Citizenship Week in 4 White

The children have had a great final week in Year 4, learning about the core values linked to Citizenship. We hope you enjoy the memories below: The children created recipes for the perfect citizen, creating videos which took inspiration from TV Cooking programmes: We researched British Values in detail and created informative posters explaining how […]

4 White’s History Week!

Thursday This week, we have been learning about Sir Francis Drake. Today, the children researched who he was, creating posters about him followed by a timeline of his life. Friday Today, the children found out about the skills explorers like Sir Francis Drake would have needed. They also explored the route of his famous voyage […]

4 White Illustrators!

Today, the children enjoyed a workshop led by an illustrator who showed them how to draw different musical instruments that are important to her. The children had a go at drawing the instruments and then asked questions about being an illustrator. Did you enjoy the workshop? What did you learn during it?

Year 4 Homework- Week 1

English Please read the text and answer the questions. Maths Complete the rapid maths activity on Education city. Wow! You have two tasks to choose from this week: Task 1- Research and create a fact file about the first Tudor King, Henry VII or Task 2- Create your own battle maps of the Battle of […]

4 White’s Health Week- Thursday

We’ve had another great day today! First, we enjoyed a visit from Coventry Rugby Club. We were taught different rugby skills, and had a great time playing rugby with our friends. Afterwards, we had a discussion about fairness and teamwork, exploring different scenarios and identifying ways to make sure were are all team players. Then, […]

4 White’s Health Week- Wednesday

Another fantastic day in 4 White! First, we learnt about different ways to keep ourselves healthy. We created informative posters about this. How do we keep ourselves healthy? Then, we explored ways to look after each other at playtimes and lunchtimes, concluding that playing games fairly is a major factor in this. So, we studied […]

Year 4 Homework- Week 3

English Use your learning from last week to write a text to persuade someone to stop deforestation. Alternatively, you could persuade your reader about any other subject you believe to be important. Maths Answer these adding and subtracting fractions questions based on the knowledge that you have learnt this week. Wow! Research an endangered animal […]

Year 4 Homework Week 2

English Complete the Reading Challenge on the school website. You can complete this in your homework book and bring it in to show us! Maths Complete the Maths Challenge on the school website. You can complete this in your homework book and bring it in to show us!

4 White PSHE- Choices

The children in 4W today discussed sensible choices. They were then given a scenario to dramatise, demonstrating what the sensible choice would be in response to the events in their scenario. What sensible choices did you make? Why?

World Book Day in Year 4!

On Thursday 3rd March, we will be celebrating World Book Day and we would love to see you come in to school dressed as your favourite book character! Below are some images to inspire you: Please remember, you do not have to buy a costume for this. Use what you have at home and be […]

Year 4 Homework- Week 5

English This week, you will be writing a WW2 inspired story. Think about using historical vocabulary and including some of your historical knowledge to make it realistic. Maths Complete the calculating area task on Education city. Wow! Create an informative poster sharing all the wonderful knowledge and facts you have learned about World War 2 […]

Boxes please

Hello Year 4, If you have any empty shoe boxes at home that are no longer needed, we would love for you to bring them in. Empty cereal boxes will also be good. If you can bring any in, please do so by Monday 14th February. Many wonderful thanks and regards, Year 4 Team

WW2 Theme Day in Year 4!

On Friday 18th February, Year 4 will be having a World War 2 theme day which will involve lots of different activities linked to this fascinating period in History. For the day, we are encouraging children to dress up as evacuees. For this they can wear their normal school uniform trousers and shirt, and a […]

Year 4 Homework- Week 4

English Read the text and answer the questions. Maths Go onto Times Table Rockstars and practice your times tables. Record your score in your homework book. Wow! Design your own WW2 machine. This could be a plane, tank, ship. The choice of yours. Bonus points for a model of your design!

4 White’s Poets

Today, the children in 4W were reciting a poem with a World War 2 theme. They were challenged with reciting the poem with: Expression Clarity Rhythm See how they got on with the challenge. Leave your feedback below.