• Animation

    At Broad Heath, we give the children time to develop animation skills. When children are learning about the skills required to animate using physical and digital resources, they are also developing their communication, teamwork and concentration skills.

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  • Coding

    With it being so important for children’s future opportunities, we try to give children time to code and program. Children are encouraged to experiment with a range of coding languages and to debug errors themselves. We run a programming club alongside our curriculum to increase interest and awareness of an important 21st century skill. In…

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  • Developing Speaking and Listening

    At Broad Heath, children use computing skills to enrich their learning and experiences in lots of different ways. By doing this, it not only gives the children a different experience, it also allows them to share their work with friends, family and peers to reinforce the learning. Below are some examples of the wonderful things…

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  • Computing @ Broad Heath Portfolio

    Click the picture below to access the Computing Portfolio:

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  • y1 Computing

    During Spring 1 half term the children have been practising to log in independently and what great progress they have made! Well done Year 1! Keep up the good work. We have been learning all about pictograms and using technical language. We created a group pictogram by drawing our most used method of transport on our…

  • In Computing this half term, the children have been creating quizzes using PowerPoint. They were able to research and create quiz questions, linking with our biographies unit in English. They then created a design template for their quiz, and practised using key Computing skills such as saving and importing pictures, using shortcut keys and learning…

  • After practising our sorting skills last week, we used them today to sort objects using the computers. Mrs Watkins and 1 we so impressed with your computer skills. Take a look below to see how we got on. Challenge: Can you log in to Purple Mash independently? Practise using your log in to do this…

At Broad Heath, Computing skills are integrated into our enriching curriculum. Computing skills are used within lessons to support the learning and enable the children to make better progress. The skills the children develop through Computing lessons are then applied and used across the curriculum in a variety of ways. Press the link to see some examples of the work children across the school have done this year.

Cross curricular use of Computing skills

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