Citizenship Week in 4 White

The children have had a great final week in Year 4, learning about the core values linked to Citizenship. We hope you enjoy the memories below:

The children created recipes for the perfect citizen, creating videos which took inspiration from TV Cooking programmes:

We researched British Values in detail and created informative posters explaining how promoting and following these values can help us become better citizens.

The children also created British-themed artwork using their collage skills.

The children also demonstrated how good citizens they are by creating tutorial videos for solving problems in Maths.

Smiles all round!


  1. I may was not there but I will be honest I’m glad to see everyone smile and everyone being happy I’m glad you all enjoyed it and I wish I was there I also wish I came back sadly I couldn’t but if I could I honestly would once again I am so glad to see all of you smile and enjoying it! I miss everyone so much especially my teachers obviously but any way I hope everyone had a lovely day and enjoys the summer holidays! I miss you all so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    From Zahraa Yaseen.

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