History Project Week 2015

27 thoughts on “History Project Week 2015

  1. I have enjoyed learning about William Shakespeare and debating about if he is either a genius or if he is a fake,our conclusion came to thinking him as a genius;we also made our own fact files!

  2. I really loved project week learning about William Shakespeare.All of the projects were great.I have learnt so many new facts.Thank you Miss Frankish for making project week a fabulous week.:):)

  3. I really enjoyed history week. I learnt lots of new facts about our famous person that I didn’t know before. It was really fun! Thank you to the staff and Mrs Frankish for planning a lovely history week for us. :) :) Thank you!

  4. In history week I really enjoyed learning about Anne Frank.Her story was amazing everyone now must know something about Anne Frank.I most enjoyed doing activities.Anne Frank diary was published by her dad Otto Frank.Her family died but her father survived.And the saddest thing was that how the Nazi treated them.
    Thank you for reading my comment.
    Florida Malaj 6S

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