Today, Year 6 had an opportunity to work with The Kindness Coach,Mr Magee. Children focused on how to be kind to ourselves and have positive thoughts. Also, children learnt different strategies to improve their mood when they are feeling low.

Please share what you have learnt today.
How are you going to be kind to yourself?

3 responses to “Kindness Coach Workshop”

  1. Safa M.

    I will be kind to myself and remember all people make mistakes , but all people will learn from them . I will also remember not to judge a book by its cover because we might say bad things about maths but it could actually be fun.

  2. Sumayyah A.

    This helped me a lot. I will be kind by myself by when I do something wrong I won’t say hurtful words to myself I will say we learn from our mistakes.

  3. Prisha T.

    I had quite enjoyed the workshop!

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