Day 2: Disaster struck!

Disaster struck! We arrived to school with the outside area being barricaded. The map we had was left outside class of 6 blue had been ruined! All the colourful illustration of the cities, villages and the colourful roads had faded. The miniature wolves disappeared , having left a trail of miniature wolves footprints. The walls had been smashed. Golden dust scattered across the hall way.

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  1. Abilene emailed us what we need to do.
    Things we need to collect to stop our school from turning to dust:
    .Sliver soil
    .Sacred seeds
    .Strong stones
    .Stories about secret islands(we are writing our own stories).

  2. Abilene emailed us things we need to collect to a list of items to protect BH! Here are the following items Abilene told us to collect:
    •silver soil
    •sacred seeds
    Sadly, we lost and darkness had already descended.
    I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

  3. Abilene emailed us things that we need to protect our class room
    the following items are:
    pebbles and hard rocks
    scerd seed and more items
    when we looked at the mess the chairs where broken there where cracks in the wall.
    On the map there was gold glitter on it
    When we find all of the items everything will be fix in year 6

  4. In order to stop our school from descending into dust we will have to do the following: collect silver dust,golden wings,and lots of other object.
    We will have to play the game again and have to make sure the collected objects are together. Thanks to Abline who replied to our email.

  5. In our classroom we received a mysterious package. We all opened it and there was this map. It was a game so we played it and we lost. We sent a email to Abeline and she quickly told us to gather silver soil , stones and sacred seeds so we don’t turn to dust.

  6. Abilene emailed that she played the game and lost and then the next day in her house her sister was chasing miniature wolves then she realised that the game turned in real life. She then found the stuff that the map said that you need for it all to go. The ingredients were:

    Silver soil stones sacred seeds

    Stories about secret Islands that has someone finding the stuff.

    I have chosen to write about me going to a beach and falling into a cave

  7. Abiline emailed
    That when she received the game she lost and the same thing that happened to us happened to her

    She also emailed how to sort this out and what we should collect :

    Silver soil Hard stones Scared seeds Make stories

    Stories about secret island…

    I have chosen to write about having a nice tranquil setting to a terrifying setting.

  8. To stop the school from descending into dust Abilene (the girl who we emailed) has suggested to find silver soil, sacred seeds, strong stones and to write as many secret stories about secret islands as possible.
    When I got to school there were chairs and books tipped everywhere in front of 6 Blue.

  9. Abiliene emailed us saying to stop our school descending to dust we need to collect the following:
    Silver soil,
    Stones ,
    Sacred seeds,
    Stories about secret islands

    I wrote that I heard an unexpected noise that was leading me to a birds nest and dropped into a portal after touching a pitch black feather from a birds nest.

  10. Oh no, what was it, was it the game, what else could it be?
    Golden glitter,miniature wolf prints and the map was torn.The outside of 6B was a demolition site a disaster the white board had a message which said “ You lose, now darkness decends.”
    What will happen tomorrow?

  11. Abiline emailed
    We lost someone is coming.
    Your task is find silver soil, stones and sacred seeds.

    We had to write stories or else something bad would happen.

    I wrote a story about a person who is on the beach chilling but he played a board game but he went to a different place.

    When I came to school in a on a normal day disaster struck.

  12. Abilene emailed us that we need silver sand, stones, secret stories about secret islands. I have chosen to write about a game controlling an island Raees’s story is about a secret cave.

  13. To stop the school from descending, Abilene (the girl who we emailed) has suggested to find silver soil, sacred seeds, strong stone and to write as many secret stories about secret islands.

  14. After a day of waiting, we finally received an email from Abilene!
    We have been told that the game we have played has been cursed and our school will descend into dust. Abilene told us that to stoped the curse of spreading on we had to collect a few things.
    We needed to get Silver soil, Stones and sacred seeds.

    Ravi and Safwan.

  15. We had to collect sacred seeds,silver soil and stones and we had to write story’s of a secret island.
    My story that I chose to write about is about this man named trevor he went to a thrilling and majestic beach then he went to his grandpas house he was exploring his grandpas house he found a map and Trevor played it,
    He lost unfortunately.The sky turned grey everything started to get worse

  16. Abilene emailed that when she lost strange things happened and the map faded away she said it was a magical map and that if you lost tragic things would happen to reverse this you have to get silver soil,stones,sacred seeds and you have to write stories about it.

  17. 4october I am playing lost island game and 5 October I am going in school and all of is dirty and this work doing 1 small thing golden bee.

  18. Abilene emailed a list of times needed to protect the school from darkness Invading BH. Unfortunately we had lost so darkness had already descended, but we can now prevent it from happening again. We will need sacred seeds strong stones and silver soil. Chaos will happen until we fix this horrific event. But to finish the whole event, we will need to make our own story of secret island…

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