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Drayton Manor 🎒🐯🍭

Date: Tuesday 28th June
Time: 8.30am- 5.30pm

Important messages:
-P.E. school top (leggings, shorts or waterproof trackies- no jeans or woolly bottoms)
-Backpack (to hold your water bottle, lunch and jacket)
-If your child receives school dinner a packed lunch will be provided.

(No pocket-money needed)

TRAVEL SICKNESS-Please ensure you have taken the appropriate actions!
HAYFEVER- Take your medication please
(You know who you are!)

This trip is an opportunity for every child to showcase their BH values of respect, kindness and super citizenship. You will be responsible for all your belongings and your safety when travelling around the park.

Check out the website so you can see the map, what to do and any other questions you have: Drayton Manor Website

12 responses to “Drayton Manor 🎒🐯🍭”

  1. Marley H.

    I love draton manor I’m excited

  2. Muhammed A.

    It’s morning at 8:40 I am feeling very excited for the rollercoasters. However I do feel a little nervous as I have never been to Drayton manor as I have heard some rides are very scary. Although I cannot wait. I have got everything I need in my backpack for Drayton manor and I am very eager to go.

  3. Ellie T.

    Hello its Ellie mum is it OK if I give her money for when she’s around the park and needs a drink and that thank you

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes that is fine but she is responsible for her money.

      1. Ellie T.

        Ellie told me now that they all got told today they are not aloud

        1. Head Teacher

          If she needs a drink, she needs a drink. I am sure her group would allow her to buy one as long as she asked the adult for permission.

          1. Ellie T.

            OK thank u I thinks she’s just taking extras now

  4. Arina A.

    So exited

  5. Iqra

    I’m so excited to go πŸ˜†! I LOVE rollercoasters! 🎒

  6. Ellie T.

    Ok thank you for the information.
    From Ellie and Alisha

  7. James H.

    I’m exited to go because I have never been

  8. Harris B.

    Thanks for the information.

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