Following on from last weeks fantastic success of the community mile, this weekend Go Foleshill are running a free open air cinema at Edgewick Park. It will start with a family workshop, followed by a screening of the Lion King. The events will start at 12:00 will the film starting at 1:00. It would be great again to see our families out and about enjoying our local green spaces.

32 responses to “Free Open Air Cinema – Edgewick Park”

  1. Aurora H.

    I can’t go

  2. Romeesa T.

    IT was really fun 😊😊.

  3. Aadam R.

    It was so fun I brang snacks

  4. Salman O.

    I liked the movie so much.

  5. Esa A.

    I went today and it was fun.

  6. Meharunisa A.

    How do you get the tickets????????..

    1. Mrs Raja-Khan

      They were all sold out online.

  7. Maryum N.

    Thanks for the information.

  8. Aalya H.

    Ok am coming to the park! In edwick park.

  9. Ghazala H.

    I will come to edwic Park

  10. Khadeeja M.

    I am going to the park.

  11. Hammad A.

    sounds good

  12. Sania K.

    I’m coming thank you .

  13. Esa A.

    sounds good

  14. Adam O.

    I am coming.

  15. Noah M.

    I love the park

  16. Ayaan B.

    Tickets are sold out:(

  17. Elham S.

    I will come later at 12 something because i have mosque 🕌

  18. Alexis J.

    Can we bring dogs?

    1. Mrs Raja-Khan

      Yes, but please make sure Narla had a leash if needed.

  19. Alexis J.

    I will be arriving do we need to get tickets online

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes you do.

  20. Qasim K.

    I does not work their cis no link

  21. Ismaeel K.

    Sounds good

  22. Anaya R.

    I am going.

  23. Sumaya S.

    i am coming

  24. Rayyan R.

    Oh yeah just read the newsletter now.

  25. Rayyan R.

    Wow when is it

  26. James H.

    Sounds cool

  27. Ellie T.

    Thank you for the information .

  28. Reece T.

    Ok I might be coming I don’t know

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