Glastonbury Photobooth📸

Wow! What an incredible evening Year 6 have truly enjoyed themselves dancing, singing and eating sweet treats! A well deserved reward for a well behaved cohort. Each and everyone of you have worked your socks off and clearly we all lived in the moment and made memories last night!

What was your favourite part of the night?

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  1. My favourite part was the silent disco as it was a great experience and something that I have never done!
    I also liked roasting marshmallows and playing games around the fire!
    Thank you teachers and staff for organising not just this but all the trips in this brilliant school! This will be a great memory that I will never forget! :)

  2. What was your favourite part of the night?
    My favourite part was the silent disco because I didn’t have to dance or sing I could just relax and listen to music peacefully.

  3. I really enjoyed Glastonbury as we got to have a lot of experience and spend time with our friends we weren’t going to see in a few days.
    Thank you Mrs Frankish for giving us this opportunity.

  4. My favourite part of the day was the silent disco. I enjoyed seeing how different people reacted while listening to the same thing and seeing how others reacted.

  5. My favourite part was when we had the silent disco because we all could listen to the music we wanted (on our age limit). We also got to see people embrace them by dancing really good ( Uthman ) and singing.

  6. This was a very enjoyable day! We roasted marshmallows, played games and lots of other things. My favourite activity was , roasting the marshmallows it was delicious! The rock kids came and it was very tiring by jumping loads. The food, the hotdogs were scrumptious. As this was my first time camping , this was very fun.

  7. My favourite part was sleeping in the tent with my friends however I also enjoythe silent disco my least favourite part was walking in the dark to get to the toilet

  8. The fun part was the ice cream 🍦 the headphones 🎧 and the going in the tents and sleep🏕⛺️ and it was the crazy thing that I ever did before.

  9. Yesterday was AMAZING! I enjoyed the silent disco and we had fun and we were singing and dancing! I also enjoyed the campfire as we got to play some games and roast marshmallows!

  10. OMG!
    It was so funny in !
    My favourite parts about last night would definitely be the silent disco and roasting the marshmallows also the camping experience was EPIC!
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  11. Wow what an amazing atmosphere! Hope you guys are having fun and creating some fantastic memories of BH. Well done to all the staff for making this happen. You have done an amazing job!! Cant wait to see more pictures and videos ☺️

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