5 Blue’s Victorian Toy Workshop!

In Spring term, year 5 have been looking at the Victorians, through their detective Sherlock Holmes stories, Topic Work and Design and Technology Victorian toys. Today, 5 Blue had the fantastic “Toys In School” company come in and help them make their own Victorian toys! Many thanks to both Catherine and Don, who put on […]

5 Blue Mystery!

As part of their Spring 1 English unit, 5 Blue have been looking at detective and crime stories. This week they had the opportunity to be the detectives in a murder mystery investigation! They had to read texts, interview each other using questions and use the evidence and clues to come to identify suspects. See […]

Mr Janjua’s Skills Academy!

Hi guys and girls! I am just re-uploading the skills academy blog post because some children have said they cannot find it. Attached are the lyrics and instrumental below! Happy practising, looking forward to hearing your progression on Friday!

Christmas in 5 Blue!

This week in 5 Blue, children have been looking at Christmas and how it is celebrated around the world. Year 5’s country was Germany! Children compared the similarities and differences between Christmas in the UK, in terms of festivities, traditions and celebrations. Moreover, they looked at a deeper understanding of key debates, such as ‘Do […]

STEAM – Materials Project!

Over Autumn 2, 5B’s Science topic has been investigating ‘Everyday Materials’ and their different properties. To end the term, the children took part in a group Science project where they had to use home materials to create and design a waterproof house, collating all of their information they have gathered over the last few weeks. […]

5 Blue’s Group Holiday Tours to Spain!

This term our Geography unit, Spain has been heavily focused on map work and locating the different human and physical features throughout the country. One main area that has been identified is how different landmarks can be popular tourist locations despite their differences in climate, flora and fauna and seasonal activities. As it was our […]

Thursday 12th December! Year 5 Spanish Day!

Hello Year 5! Since the start of Autumn 2, our work has been heavily focused on Spain, particularly in Topic, English and your weekly Spanish lessons. As a result, we will be celebrating our new breadth of knowledge of Spanish culture with Spanish Day on Thursday 12th December 2019, which will involve a range of […]

Tuesday 10th December -Year 5 Science Investigation

This term in Science, Year 5 have been learning about ‘Everyday Materials’ and their properties. For their final week investigation we would like children to collect all sorts of materials from home! Challenge: Working as a team, children will design and create a model of a home that is able to withstand the effects of […]

The Kid Who Would be King – 5B’s Cinema Trip Day!

Today, 5B travelled across the Winter cold streets of Coventry to attend their annual Cinema trip at Odeon. They watched the film ‘The Kid Who Would be King’, a modern day version of the Medieval classic ‘King Arthur’! See the clips and images below! 5B, what Broad Heath values did you see within the film? […]

5B Persuasive Language!

This week 5B have started their new English topic for the term, which is persuasive writing. Today they had the tough task of creating a persuasive pitch with the following difficult items: Chocolate Covered Ants, Adult Nappies and Men’s Skirts. See some of the pitches below and look out for any of the fantastic features […]

Rugby World Cup Day in 5B 🏉

In celebration of England reaching the Rugby World Cup final, 5B took part in a Rugby themed investigation day. It was a lot of fun and great to see children so invested in researching a sport that initially they did not know much about. See the video highlights below! 5B, can you tell me one […]

5B’s Inspirational, Investigative Maths Week

5B have had a fantastic time this week creating their Space themed Monopoly games and investigating the maths involved. The key messages have been how there are a variety of strategies to solve problems and how speed is not important, but instead, understanding the work at a deeper and critical level. It has been a […]

Monopoly Maths Trail

This week, in order to create their ‘Space’ themed Monopoly game, 5B went on a Monopoly trail around the school for chance and community chest cards. This consisted of following the coordinates on a map of the school and orienteering their way around the playground. The cards were Monopoly style maths problems, which the children […]

Mathematical Monopoly Magic!

As part of investigation week, 5B have been playing Monopoly in order to create their own Space themed game! This helped them to understand the importance of rules, the Maths involved and grasp the features of a successful game! See the images below!

REQUEST – Monopoly Board Games!

