Journey to the Centre of The Earth in Y6!

This term, the children have been studying fiction texts based on the novel, Journey to the Centre of The Earth! (Science-Fiction / Fantasy) The work that has been produced has been of high quality; these include double page spreads, character profiles based on inferences and emotions, setting descriptions based on our five senses, followed by […]

Year 6 Homework (Due 12/01/2022)

Spring 1 – Week 1 Overview This Week’s Homework Grid Homework Activities Setting Description for Journey to the Centre of the Earth 6W – please complete your checklist 6 Red Jemisons(2 tasks from each section via Education City) Mathletics – Fractions(4 tasks set on Mathletics). Reading journal and challenges completed Week 2 Spellings – […]


To celebrate the end of our Topic unit for this term, Year 6 dressed up as a representation from The Plague during the Medieval Times. The children have been learning about the effects of the plague, how it impacted society on a global scale and have even made links to the COVID-19 pandemic. Have a […]

6B’s Winter Poetry Performances!

Over the last two weeks, as part of their English unit, 6B have been learning about Sonnets and have tried very hard to create their very own seasonal poem! We used the cold, blistering weather as a stimulus to develop our winter vocabulary and phrases linking to our five senses. Today, using emphasis, expression, gesticulation, […]

6B has <3

Today 6B have been continuing their Science Unit ‘Arty’s Broken Heart!’. The children have been learning about the human heart and how it works around their body, as a circulatory system! 6B had the opportunity to see a lamb heart dissection today! Have a look below! Please answer the following questions: How does the blood […]

Year 6 Homework due (8/12/2021)

Autumn 2 Overview – Week 4 This Week’s Homework Grid Homework Activities 6W – please complete your checklist for week 4! 6 Red Jemisons(2 tasks from each section via Education City) Mathletics(3 tasks set on Mathletics.) Reading journal and challenges completed Week 6 Spelling practice- You must write 10 sentences. Each one must include […]

Active Maths: BIDMAS calculations

Today, Year 6 extended their Multiplication and Division learning using the acronym BIDMAS to complete calculations. The children had a particular colour and a missing number equation, they then had to match up with other children to create new calculations.

Year 6 Active Maths! Multiplication

Today, Year 6 took part in an active maths game in order to boost their multiplication skills! The children had to complete the relay obstacle course, collect a question and take it back with their team to answer it. We focused on layout of questions and ensuring accuracy! A great task! Scroll down below to […]

Primary Maths Challenge

Today, thirty children took part in the Primary Maths Challenge during today’s Maths session. The children were resilient and applied a growth mindset approach, to tackle the challenge! Have a look at some of the photos below, to see children engaged with their learning. I have attached the link to your question paper below, which […]

Week 1 Homework (Deadline 17/11/2021)

Autumn 2 Overview – Week 1 This Week’s Homework Research Task: Black Death Maths inspired Game – You can create any Maths inspired Black Death game. An example below is a colour by number. Could you recreate the background using an image to show The Black Death and fill it with calculations that represent […]

#UKPW Session 3: Broad Heath Debate

Hold a debate! In UK Parliament, MPs and members of the House of Lords use debates to discuss topics, hear different points of view and check and challenge the work of the Government.They also listen to people’s real-life experiences to think about how laws are working and whether they could be improved. Debate question: Do […]

Year 6 PSHE – The Paris Agreement

Independent Research Challenge: Bronze: What is the Paris Agreement and how does it work? Do countries support one another? Silver: Explain the difference between NDC’s and LT-LEDs? Gold: What are Japan’s goals within the Paris Agreement? Have they been successful so far? What values do you think need to be showcased in order for the […]

The Aboriginal Number System in Year 6!

Today, the children looked at how Maths was communicated during the Aboriginal time period using hand gestures and body parts. To many Australians, the Aboriginal number system is preferred because of Australia’s identity with its Aboriginal past. There are many Aboriginal languages but we are basing ours on the Wotjoballuk number system (Hand gestures) Below […]

Harvest Festival (Assembly)

Thank you for all of the amazing donations! To learn more about The Harvest Festival, please watch the year 6 assembly below! You’ll even get to see the who collected your donations and learn more about where they go next… It is that time of year again where farmers all around the world harvest their […]

Year 6’s Dovedale Adventure!

Today, Year 6 had the pleasure of trekking Thorpe Cloud at Dovedale! The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it was great to see the children in a new landscape environment that many had not experienced before! Below is a great video showcasing the challenges and values you developed during your Dovedale trek today. Key […]

Year 6 Homework due 20/10/21

Week 4 Homework Checklist Daily reading and updating my reading journal. VIPER task and author, illustrator and sketch box (at the bottom of the page in your reading journal) Practising my spellings and putting these into sentences. Completing one task from the homework overview. 3 Mathletics tasks on addition and subtraction (please note that if […]

Intervention: 17 times table!

What a wonderful moment to celebrate! Today a group of children took on the challenge to try and learn their 17 times table in the space of 10 minutes. With a growth mindset approach and wonderful teamwork, the children did amazing and managed to use a variety of number strategies such as doubling, halving, addition […]


Today, 6B started their new English unit with many different cross-curricular links to Evolution and Mountains! All learning was completed on double page spread, which the children used to represent a treasure map! We started the day inferring what makes a lost Island with some wonderful text analysis of a storm setting description! Then, the […]

6B Homework Planner Autumn 1

Hello my 6B troops! This is your weekly homework blog, which will be updated every week to showcase your fantastic home learning and efforts! Ms Kaur and I look forward to seeing the fantastic work you produce and are very excited! Below is a checklist for you to keep on top of your homework. Please […]


What a wonderful week in 6B! I definitely feel like we are beginning to see personalities evolve in the class and it has been brilliant getting to know the children through their Art master pieces! The children have looked at their citizenship skills, different parts of their identity, emotions and compared their lifestyle to the […]

6B have been playing their cards right!

It has been a wonderful day welcoming the children back to school! Our Mantra is ‘Play your cards right and you will succeed!’ and it has been brilliant seeing the children show this in action! I have enjoyed getting to know the children and seeing them develop their confidence as we took part in a […]

Goodbye Year 6!

Wow! I cannot believe the time has come around so quickly, where Year 6 are leaving ready for their new adventure, Secondary School! You are leaving as amazing, well-rounded citizens! I am so excited for what the future holds for you! One last time, I would like you to share the following: What are your […]

Year 6 Performance: WOW! What a year!

Welcome! Year 6 present their wonderful end of year production ‘WOW! What a year!’ virtually to you all, filmed on Friday 16th July 2021. The link is below! Where to start? Home-schooling, empty supermarket shelves, social-distancing, bubbles, tiers, facemasks, not being able to hug our grandparents…these have been extraordinary and challenging times! But through it […]

6B transition Day

5 Red to 6 Blue Hello to those children who are having to isolate today! Upload to sharepoint Could everyone also write any questions that you would like answered by the adults in Six Blue!