This week has been an amazing week for all of the KS2 children who have taken part in sports day. Congratulations to those children who won their events and well done to the winning classes from each year group.

22 responses to “KS2 Sports Day”

  1. Afreen S.

    It was very fun

  2. Zoya N.

    Well done to the people who won the trophy’s and medals. I really enjoyed sports day.

  3. Bogdan S.

    I loved sports day we did lots of good sports activities and some people that did good got medals and the the whole class that won the trophy was 6red.
    I found out that every class that won the trophy was all red 3red,4red,5red,and 6red

  4. Well done to all the classes that won

  5. Hasan A.

    Well done

  6. Yalda N.

    Well done

  7. Aamina B.

    Well done!

  8. Saee N.

    Well done 3red, 4red, 5red, 6red

  9. Miss Shilton

    Wow guys thanks for all the support you have given to sports day ! I’m so glad you had fun.

  10. Karanbir B.

    well done ks2 red classes and people who got medals. I wish I was there😪

  11. Zahraa Y.

    Well done 3 red
    And also well done who got the medals
    I’m proud myself and you guys to!

  12. Oluwaduminu S.

    Well done to all the classes who won and well done to the other

  13. Hanfaa N.

    I love ❤️ sports day!
    It was the best and congratulations 🥳 to everyone and good luck 🤞 next time.

  14. Inayha H.

    Well done ks2 red classes!

  15. Ramarni J.

    I enjoyed sports day

  16. Lucas R.

    I thought everyone did amazing.

  17. Estera V.

    Well done everyone

  18. Laiba R.

    Thank you everybody.

  19. Inaaya W.

    Well done ks2 Red classes 👍

  20. Hammad A.


  21. Simin W.

    I lived sports day even if I had no medal

  22. Aisha A.

    I really enjoyed sports day

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