Rule of Law

Laws are there to protect the majority. Unfortunately, people do break them.  Are there any laws in the land which you feel are good and  which laws which need to change?

Mutual Respect

The haka is an important ritual for Māori people and is used by sports teams in New Zealand and other parts of the world. We saw them perform it when we had our rugby day in school and celebrated the World Cup. What things do we do at Broad Heath that depict the word respect?

Come on England!

To celebrate England reaching the World Cup Final in Japan, we will be having a day of Rugby and fun!  The day will be Friday 1st November. You need to come in red and white to school and perhaps paint an English flag on your cheek? No money is required, all we want is your […]

Rule of Law

Rule of Law It is a Human Right for us all to live our lives with respect for our privacy. Whether that be in our homes or in our interactions with others. Do you think social media and newspapers respect this law?

Applications Received

Thank you Y 6 for applying for the lunch time positions advertised.I will be shortlisting and interviewing in the next week. Applications that stood out included: a nice opening sentence under my name with a reason why you thought you had the skills for the job. Looking  forward to meeting some of you for an […]

Mobile Phones and Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty In emergencies, people need to be able to find us and technology can help locate us quickly. There may be other times when we don’t want everyone to know our location – it’s important to be in control of the information we share. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools and why?

Mutual Respect

People may need our help and support formany different reasons. We can help people we know, people who live nearby or people who live in other parts of the world. How do you help the Broad Heath Team so you become a super BH citizen?

Should first aid be a “must” in schools?

Individual Liberty In emergency situations, we may need to act quickly to help others. First aid training can help provide us with knowledge and understanding to make choices that could save lives. Do you think we should teach first aid in schools? Have we got enough space on our timetables?

Reception 2020- APPLY NOW PLEASE!

Entry to Reception from September 2020 Applications can be made from: 1 September 2019 Closing date: 15 January 2020 How parents should apply:   The school admissions website is:   Parents are encouraged to apply online via the Parent Portal at   The service will be available from 1 September 2019 until the […]

Just 2/3 left to apply from 90!

Well done to the pastoral team, staff in Y6 and you the parents for applying for secondary schools. There are still a few who have not done- read the policy below, it shows how important it is! Closing Date for Applications The closing date is 31 October 2019. Parents must complete the online application by […]

Doly Moch

Message from Miss Shilton- all well and they have stopped for a toilet break. Due to arrive in Wales at 6;30 ish…they will unpack and eat! More news to follow.

Rules and Our Voices.

Democracy Schools have different rules . There may be times we feel rules aren’t fair to everyone. It is during these times that rules can be discussed, allowing us all to have a voice and share our opinions. This is democracy. You dont always get your way but your voice can be heard. Which school […]

Look at my sister too!

Aneesah  is the sister of Aqsa look at what she achieved. Graduated with First Class in Early Childhood Development and Learning BA (Hons). She is now going to the University of Birmingham to complete her PGDip in Primary Education.  Really proud that we have children leading the way!

Girl Power!

Aqsa, was an ex -pupil, look at her results: A-levels – Economics (B grade), English literature (A grade), History (A* grade) and Extended Project Qualification (A* grade) I am now going to the University of Warwick to study Law. WOW!!!!! So proud.

Outstanding Ibtihal

Congratulations on fantastic results. 11 GCSEs all A s and above with 5 at A*! How fantastic is that? Can’t wait to see you get super A level results and go to university. Well done.!


Zhengqiao Huang  what a star! He achieved seven grade 9s and two grade 8s. What makes me really proud is that he has battled sight problems all of his life. Just look at him now! He is leading the way! What a great BH role model.

Superstar Omayah

Congratulations to an ex -pupil who got an 8 ( this is a very high grade) for her exam in Psychology! What makes this even more amazing is she took the exam in Year 9 and not year 11. So proud of you Omayah!


To all the Broad Heath family who are celebrating Eid, I hope you have had a great day and a super time. Why don’t you tell me all about it?

Half way!

At the midway point of our break. Lots happening in school with the Nursery and Reception classrooms all newly painted, ready for our new team members in September! Keep on enjoying and relaxing.

School Uniform

School will be open to parents via Hanford Close on: Tuesday 27 th August Wednesday 28th August  and Thursday 29th August from 10-12am should you wish to buy school uniform.   School starts again on MONDAY 2nd September- breakfast club is available. Happy Holidays!

Respect for mankind

Respect It took billions of pounds and thousands of people many years to put people on the moon. When we find out more about the universe, we also learn more about ourselves and our place on planet Earth! What interesting facts can you share about our planet -Earth? Any interesting facts about the Moon?

Tree of Success

At BH we strive to be brilliant citizens both in school and in the community. I am now looking for children and adults within our community who have done something special -eg: Got an award, helped a charity, overcome a problem that has helped them or others etc, that can be put onto our “Tree […]

What do you think about this?

Democracy The island of Sommaroy doesn’t have a traditional night and day for much of the year so the people, who live there, are campaigning to get rid of the usual way we measure time. If they are successful, they will be the first place in the world without time!   What do you think […]

Summer Fair 2019

Thank you parents, staff and children for a superb fair. We raised just over £2000 and will be spending this on replacement items that were stolen from the shed. We had a great afternoon and we saw some lovely families from the past and present. Your support to the BH family is truly outstanding. Thank […]

Mutual Respect

Lots of people enjoy playing and watching football! The FIFA Women’s World Cup is currently underway and over 1 million tickets have been sold. Women’s football is thought to be one of the fastest growing sports across the world! Which girls play it at BH? What are your thoughts about this boys and girls?