At Broad Heath we have 12 values( take a walk and look at the value wall outside Y6)- please can you tell me how you have displayed a school value this week and what you did and how successful it was?   Keep on being a great BH citizen.

This is me

Short Quiz this week for you all. What is the school’s mission statement? (Ie what do we expect you achieve in every lesson?) List  3 school values and give an example for each? How many behaviour rules do we have? What happens every Friday with Graham and Mrs Rullay? Teamwork is important- what does the […]

What a year!

Thank you everyone for being part of the BH family and being supportive. These last 18 months have been tough but we have all gained in some way. Thank you for some fantastic cards and gifts, they have really lifted the spirits. We are all tired but will be back in SEPTEMBER raring to go. […]

Respect and Tolerance

This weekend England play Italy in the Europena cup (Come on England!) I am however always disappointed when I hear people not being respectful of the oppositions’ anthems and booing. Should booing ever be allowed and if so can you give me an example of when it is ok to do so?

Please do LFTs

Good morning all, We have had a few more positive cases. Please do the LFTs and report your results on the form. We are trying to isolate only CLOSE contacts so we don’t have to close classes but to do this we need your help by making sure regular LFTs are taken. Many thanks Mrs […]

Message for Parents

Good Morning/ afternoon, I hope you are all well. I just wanted to give you some context and reasons about the current situation. We have seen a dramatic rise in positive cases. BH is just following the guidelines we have been given. Decision and reasons made are done in collaboration with the Local Authority. We […]

Need to take daily LFTS.

Please can all children in 1B take daily Lateral Flow Tests (LFTs) and report any positive results or symptoms to the main office either via telephone or through email or asap. We have had a positive case and identified a small number of pupils who have had close contact with the child. A […]

Mutual Respect

Yesterday I was disappointed to get a call to say that some Y6 children had not been respectful when they were at Drayton Manor. This made me sad. How should children behave when they are on school trips- can you give me 3 rules please?


Dear Parents, WE have booked coaches etc for the forthcoming trip and if you are not able to go we CANNOT give refunds as it is costing us more than we get and the school will lose out. It is also important you realise that once you have committed to a trip we cannot do […]


Living us in the UK allows us to have a vote. You may not always get what you voted for but you are allowed to register your preference. So Broad Heath is going to have a vote. The ballot box will close on July 1st(This means you cannot vote after this date if you want […]

Plea to parents

Good Morning, Firstly I hope you are all safe and well. The nasty virus has reared its head again. PLEASE take the children who are at Broad Heath  for  a PCR test so we can keep everyone safe.  You should get the results back within 1-3 days, I did. All positive results must be reported […]


Provisional Return to school dates Following discussions with Public Health and the Local Authority, these are the dates that children can return to school.   Return to school dates Nursery Monday 21st June Reception Monday 28th June (children MUST isolate until this date) Year 1 Monday 21st June Year 2 2 Blue – Tuesday 22nd June […]

Rule of Law

Rule of Law There are laws in place so that peopleuse e-scooters safely. If e-scooters become more popular in the future, laws may have to change to protect members of the public. Why are e-scooters dangerous and what law should happen?


Parents we have had a notification of a positive Lateral Flow Test (LFT) in Year 1. This means that all children will have to self-isolate until the PCR results are confirmed.  Please look at website for online learning and further updates. PLEASE do NOT phone in- any questions you may have, please phone after 10 […]


Please can all parents ensure their emergency contact details are upto date. The virus has not gone away and we may have to send classes home as per instructions and it is VITAL we can contact you. Today some parents  were not answering phones/coming straight to school to collect their child and this added to […]

Year 6- need to self isolate

Morning- we have had a positive case reported. This means that you will have to self isolate until Tuesday 22 nd June. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are a free school meal we will supply packed lunches/food parcels if required. Please phone the school if you need one.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Mutual Respect and Tolerance Some people have more confidence to speak in public than others. It is helpful to work as a team and give others our support if some of our classmates find it more difficult- give me an example when this last happened in your class? Tell me when you last worked a […]

Individual Liberty

We all have the right to choose but should our choices endanger others.? At the moment England is easing down from being in lockdown, but the virus has NOT gone away. The Indian variant is being found in lots of places. Should we forgo school trips/holidays for the greater good or should we carry on […]

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty The armed forces help us to exercise our rightsand freedoms as citizens by protecting the UK. They can also provide help in times of crisis,such as testing, supplying food and clothing or keeping our homes safe. Can you give me some examples of what they have done in the last year to support […]