The composition of blood!

Today we have been learning all about the composition of blood. We have been discussing whether blood is made from solids or liquids and create our own models showing the different elements of blood and their roles. Take a look below: Which elements of our blood are solids? Which are liquid?

Black Death Day – 10th December!

This term, Year 6 have been learning about the Black Death; a deadly disease that broke out in Europe during the 14th century. On the 10th December, we are having a black death theme day where we will be making our own plague doctor masks, writing a newspaper article about the Black Death and many […]

BH Gotta Dance! 2021

Tonight our wonderful BH BOOM $WAGGER are performing at Coventry’s Gotta Dance 2021! We will be performing alongside a variety of schools and we certainly are excited! I just know that we smash it! Take a look at what we have been getting up to! Throughout the evening we used lots of our BH values: […]

Stomach Curdling Cures for the Black Death!

This afternoon we have researched and identified the gruesome symptoms of the Bubonic plague. (Please share some of these symptoms) Below are images of some of the Medieval cures used to help people heal. You have had a chance to look and smell some of the remedies during the lesson.  1. What were the cures? […]

Week 2 Homework (Deadline 24/11/2021)

Autumn 2 Overview – Week 2 This Week’s Homework 6W – please complete your checklist for week 2! Research Task: Write a comparison between a child who lived during the Black Death and yourself who lived through the coronavirus pandemic. You must focus on using comparative conjunctions and ensure that your outcome is balanced. Create […]

Arty’s Broken Heart – Lesson 2

Today we have been beginning to understand how illness and unhealthy lifestyles affect the heart. We started our lesson by creating drama adaptations of jaw dropping statistics! Take a look below: Statistic Adaptations We then continued our learning and discovered that unhealthy eating can lead to blockages within our arteries. The blockages are caused by […]

Year Six Autumn 2 Spellings

As well as a paper copy, your spellings are attached below.These spellings are a combination of the Y5/6 spelling list and subject specific vocabulary for our units of learning. Good luck, you will be tested every Friday. Meerkats Sharks Crocodiles Spelling Tips:

Autumn 2 Reading Challenge – Year 6

This term’s challenge is related to our science learning! Please pick one of the tasks below: Reading comprehension Blind Creation Challenge You will need to follow the instructions carefully… The outcome will be a model that relates to our circulatory system learning! Lets see how great your reading skills are. You will need: 3 x […]

Billy Yirawala is a hit in 6W!

Wow! What a wonderful week it has been in 6W! Each and every child has made progress and created some amazing work… Our history, geography and art skills have improved immensely and we now have some aboriginal specialists in the classroom! It has been wonderful to see the children experiment with their art; who knew […]

Fabulous Fossils in Year 6!

As part of our science unit ‘Evolution and Inheritance’, we have been looking at how fossils are used to evidence past living things and support Darwin’s theory of evolution. We have recapped how fossils are formed and discussed whether fossils are useful when identifying adaptive and inherited traits. To support our learning we decided to […]

Year 6 homework due 6/10/21

Week 4 Homework Checklist Daily reading and updating my reading journal. VIPER task and author, illustrator and sketch box (at the bottom of the page in your reading journal) Practising my spellings and putting these into sentences. Completing one task from the homework overview. No Mathletics at the moment- will update during the week *Completing […]

Dance Throughout Europe!

Wow! How talented are our BH citizens? Today was European Languages day and whilst celebrating a variety of cultures, we learnt a variety of dances! Which dance did you learn? Did you enjoy it? What was the trickiest part?

6W’s Dynamic Dinosaur!

Throughout the past week, we have been working towards creating a non-chronological text about dinosaurs. Unpicking features from a non-chronological report and using our research from Dino Day to help us. Here are our presentation videos. How could you improve your presentation? What features have you demonstrated?

6 White’s Wonderful Homework: Autumn 1

Hello you creative bunch! I hope that you have all enjoyed the first couple of weeks at school as much as we have. As mentioned in school, now is the time that homework must begin. Expectations are high and I know that you will all deliver. Before we go through homework, I have a few […]

This is me! 6 White edition…

6 White are a class who are creative and courageous; they take risks and give 100% to every activity. This is our first week and it truly has been fab! I am proud of the start that we have had and I am sure the year will only get better. This week, we have focussed […]

Party and Ice – Cream Van!

Hi everyone! As I am sure you aware by now, on Monday Year 6 will be having their leaving party – a time full of excitement and food. Please take this blog as a reminder to bring in your party food on Monday year 6! Check prior blogs for more details regarding this. Not only […]

6W Mindset Day 4

Today we have participated in our fourth mindset day. Today has been great as we have learnt al about our future prospects and career opportunities. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and tried our best to implement these into our learning and presentations. We have researched al the requirements for different careers and many […]

6W Mindset Day 3

Today we had our third mindset day in year 6 and it is safe to say 6W loved it! We spent our morning focussing on online safety and how much we compare ourselves to others. We completed some role play and looked at how negative comments online can affect a person. Not only this, we […]

6W take on Drayton Manor!

Today we have had a wonderful day at Drayton Manor! Many of 6 White have pushed themselves and created so many memories from unexpected experiences. I am so proud of how brave and polite you have been! Watch the video below for some of our highlights ✨

Drayton Manor Checklist

Good evening! Tomorrow we will be heading to Drayton Manor for the day; here are a few reminders. Please ensure that you are at school for 8:30am. You must be wearing both your blue PE T-Shirt and school jumper/cardigan/fleece. Remember not to wear loose fitting clothing – we suggest that you wear items similar to […]

6W Register!

Good morning 6W! Today you will be asked to join the first of our daily registers. These will take place at 9am every day. The meeting details are below! Please try not to be late as we cannot wait for you. Ciara Vega is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: 6W Register!Time: Jun […]

6W Feedback Friday

Good morning 6W! As per my email, here are the links and details to the remaining Feedback Friday Sessions. (Please ask your parents to check their emails). Call 2 – 10 am Topic: Feedback Friday 2Time: Jun 18, 2021 10:00 AM London Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 935 3421 5329Passcode: F _ _ _ _ […]

Kimono, Kabuki and so much more…

Year 6, many of you are not completing the task as you have been asked. If your work is not written up in your own words, in your topic book, it will be marked as incomplete. You must follow instructions! As you know, our topic for this term is Japan, so far you have learnt […]

Year 6 Maths LBQ

Good morning! Today you are asked to complete an LBQ session. This will be a review of everything you have learnt within your statistics unit! Please have a read through the powerpoint. This is a quick revision guide with sections covering everything you have learnt. Task 1 is a Jemison overview. Task 2 is for […]

Year 6W: Wednesday 16th June 2021 – English Home Learning Please listen to and read chapter 2 of the our class novel. Chapter 2 Bronze: What did Michael do during the day on the Peggy Sue? Who was always idle on the Peggy Sue? How did Stella comfort the individual members of the family? What did Michael do when he was on watch at […]