Lovely term

Thank you parents and children for a lovely term. We have certainly seen fantastic progress. Thank you to those parents who continue to support by following the home school contract and constantly encourage. This makes a massive difference to your child/ren.

Parents, as the holiday beckons please, make sure your children read. This is the key to success. In January you will have the chance to meet your child’s teacher and look at their books. You will then have a clearer understanding of the progress they have made and what we expect you to do, to support.

Children, we want you to enjoy the break, not to sit on the settee all day and play in the garden/ park whichever you feel safest in. We don’t want you falling out with your brothers or sisters ( if you have them,) we want you helping your mum and dad. Make sure you are ready for school in the new year,  we come back TUESDAY 4 th JANUARY.

Please make sure you use the website to ask any questions you have. The virus situation is not good but we are here to support you and someone will always get back to you if you need a listening ear.

Have a great break, happy new year when it comes and I hope to see you all in the new year with smiles on your faces and even more determination to succeed.

Take care .

Mrs F x

28 thoughts on “Lovely term

  1. Thank you miss Frankish, this half term has been great and interesting. I’ve learnt many new things. I wish you all a Merry Chrostmas and a Happy New Year.

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