P.E In Year 1

Year 1 had a fun time in P.E yesterday with Miss Jackson and  Mrs Hameed. Please take a look at the video, showcasing the different skills being learnt. Did you enjoy your P.E lesson Year 1? what skills have you learnt ? what did you enjoy doing the most ?

Superheroes – Year 1!

Just a reminder that on Monday 16th July we would like Year 1 to come to school dressed as their favourite Superhero! This will start our fun and exciting project week.                        

Plastic Carrier Bag Donations

Hi All,  Year 3 are taking part in a very exciting project next week! We would really appreciate any Plastic Carrier Bag Donations.  If all donations could be sent to 3 Blue by the end of the week that would be great!  Thank you! 

Nappies Needed

Yep! You read it write, year 5 need nappies! For our super exciting project week next week, we need to test a range of nappy brands, different materials and toilet roll. Please could anyone find it in their soft hearts to provide us with some loose materials, unused nappies and unused toilet/tissue rolls. Much appreciated. […]