Year 6 Homework due 5/10/22

Homework books are due on Wednesday, pick one from the grid each week (Spelling & Grid)Online homework is due by Wednesday. (Mathletics & SPaG) Synonyms and Antonyms Week 3 Homework: Select one task from the Week 3 column. Mathletics (3 tasks set on Mathletics)(Any scores less than 70% will be reset) Reading journals […]

Wellbeing Wednesday in 6 White!

How did you use your knowledge of measurements during this task? Why is it important that we make an effort to learn other peoples languages? How does this help their wellbeing? How might they feel? Today we learnt how to play Football Corners. We applied al of the skills we have been learning in PE, […]

Harvest W-Rap and Makaton Samba!

Fresh Rap  Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green  Carrots are sweet once they are clean  Pile them on my plate, now don’t be mean  I’m a 5-a-day veg,  eating machine!  Chocolate bars you can’t sell to me  I spend my money on celery  Guarantee there’s no stopping me  When the plate I see has some broccoli  […]

Year 6 Homework due 28/9/22

Homework books are due onWednesday, pick one from the grid each week (Spelling & Grid)Online homework is due by Thursday. (Mathletics & SPaG) Subject Verb Agreement Week 2 Homework: Select one task from the Week 2 column. Mathletics (3 tasks set on Mathletics)(Any scores less than 70% will be reset) Reading journals are […]

Year 6 Homework due 22/9/22

Homework books are due on Thursday, pick one from the grid each week (Spelling & Grid)Online homework is due by Thursday. (Mathletics & SPaG) Week 1 Homework: Mathletics (3 tasks set on Mathletics)(Any scores less than 70% will be reset) Reading journals are to be read and signed each evening 100 words ( reading […]

Perfect Place Value in 6W

Today in 6 White we were consolidating our understanding of place value. To do this we used both pictorial and concrete methods. We worked as a team to use counters and Place Value Grids to represent large numbers and pushed ourselves to try and use the counters to complete a subtraction sum. To do his […]

Tightrope making in 6W!

This week the children were tasked with designing their own tightrope structures and working as a team to create a collaborative outcome. We learnt all about our centre of balance, gravity and what it takes for an object to balance well. When looking at shapes and objects we have to consider attributes such as weight. […]

Glastonbury Photobooth📸

Wow! What an incredible evening Year 6 have truly enjoyed themselves dancing, singing and eating sweet treats! A well deserved reward for a well behaved cohort. Each and everyone of you have worked your socks off and clearly we all lived in the moment and made memories last night! What was your favourite part of […]

Welcome to Wild 6 White!

Today we have had a wonderful day, learning about life in year 6 and creating our expectations. We were creative: we danced and we drew. We certainly had lots of fun! I am excited for a new year and many WILD experiences. Oh my Goodness… who are these crazy creatures? What did you enjoy about […]

Year 6’s Sacred News…

As part of our SMSC unit this term we are investigating the question below: In today’s lesson we have looked at what the term ‘sacred’ means and how different places can be sacred for different religions and people. We travelled around the world visiting some of the most sacred places on earth… Watch our videos […]

Gyoza, Ramen and Great Food Facts in Yr6!

Today we have begun our Food Technology unit in Year 6! By the end of the unit we will be turning the Year 6 area into our very own Japanese restaurant with 90 superbly talented chefs. We aim to create a three course meal after studying a variety of taste profiles, researching history of dishes […]

🌞Maths in the Sun🌞

Today we had great fun practising our arithmetic skills playing snap! we created our own equations and had to find a pair that had a matching answer we made it trickier by adding in algebra and using BIDMAS! We then practised our times tables by playing FizzBangBoom. Sat in a circle we counted to 100. […]

6W are riding Hokusai’s Great Wave!

Can you tell me an interesting fact that you have learnt about this Era? How did it begin? End? What do you think inspired this artist the most? How was his work influenced by his country’s current climate and history? What did you find to be the most difficult aspect of this process?

Pretty Polychromatic Painting in 6W!

Today we were finally able to paint our Mayan Vessels! We have worked so hard to create the, it was finally time to finish them. Can you tell me how we know our pots are polychromatic? We used our fingers and matchsticks to paint our vessels; we did this as we wanted to use the […]

Year 6 Planning ahead – Glastonbury!

Hello Year 6! We are creating this blog to let you know about a fantastic opportunity that will be taking place after your SATs, on Wednesday 20th July 2022 We will be able to provide large group tents but if you have any tents at home you will be welcome to come and set these […]

Year 6 Easter Holiday Work

Hello Year 6! What a wonderful term we have had, you have all worked so incredibly hard and definitely deserve a break! However, we do not want yo to forget everything you have learnt – it’s time to keep progressing and the best way to do this is through revision! Mrs Ahmed will be hosting […]

Year 6: Health is Wealth Wednesday!

Today we are going to be looking at how different types of exercise affects our heart and cardiovascular system. First we looked at what aerobic exercise is: Aerobic exercise is any exercise undertaken to improve the body’s cardiovascular system. Aerobic exercise includes activities like running, cycling and dancing. We tried to think of as many different […]

Terrifically Muscular Tuesday!

Today we have been researching all about how our muscles grow. We have learnt the different names of our muscles and how exercises affect them. We have used our independent research skills to find out the composition of muscles, what happens to them when they are damaged, and so much more! We then used our […]

Being unique is what makes 6W incredible!

Being unique is incredibly important to us. We are learning to love ourselves and appreciate others. We have taken time to reflect on who we are and what makes us and our peers special! Take a look at our gallery! What makes you unique? My personal achievements… The BH value I represent is…. One thing […]