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Everyone can be a super hero. Believe in yourself and aim high.

Ms Marvel: ‘I felt I belonged on set’Close

Kamala Khan is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero headliner, played by 19-year-old Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani.

She tells the BBC Asian Network’s Haroon Rashid it’s exciting to bring in “an entirely new diaspora” of fans into the MCU.

“We had so many conversations, the directors and I, just incorporating so much of my real life and real life experiences. I feel like I totally lived Kamala’s life,” Iman adds.

Her co-star Rish Shah plays the role of Kamran and says he felt he could “blend in naturally” on set because of the diversity in the cast and crew.

“Hopefully this paves the way for more opportunities for other people,” he says.

Article Found Ms Marvel: ‘I felt I belonged on set’ – BBC News

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    Well done on her for getting to the MCU and she is a Muslim and to accomplish this goal is very hard .

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    This shows, no matter challenges in life, or wherever you go, people wont think your fit for a role, however no matter what blocks your journey, you must push through. You can only reach your goals if you climb up to go towards them.

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