Let Us Persuade You!

The children in 5 White today tried their best to compose a persuasive pitch for a new product. Their aim was to persuade their audience to buy their interesting product. But, did it work? Have you been persuaded to buy any of the products here? Watch the video and comment below- did they persuade you? […]

5 White’s Investigation Week

What a great week! So much fun, such great problem solving and incredible teamwork on show! Well done 5 White! You have a very proud teacher. Watch the video below and tell me about your favourite part of the week. What skills have you developed? What progress did you make?

5 White’s News Reports

There has been a startling discovery. An alien spaceship, disguised as a cat toy, has been discovered by the cat Mr Wuffles. The children report this incredible event to the world in their news reports below. Which report is the most successful report? Explain why.

Space News

Hi Year 5, Following our visit to the National Space Centre yesterday, where we all read incredibly interesting information about the pioneers of space exploration, the news which broke today about Cosmonaut Leonov’s death will be of considerable interest to all of you. Cosmonaut Leonov was the first person to walk in space. Read the […]

5 White’s Science Experiment

The children in 5 White investigated the forces involved in rocket launches, linked to their unit on Space. Watch the videos they made detailing the experiment. Which video is more effective? Why? How could the explanations be improved? Explain below.

Year 5 Space Centre Trip

Hi everybody! As you know, Year 5 will be visiting the National Space Centreon Thursday (10th October). Please read below for information about the trip. Children should wear their school uniform. We shall be leaving school at 9am so we need every child to be in school at 8:30am. We will be returning to school […]

5 White’s Art Week!

Hi everyone! I really enjoyed our first week together and I hope you did too! You produced some incredible art work and you should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am! Watch the video below and answer the following questions at the end. What skills did you develop this week? What did you […]

Herbert Gallery Visit

Hi everybody! 5 White and 5 Blue will be walking to the city centre tomorrow (15th July) to visit the Herbert Gallery as part of our City of Culture project week work. We shall be visiting the dedicated Lady Godiva exhibition to learn more about the Legend of Lady Godiva. We intend to study the […]

The Great Science Share

On Tuesday 18th June, the Year 5 and 6 Science club children will be attending the Great Science Share event at Stoneleigh Park. This is an exciting opportunity to showcase our amazing science work with other schools in Coventry and the rest of the country as other events are happening at the same time across […]

Year 5’s Macbeth Performance

Hi everyone, So, as promised, after sorting out the technical issues with actually being able to upload it, here is the Year 5’s stellar, incredible, unbelievably enthralling, captivating and masterful performance of Macbeth! Enjoy!

Year 5’s Macbeth Performance

The children in Year 5 put together a very special performance of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The actors were incredible, the narrators were superb and the dancers, singers and supporting cast were fantastic! All the adults in Year 5 are so proud of all of you for creating a truly memorable performance. Well done! There were […]

Year 5 Macbeth Assembly

Dear Parents and Carers, On Friday 24th May at 2:20pm, the children of Year 5 will be performing their Macbeth assembly. They have been working incredibly hard at their performance and if rehearsals are anything to go by, it promises to be an amazing show! We would love to see as many of you here […]

Stratford Upon Avon Trip

Dear Parents/ Carers                                                     The Year 5 children will visit Stratford for the day on Thursday, 23rd May 2019. The cost of this trip has been subsidised by the school and therefore there will be no cost for this trip. If your child currently brings a packed lunch you will need to provide a packed lunch for them […]

Year 5 Reading Challenge- Summer 1

Read this extract from Macbeth: Bronze: Draw this scene, illustrating the setting and the three witches’ conversation. Use clues from the script to help create an accurate illustration. Silver: Bronze plus… Describe this scene as it would be written in a story, using the narrator’s voice. Remember to show off with your writing, using features […]

SMSC Drama

The children spent some time imagining a life without Laws. They were tasked with creating freeze frames to show what it would be like if certain laws were abolished. These are examples of their freeze frames. Which laws do you think have been abolished? Comment below.