Freedom Of Speech

We all have a right to say things without fear of retaliation BUT we need to be very careful that the words we say do not offend . At Broad Heath we believe in kindness as one of our values, so can everyone say something kind please and make us all smile. I am lucky, […]

Food and Foodbanks

At BH we want all families to be given as much support that we can offer. You often see food at the gates, food bags are sent home and support is given in many other areas. Today I was asked by a parent to support a local food bank by asking you for donations. I […]

Mutual Respect

It is important that we respect each others differences and talents. Some people may think one thing and some people may think another. This is fine, we are allowed to be different and have different opinions but we listen to each other. Today is art day and over the year you have looked at the […]

Homework Club

Hello everyone, The club after school will finish at 4.15 pm after each session so please make sure you are on time. I know many parents collect at 4 pm, which is fine . The club also is finishing in 4 weeks. PLEASE look at the calendar to refresh yourself about dates. If any parent […]


Hello, Reports will be sent out this Friday with information about your child’s new class in September. The reports will also have information in them on how you can prepare your child for their new class in September. PLEASE follow the instructions. If you would like to discuss the report, please see your child’s class […]

Celebration Time

Today we celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years reign. She has been committed to the people of this country and the Commonwealth.  She has devoted her life to ensuring everyone who she meets is treated with respect, dignity and care. If you had to describe how you have been a model BH citizen, what things would […]

Individual Liberty

We are all free to do what we like and voice our opinions. We must however remember the words we say can be hurtful to others. At BH we have a duty to say lovely things to EVERYBODY. Can you post a message to anyone in the school and say something nice about them. I […]


We all have the right to say things and question things. KS 1- What things have we said that are wrong in school? KS2- Lunchtimes and game playing can cause lots of tension and disputes, what things should you be saying to people who get heated and aggressive?

Voting- part of democracy

Yesterday the council elections took place and peaople voted for their preferred candidate. Today we are having a vote. Do you think SATS are good/bad ? Yes/No Should SATS be abolished? Yes/No Do SATS confirm what you learn in schools? Yes /No

Eid Mubarak

Saturday evening, don’t know whether Eid will be tomorrow, Monday or Tuesday but wanted to reach out to all who celebrate and tell them BH is thinking of them all and wishing them a great day, good health and  good fortunes. We will see all children back at school on Wednesday and we cannot wait. […]

BH Value of brilliance

British Values work alongside our school values. We expect brilliance in some form from everyone. You can be brilliant in actions, in learning and in handling emotions etc. In fact, you can show brilliance in many ways. How have you been brilliant this week in week 1, summer 1?

Tomorrow the 25 th April

Morning all, I hope you have all had a lovely holiday. The staff are re-energised  and cannot wait to see you all. Please remember to bring those beautiful smiles with you. Can I also remind you that next Friday we break up for a long weekend and come back on Wednesday 4 th May, as […]

Parents and School Trip Expectations

Many thanks to  all those parents  who support with school trips. Unfortunately I am going to have to outline the following stipulations if you accompany children  from Broad Heath. 1- You must come into school and ensure before a trip you are clear about your role. 2- Whilst  in the company of children / in […]


Morning all, Last week of school and NO after school clubs. School finishes normal time on Friday. This week is Health week so ALL children to wear PE kit ALL week.   PLEASE can parents check the website and also the calendar- it has all the information on it that you need. It is important […]

Individual Liberty

We have 12 school values and one of them is brilliance. KS1- Can you tell me how you have been brilliant this term? KS2- Can you tell me about a brilliant thing you created/did that made a difference to your learning and how your brilliance has supported others?

School Gates

Dear Parents, The school gates will open at 3.05 pm. PLEASE do not press buzzers, this is not helpful. Children in EY will be dismissed  when a parent collects them after 3.05pm from their classroom.. KS1 are let out at 3.10 pm and KS2 are let out at 3.15pm.   Children in KS2 are quite […]

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect – There are many different events people choose to celebrate. Some events might celebrate our beliefs, things that are important to us or our achievements. Not everybody celebrates the same things, and we respect that. Christians this year have just started the fasting season of Lent which began on March 2nd and will […]

Brave 11 Year Old Flees Ukraine

    This 11 year old boy  escaped to Slovakia from the Ukraine with a phone number scrawled on his hand, a plastic bag and his passport. His mum was desperate to ensure he remained safe. He had no adult with him. KS1- What do you think was in his plastic bag and why? KS2- […]

Rule Of Law

In this country it is compulsory that all children come to school from the age of 5 . Many countries have classes that just read from one book and dull learning environments. It is very different in many schools to our school. Broad Heath is special, don’t forget that. We have great teachers, children and […]

Monday 28 th February

Hello fellow Broad Heathers, I hope everyone is safe and well and ready for the new challenges ahead. School starts at the normal time on Monday and breakfast club is FREE to all students from Reception to Y6. It starts at 8 am and children must come to it via Hanford Close. Nursery class starts […]

Well done Your Majesty

  The Queen has been on the throne for over 70 years. This is a very long time. KS1- What message would you like to send to the Queen on this historic event? KS2- What qualities do you think the Queen has that gives her the energy to reign for so long? How should we […]

Say something nice!

Next week we are going to be extra positive with each other and any visitors. I want you to have a lovely week and say something nice to someone. All the BH pupils are ace, so make some feel extra special…..go on,try.