Jubilee in 6B!


We started the day with group photos with our special t-shirts on! We also played a game of guess who! How many teachers voices did you recognise?!

It was brilliant to have our Jubilee glitter to hand and add those colours to our outfits for decoration!

It was wonderful to see our lovely Broad Heath Citizens helping out and being so polite!

For Jubilee day, and for our Art this half term. We are focusing on British Portraiture. We have been analysing different types of portraits and looking at their similarities and differences. Our end outcome, is to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, influenced by our artist we have researched. The children began creating fact files and biographies and then had a go at working on their outlines.

A lovely photo in our amphitheatre!

We performed our National Anthem outside! It was fantastic to see parents gather around for Mrs Frankish’s speech and enjoy some tea and cake! How British!

Maths Challenge: Plan your own Jubilee Party! Tying in all our maths skills and focusing on budgeting, the children had to plan their own Jubilee party with a budget of £1000. They had to think about location, food, entertainment and decorations!

Game time! Pin the diamond on The Queen! Royal Bingo!


  1. It was a great opportunity for us to celebrate the queens 70th year of reigning.
    How many teachers voices did you recognise?!
    I think I recognised only 6-7 voices while the others were a bit challenging.

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