Hello 5B and parents, I hope you are having a wonderful break so far and resting well. After half term is Maths Investigation Week and we have some lovely activities planned. In order for them to happen, please can you bring in a copy of the board game ‘Monopoly’ if you have it, on the […]

5B Book Week Highlights!

This week 5B have produced some absolutely phenomenal work as part of studying Benjamin Zephaniah for book week. They have built fantastic confidence shown through their rap performance, poetry analysis, inference skills and creativity in relation to understanding aspects of different cultures. See the highlights below: 5B, firstly what did you enjoy the most about […]

5 Blue are CONNECTED

As part of book week, 5 Blue have been analysing poems by Benjamin Zephaniah, that demonstrate multi-culturalism, as well as different values such as Respect, Equality and Teamwork. Listen to their performance below. 5 Blue, what did you enjoy the most about this performance?

Welcome to Book Week 5B!

This week 5B will be studying the book ‘Talking Turkeys’ by a famous poet known as Benjamin Zephaniah. To introduce book week, 5B performed a welcome poem by Benjamin called ‘Greet-tings!’ This symbolises that everyone is welcome to read no matter what race, religion or cultural background you are from, a perfect way to represent […]

5 Blue’s Science Experiment

As part of our Earth and Beyond unit, 5 Blue have been investigating how to launch a rocket using different forces. This was done using the materials: film canisters, water, effervescent tablets and blu-tac. The reaction between the water and the effervescent tablets caused it to release a gas that created excess pressure to build […]

5B enter the space race!

Today 5B visited the National Space Centre in Leicester, which was a fantastic way to end our Earth and Beyond unit in Science. The children took part in a range of activites including visiting the planetarium for a live action space movie, playing space puzzle games, controlling space shuttles and looking at key information relating […]

5 Blue Sports Champions!

Well done to the 5 Blue stars (Mubarig, Shazaib, Adam, Jawariyah, Pooja & Harun) who showed the teamwork, resilience and determination to win the sports champion award for football! They managed to overcome the challenges of 5 White and 5 Red and accepted the trophy with great sportsmanship and grace! BH Citizens, what qualities and […]

Let’s get Tie-Dye ready!

This half term we have been looking at a range of 1960’s inspired art and artist. Children have already created pop art and psychedelic prints!However, to finish this ‘groovy’ unit of learning children have the fantastic opportunity to design and create their own tie-dye t-shirts. We will be creating our own tie-dye t-shirts, in order […]

5B Health & Well-being

What an energising day, year 5 had a fantastic opportunity today. We dedicated a whole day to our health and well-being. Below is a video outlining all the ways we gained today (individually and as a team). Please share your highlights of the day and share the value and importance of a healthy lifestyle.

What’s your talent?

This week in PSHE, Year 5 have been exploring the word ‘Talent’ – What it means? Who is ‘talented’? And how we can share ‘talent’ around school, especially as Broad Heath citizens. We came to the conclusion that talent is a natural ability, but it does not necessarily just revolve around sports! Talents can come […]

Confident, Musical Magic in 5 Blue!

In art week, we focused on a specific value called ‘confidence’ – what the term meant to us as individuals and how we could create an environment around us allowing us to be confident, no matter the challenge. We demonstrated this through creating some lovely, bright coloured art work based on Andy Warhol’s pop art […]

5 Blue – Having a Ball!

On transition day 5 Blue engaged in an energetic and strategic game of mini golf! For some of the children this was their first time experiencing and playing the game, which was lovely! The focus was on building teamwork skills, such as perseverance, spacial awareness and sharing. As well as understanding that academic learning can be […]

5 Blue – Creating Stars for the Future!

What a wonderful Wednesday! Not only was the weather beaming, but I had the opportunity to meet my new class! We engaged in lots of discussions about school life, created artwork for our space themed classroom and built teamwork skills in an epic game of mini golf! Thank you to my 5 Blue stars for […]

Welcome to 5 Blue!

Dear 4 White, soon to be 5 Blue. Just a quick video message from Mrs Khan and I, welcoming you to the space adventure we are going on from 2019-2020, starting from tomorrow! Can’t wait to meet my stars and have an awesome first day as your teacher!