Class Blogs 18-19To Gain!

Noisy Nativity

The children in Reception will be performing the ‘Noisy Nativity’ as their christmas production. Please can you support your child to practise the songs below: Instrumental Tracks

Reception Trip to Hatton Adventure World.

Reception will be going to Hatton Adventure World on Thursday 5th December to visit the Enchanted Kingdom of Santa, we are all very excited as this has come around very fast. Please make sure that your child is in school for 8.30am on Thursday to ensure that we are all registered and ready to leave […]

The Kid Who Would be King – 5B’s Cinema Trip Day!

Today, 5B travelled across the Winter cold streets of Coventry to attend their annual Cinema trip at Odeon. They watched the film ‘The Kid Who Would be King’, a modern day version of the Medieval classic ‘King Arthur’! See the clips and images below! 5B, what Broad Heath values did you see within the film? […]

Last day!

You have been a great class! You have got great potential for the future. Remember to always push yourself and not be average in anything you choose. Look forward to seeing you in the near future and letting us know how you get on.

3 Red Poem

3 Red There it is, year 3,So it comes to passthat this is your last dayin Miss Millar’s class. I’ve taken inspiration from RidwanAnd come up with a plan,To write you all a poemTo keep the memories flowing. You’ve been my first BH lotAnd this little poem is my shotTo say a massive thank youfor […]

School Bank – HSBC

Thank you to all the children who have helped with the school bank this year. You have all represented the school brilliantly and I am very proud of you To encourage regular saving we set up a raffle for this half term. Every time the children saved their money they were given a ticket for […]

Thank you 5 Blue 🌺💖

Wow 5 Blue! WE MADE IT!!! What a great year we have. Thank you to all of you for being awesome and always trying your best. I’m so proud of how lovely and responsible all of you are. Thank you so much for all of the lovely cards and gifts you brought me and Ms […]

3W City of Culture Week

Hi 3W, what a fantastic week we have had! We have explored our beautiful city and had lots of wonderful activities including meeting famous Coventrian David Moorcroft! We have explored the Ricoh Arena in depth and looked at the role of CCFC and Wasps in the Ricoh journey. Finally, I would like to say thank […]

City of Culture week in 2 Blue

We have been very busy in 2 Blue this week exploring Coventry and thinking about why it deserves to be the City of Culture.  Take a look at  some of the things that we got up to. 1.Which part of the week was your favourite and why? 2.Which type of music originated in Coventry? 3.Where […]

2 Blue SOLE Project

Some of the children in 2 Blue were asked to consider the question ‘Why should Coventry be the City of Culture?’ They worked independently and thought about Coventry’s rich history and heritage, leisure activities around the city and the important inventions that Coventry is well known for. Have a look at the super work they […]

2W City of culture day 3 & 4

On Wednesday, we learnt about the Coventry bands ‘The Specials’ and ‘The Selecter’. We listened to lots of 2-tone /ska music and learnt some of the dance moves. We then had a 2-tone rave outside! We had so much fun and made great memories ! Today we focused on the Belgrade theatre. We took the […]

Year 4 put on their own festival

This week we learnt about the city of culture and the events our city hosts. We found out about the Godiva festival at the War Memorial Park and we decided to host our own BH festival. We created art work, auditioned talent and best of all we got to perform or form part of the […]

3 Red’s Coventry City of Culture

3 Red have had an amazing week learning about Coventry’s historic events and it’s culture. We were even lucky enough to meet David Moorcroft OBE, a long distance runner, who is a world record holder for 5,000 metres! Take a look at our video below that showcases our learning. What was your favourite part of […]

SOLE: Year 4 Red – Coventry City of Culture

  “Are all memorial parks and gardens the same?” The children in 4 Red have produced a fantastic piece of SOLE work comparing and contrasting memorial parks across the globe. They researched parks in America and beyond, and could present their similarities and differences to the Coventry Memorial Park. 

Year 4 Red Coventry – City of Culture Week!

Year 4 Red have had a fantastic week, learning all about the history and heritage of the city we live in. Children have explored the values of a Coventrian, learnt all about an upstanding member of the Coventry community, and even hosted their own Broad Heath Festival! Take a look at the video of the […]

4 Red Class awards

Well done to the following children to achieving the following awards.  Keep it up! Most sporty – Anis Drama Queen – Farhan Chatterbox of the class – Kiyan Class Clown – Hasnain Bravery – Vinay Amazing Talent – Yibo

Year 6 are turning Japanese

Food tasting, kimono dressing and Japanese writing: what did you learn in our Japanese afternoon? Which activity did you enjoy? Which food did you like (or dislike?!) What was the highlight of the afternoon?

2W Old Town Rubbish

The moment you have all been waiting for… I introduce to you 2White’s first hit single ‘Old Town Rubbish’… This music video was inspired by a walk around our local area of Foleshill. We were not impressed! We do not want our area to let us down, particularly as we are the City of Culture! […]

Year 5 Computing

What a year the you have had in Computing. You have all made super progress and completed lots of challenges. The skills you have learnt this year will be useful in all walks of life. This term, you have been Game Designing and produced some really creative games. What is the most valuable skill you […]

Pen Licences

Well done to two more members of 3 red, who have worked really hard with their handwriting and have earned their pen licenses. Well done Abdullah and Laura.

Year 3 Computing

Thank you to Year 3 for being a delight to teach Computing to this year. You have all made great progress and learnt some really important skills that you will need in your future. This term, you have been debugging. I hope you will be able to transfer the processes your have learnt to all […]

Year 2 Computing

Year 2 have done some wonderful things this year. This term, they have learnt how to research and to use Google Slides. All of these skills will stand them in good stead for their learning for all subjects in the future. What is the most valuable skill you have learnt in Computing this year?

Year 1 Computing

Year 1 have had a fantastic time this year in Computing. They have learnt so many new skills. This term, they have learnt how to copy and paste… an important skill… and as a result have discovered what the right mouse button does. What is the most valuable thing you have learnt this year in […]

4 Blue show talent

We have been learning about the city of culture this week in year 4 Blue. We have found out that each year at the War Memorial Park Coventry has the Godiva festival. We have planned out own BH festival. We have shown our talents and as part of a democracy voted for the acts to […]

New Sports Leaders

Thank you to the year 5 students who have already returned their application to become a sports leader next year. The deadline for returning your completed application forms is the end of school today. If you would still like to get an application form, come and see Mr Rawlings or Miss Shilton in the PE […]