Spring here we come

Morning all, Cannot wait to welcome you back to school on Monday March 8 th.  we will be asking parents to let children walk into school by themselves. The only exception will be Nursery children. At the end of the day, parents will be informed where their children can be collected. I suggest parents in […]

School back on MONDAY MARCH 8 th

GREAT NEWS, school will be opening to ALL children,  on Monday 8 th March. We will expect all children to come back with happy, smiling faces, wearing their school uniforms with pride. Further details about breakfast and after school clubs will follow tomorrow. See you all soon… If anyone would like to discuss this , […]

Warm Welcome on Monday

Good afternoon, I hope you have all had a lovely break. The only thing I can share with you is a weather update, which is quite pleasant ,as it is not raining. I keep on been asked the same question, when can we come back to school? On Monday , we will all know what […]

Kindness and how can you show it?

Calling all Broad Heathers, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please can you send me examples of kindness as we have to fill in our kindness passports . Let’s think about things you have done to help your family, others, the community or indeed anyone or anything. Think creatively, we can then add your examples to the […]

Last post Spring 1

Good afternoon children and parents, Well, we have made it to half term. Really proud of the efforts of you all, the quality of learning has been amazing, so thank you. Many thanks to the teachers who create work that is creative, exciting and is of a high quality . We will always go that […]

Music Week

Next week is Music Week children. We want to have examples of some great work. I know you are all very talented and I am excited to see what you can produce. Please also make sure you do the British Blog and give me an example of kindness. Today I have been kind as I […]

Food Parcels

Please come and collect some food on Monday. ( Pod is open from 9:30-12:30 ONLY.) We also will support any family with any financial or emotional difficulties they are having and contact the right people. All information and support is private. We want every child at BH to gain and will go that extra mile […]

Weekly Update?

Good Evening Parents and Children, Have I got a return date for you? No, I am sorry I do not. Although the virus is still around, the number of people getting it, is slowly decreasing. BUT, we are still not over the crisis and you must remain at home if you can. Too many families […]

Any family… anyone can have.

If any family would like: Cereals, bagels and some milk, PLEASE come up to school on Monday 1st February from 9:30-12 to collect some free things. We will be at the pod, everyone is welcome. Just remember that oats can create flour as well as flapjacks. Cornflakes make great cakes as well as a crispy […]

Another week over

Hello parents and children, This week it was confirmed that we have another 6 weeks of working at home. I fear it may be more. So let’s remain positive and focused and think about the great things that await us when we can all meet up, a new PE pod being one of the things,you […]

Act of Kindness

Hello there BH citizens, It is very easy to just think about yourselves during the pandemic. We at BH are special and do think about others as well as support people. Please can you tell me about a time this week where you have been kind and demonstrated kindness . Can’t wait to hear about […]

Weekly update

The snow is gently falling as I write this and reminds us that we are in the middle of winter, so we need to be mindful of keeping warm, wrapping up and going for a brisk walk when we can. We must NOT go into any friends’ houses, or meet and have a party. This […]

Democracy is great!

Democracy Many countries hold votes to allow peoplethe choice to decide who will become theirleader. When a leader of a democracy is elected, he or she agrees to listen to theopinions of the people. Who was elected this week by the people and can you give me some facts about that person?

Weekly Update

Happy Weekend Everyone, The end of week 2 and the overwhelming majority of children are engaging in the fantastic learning opportunities that the staff are planning. Children are being offered a range of learning opportunities and I beam with pride that my staff are going that extra mile to support every child. The quality of […]

Food Parcels

Afternoon all, I hope you are all well. If you need a WEEKLY food parcel you must request one and collect it. headteacher@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk Food needs to be collected every Monday between 9-12 from the pod. If you are struggling in any way, please let us know. We cannot offer school places to families who want […]

Law and Order

Last week we saw some horrific pictures from America whereby people stormed buildings in Washington. These buildings were places whereby laws are created. 4 people died. What do you think should happen to these people? If you dont agree with something in this country , how can you voice your opinion?

Weekend Message

Good Morning everyone, A grey day but hopefully BH blogs, brighten your day. The staff at BH this week have been incredible, we have worked around the clock to support everyone. I do need to emphasise that the SAFEST place is at home. If you can stay at home, please do so. So what have […]


Morning parents, The  government are not giving vouchers during the term, they are saying that schools should be supporting with healthy meal bags if they can, we can. As a consequence of this we will be doing WEEKLY food bags which can be cooked at home in parts, frozen if necessary and is healthy. The […]


The PM has today announced a full lockdown. What does this mean? All children to STAY AT HOME UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. If you are a key worker, you will need to contact Mrs Donnelly about coming in tomorrow by 9:30 TONIGHT if you need your child to be in school on TUESDAY. All children in […]

Show Gratitude ….

Welcome back to school! Whether that’s online or in person thank you to all the heads, teachers and support staff for keeping our children learning whatever the circumstance. #backtoschool #thankateacher   Go online and send a card to a teacher who you think deserves a big well done. The above hashtags allow you to send […]

What do you think?

Dear Parents, Happy New Year!  There is a lot of news about schools and whether they should open or not. Do you feel the school environment is a safe one? Please answer YES or NO by 11:30 am today. Later on I will be releasing an update on what is happening. Please continue to log […]

Year 3 B

Good Morning, I hope everyone is well. We today received a message that a child in Year 3 B has tested positive for the Corona virus. Please do not panic. If your child  or any family members, display any symptoms; it is essential that you have a test. Please let us know of any positive […]

Last Post before Christmas.

Morning all, A wet, grey Sunday is perhaps not the ideal conditions to be telling you about school as this remains, happy, bright and energetic. Attendance remains high, any Corona cases we hear about are traced back to outside of the school . We continue to be vigilant and mindful, we still have to be […]

Please Read

Dear Parents, It has been brought to our attention that some children are accessing inappropriate programs on YouTube. We are doing everything we can in school to ensure your children remain safe but we cannot fully guarantee that this will stop. ( Our firewall protection is regularly updated  but nothing is fool proof!)We will be […]

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect There may be times when we don’t feel we are being fairly treated or given the same opportunities. In these times, we can use our voices to speak and let  others know how we feel. This is why we have a school council. It is there also to share good things that happen […]

Weekly Update

Morning All, As you know I like to give you a quick update regularly. At the moment we have a whole year 5 group out. The case that was positive had mixed with all adults and children in Y5 so they all had to isolate. When this happens, work is set REMOTELY and children are […]