Big Shout out to all your teachers!

Thank you to all the Broad Heath staff who every day face immense challenges but come to work  or indeed work from home, because they are not allowed in school, and create quality learning opportunities. What a team! We all believe our voice is important but we follow the laws and the rules.

Year 2 update

Morning all, Please do not panic- the actions taken are being done to ensure the children stay safe. Please can you do the following things: 1- Do not phone the office- if you need anything please send an email to 2-The Year 2 will be setting work so this needs to be done- they […]

Late Collections et al

Good Evening, Now that all the systems are embedded in school re opening and closing, we will be introducing late collection fees as per policy from October 1 st onwards. We have tried to support families, we cannot however have one set of rules for one and one set for another. We cannot allow parking […]


Hi children, Great to see you all back and being sensible. The Government has stated that school trips are permitted as from September 2020. We are thinking about organising the annual trip to Dovedale. We would do a risk assessment as per normal, We  feel Dovedale would be a great trip as it is away […]

Review thus far…

Thank you for your continued support. We have listened and responded with actions and support. Just a few things to remember: We cannot please everyone. We follow the guidance set by the LA. We do not wear masks in school as we have clear hygiene systems and record what we do, we cannot account for […]

Teacher/Parent Meetings

Evening, The sun is shining, your children have been superstars and progress this week has been great. What more can we ask in the current climate? Some parents have been asking to meet their children’s class teachers. If you would like this to happen soon, please respond to this blog, otherwise an appointment will be […]

Parents and Masks

As you know, rules are changing on Monday 14 th September and gatherings of more than 6 People other than in schools and other buildings are not permitted. As a consequence of this, we will be asking ALL parents to wear a mask when picking up your children. If you don’t want to wear a […]


Morning, Today the 20 extra kindles we ordered, have arrived. These will be sold on a first come, first served basis. If you ordered one, please phone the office 76689558, to book an appt to buy one. The cost is £25 and they are  cheap because the school is subsidising .The kindles are for children […]


Morning all, I have been contacted by quite a few parents and staff regarding cold like symptoms over the weekend. Let me reassure you this is normal, children will get lots of bugs the next few weeks because they are mixing with lots of other children, after months apart. The NHS advice is the children […]

Day 2

Children settled well today. Really pleased with all our fabulous Reception children, they are settled and working well. Nursey children too are doing well- lots of SMILES!I have popped in and out of classes in Reception and Nursery all day and no one is not happy. Children are responding well! Coming into school was much […]


Dear Parents, After 6 months of being away from school systems, we are trying very hard to quickly re-establish things in a safe way. Please can I ask that you keep your distance from other households when on the school site. The wearing of masks in the open air is optional, as long as you  […]


Afternoon all, I cannot give you definitive dates and times yet regarding the opening of school as I am waiting for the LA to give us permission . As soon as I know I will let you know. School is open Mon- Weds this week from 9:30- 12 should you wish to buy any school […]

Digital devices

Afternoon, Can  any family let me know if they would be interested in getting a cheap kindle again.?  ( There would be 50 % off the price)We need to ensure that you have access to online learning and I know having a kindle has helped. I want to ensure that children have the  opportunity to […]


Wishing all pupils in secondary education a great results day but especially thinking about former BH pupils. We hope you get everything you wish for!

What is happening?

Good Evening all, On Friday we will find out what the local authority plans are for schools.As soon as I know I will let you know. I am planning for as many children as we can, to return to school on,Tuesday 1 st of September, so be prepared! Dates, gates and times will be shared. […]

Oats, oats and oats

We are offering free porridge oats to anyone from Broad Heath School. So what things can you make using oats? Everyone loves flap jacks and all you do is add butter, syrup etc What about oat and apple muffins? Again oats are used in a cake mixture, very healthy. You could use the oats also […]


Sidney Stringer Academy Exam Results for Hafeezah A OCR H470 Result Grade 4 English Language Result: A* AQA 7182 Result Grade 4 Psychology ADV Result: A AQA 7517D Result Grade 4 Comp Sci ADV (Python) Result: A

Congratulations to all ex pupils!

Had a couple of lovely messages thus far  celebrating some excellent A Level results from ex pupils. Broad Heath would like to congratulate all families and ex -pupils on some remarkable results today. We wish you well for the future. We are all very proud!

Cereals and bagels

If anyone would like some free bagels and cereals please come to school on Weds 12 th August between 9:30-11:30 am. Myself and Mrs Rullay will be giving them out,we would love to see you. Stay safe. Mrs F

3 weeks to go!

In 3 weeks we will be back at school. We are hoping that the school day will be as near to normal as it was. Further details will follow regarding the school day and all the things we have put in place to ensure children, staff and parents are safe. We will have further instructions […]

We are here if you need a listening ear….

Good evening, Covid continues to dominate the news. We are working hard towards the school being up and running at fully capacity by September. We want everyone to be safe.  We want everyone back at BH enjoying learning. Classrooms are being cleaned , systems are being updated, we want everyone to feel that BH is […]

‘twas the eve…….

Hi Year 6, It is officially the last evening before you leave tomorrow . I know this year has been strange but may how you have coped and grown. It is easy to talk about skills like resilience, tenacity etc but these last few months you have certainly demonstrated that you are skilled practitioners in […]

Free Breakfasts Over the Summer

Summer Breakfast Holiday Club 2020 From Monday 27 July to Friday 28 August, children will have the opportunity to access a free breakfast and activity pack from a local venue. These packs have been provided through grant funding received from Feeding Britain and will contain cereal, milk, fresh fruit and additional breakfast items. This funding […]

Further Updates

Morning Parents and Children, Today is the last day in school for Years 1-5 and the last day also for our super Y6. We will miss you all. July 17th,Friday,  Reception come to school for the final time this year. Teacher Days are being held next week and school is open as we prepare for […]

Polite Reminder

Good Evening on this wet miserable evening, You have less than 24 hours to complete the online parent survey. We are asking that  every family complete it, if they can. I want BH to get even better so your children get the best experiences of their lives. If we are doing things well, tell us; […]