Dino-Maths in 1Blue

As you all know, our class mantra is, ’Roaring To Success’. The children today, impressed me with their amazing maths skills! They certainly ROARED like a dinosaur! Please see their brilliance in the video below. Children, I have a challenge for you towards the bottom of the page. Comment your answers below and you will earn yourself a peg!

Dino would like you to have a go at one of these challenges below.

10 thoughts on “Dino-Maths in 1Blue

  1. Maryam’s answers:
    1. Two green
    Three yellow
    Five red
    Four blue
    2. Maryam said the teddy’s have not been sorted correctly because there is a blue Bear in the yellow group.
    3. They can be sorted in groups of colour

  2. Max has completed this . He found
    4- blue 5- red 3-yellow and 2- green. There are also 10 big dots and 4 small

    There are three different ways to sort the shapes

  3. Wow, 1Blue! I can see that you are all Roaring to success. I can’t believe that this is only your second week in year 1 as you all look very confident. I’m sure all year 1 teachers are very proud of you all because I am! A big well done Superstars! 😊

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