Last day!

You have been a great class! You have got great potential for the future. Remember to always push yourself and not be average in anything you choose.

Look forward to seeing you in the near future and letting us know how you get on.

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  1. Farhaad N.

    This year was phenomenal, infact, each year was the best. The care and compassion we were given was amazing. Broad heath has cherished a place in my heart which will stay there for years, decades. Some of us received outstanding SATS results, some didnt. But at the end of the day it was not about that. What it was about was the opportunities we were given to open doors for us in the future. For example Art Week, we learnt the history of what and what it truly means. Its about what you truly think of right from your heart.

    Thank You For The Following Teachers:
    RECEPTION: Ms Haris, Mrs Walker
    YR1: Mr Stevenson, Mrs Patel
    YR2: Ms (Soon to be Mrs) Dewar
    YR3: Ms Chapman, Mrs Diaz, Ms Kiani
    YR4: Ms (Soon to be Mrs) Ahmed, Mrs Sharma!
    YR5: Ms Redhead, Mrs Dhaliwal
    YR6: Ms Kaur, Mrs Hurt And Mr Patel!

    Quite a while ago, I commented on the “The Coventry Award of Merit 2018” Blog and I said “Year Six: To Be Decided :)” Well, ive decided and what I’ve decided is:

    Year Six:

    1. Farhaad N.

      To be polite, To care, To deal with the bad days because they always come and also Listen to others because they can inspire you just like the year 6 staff have :’)

    2. Head Teacher

      Keep on opening doors Farhaad, you are a super role model! Everyone of the teachers you mentioned deserves applause, really please they are special to you too.

  2. Asia A.

    I am going to miss Broad Heath . The teachers have helped me through my journey at broad heath .I will miss the school.

    Bye Broad Heath

    1. Head Teacher

      We will miss you Asia, always caring, positive and respectful. Embrace the new challenge.

  3. Ahmed M.

    It was really fun.

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