Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty The armed forces help us to exercise our rightsand freedoms as citizens by protecting the UK. They can also provide help in times of crisis,such as testing, supplying food and clothing or keeping our homes safe. Can you give me some examples of what they have done in the last year to support […]

June 9th 2021

On June 9th we will be having a special day- Prince Phillip Day, when we will celebrate the life of an exceptional man. He did many remarkable things. Can you tell me anything about the man you know?

PE Next week

Please continue to wear your PE kit to school on your PE days. Also PLEASE bring your swimming kit to school on Monday if you are in Years 2,3,4,5 or 6. Come on everyone, get your school kit ready on Sunday, ready for Monday. I will also be  expecting everyone to wear BH school uniform, […]

Monday 19 th

Afternoon all, I cannot wait to see all your happy smiling faces. School starts again on Monday 19 th April. Breakfast club is open to all those children who have previously registered. If you need to register, you need to fill the form in on line. This will be put up again on Monday so […]

Thank you.

Just a quick thank you, children and parents for such a fantastic 4 weeks. We come back on Monday 19 th April at the normal times and will start week 1 with clubs after school. I have enjoyed seeing your lovely work and I am so proud of your progress. You can certainly tell which […]

End of Spring Term

On Thursday, we will leave school at 3:15 pm and close the door on the Spring term. It has been a very challenging one and something I personally will not forget. I must remind you that we must still be very careful. We cannot car share as yet unless you live in the same household/ […]

Individual Liberty

Did you know that BT(British Telecom) are offering red telephone boxes to communities for £1. This offer gives people a choice of whether to have them removed orreuse them for a different purpose. In this way,the iconic red telephone boxes can be preserved as a symbol of British culture. Can anyone send me a picture […]

Weekend update

Greetings parents, I hope everyone is well and happy with how we are managing things at school. If anyone has any questions please ask. This weekend , you must do the following please: 1- Do your census, it is a legal requirement. If you have trouble come and see us. 2-When offered your vaccine, please […]

Rule of Law

Rule of Law This weekend is CENSUS weekend. By law, each family must complete the census. The Government will use the information we provide to think about how to make services better for us in the future. Can you tell me what you hope will improve in the future? Remember though, all these services cost […]

First week back update

Wow, what a GREAT a week. The attitudes to learning and attendance have been outstanding. Staff have not stopped smiling because your children bring such joy. Thank you parents for all you did during lockdown. We are not out of the woods yet so need to remind you of a few things please. 1- Gates […]

Rule of Law

Rule of Law Some people do not agree with where HS2 will be built and have decided to take action. If people break the lawwhen they protest, there can often be a consequence.   What is HS2? What are the consequences of breaking the law? Should the laws be tougher for people who break laws […]

Breakfast Club …begins Monday 15 th

All parents who have applied for a breakfast club place have been given one. Please make sure you arrive 8-8:10 am and come in via the Hanford Close Gate. Staff will be on duty between these times. PLEASE a try and walk, if not drive CAREFULLY as it gets busy and some teaching staff will […]

Parents’ Views

Thank you for a super first day back. We loved having the children back, they have been brilliant. We have spent a lot of time ensuring the site remains safe and you are able to safely collect your children at the end of the day. We have had a couple of lovely emails saying that […]

Countdown is closer!

Cannot wait to welcome you all back to our wonderful school, tomorrow. Details regarding your class are on your class blogs.Some year groups will be swimming tomorrow so kit is needed; get it ready today please. All the staff are very excited to see you .Anyone who is still abroad,  you have until the end […]

Have your say!

We live in a democracy. This means that everyone has a voice and the right to vote. We may not always get what we want but the majority succeed. Do you think the Government was right to NOT allow the majority of children  to come to school during the Covid pandemic?

Spring here we come

Morning all, Cannot wait to welcome you back to school on Monday March 8 th.  we will be asking parents to let children walk into school by themselves. The only exception will be Nursery children. At the end of the day, parents will be informed where their children can be collected. I suggest parents in […]

School back on MONDAY MARCH 8 th

GREAT NEWS, school will be opening to ALL children,  on Monday 8 th March. We will expect all children to come back with happy, smiling faces, wearing their school uniforms with pride. Further details about breakfast and after school clubs will follow tomorrow. See you all soon… If anyone would like to discuss this , […]

Warm Welcome on Monday

Good afternoon, I hope you have all had a lovely break. The only thing I can share with you is a weather update, which is quite pleasant ,as it is not raining. I keep on been asked the same question, when can we come back to school? On Monday , we will all know what […]

Kindness and how can you show it?

Calling all Broad Heathers, WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please can you send me examples of kindness as we have to fill in our kindness passports . Let’s think about things you have done to help your family, others, the community or indeed anyone or anything. Think creatively, we can then add your examples to the […]

Last post Spring 1

Good afternoon children and parents, Well, we have made it to half term. Really proud of the efforts of you all, the quality of learning has been amazing, so thank you. Many thanks to the teachers who create work that is creative, exciting and is of a high quality . We will always go that […]

Music Week

Next week is Music Week children. We want to have examples of some great work. I know you are all very talented and I am excited to see what you can produce. Please also make sure you do the British Blog and give me an example of kindness. Today I have been kind as I […]

Food Parcels

Please come and collect some food on Monday. ( Pod is open from 9:30-12:30 ONLY.) We also will support any family with any financial or emotional difficulties they are having and contact the right people. All information and support is private. We want every child at BH to gain and will go that extra mile […]

Weekly Update?

Good Evening Parents and Children, Have I got a return date for you? No, I am sorry I do not. Although the virus is still around, the number of people getting it, is slowly decreasing. BUT, we are still not over the crisis and you must remain at home if you can. Too many families […]

Any family… anyone can have.

If any family would like: Cereals, bagels and some milk, PLEASE come up to school on Monday 1st February from 9:30-12 to collect some free things. We will be at the pod, everyone is welcome. Just remember that oats can create flour as well as flapjacks. Cornflakes make great cakes as well as a crispy […]

Another week over

Hello parents and children, This week it was confirmed that we have another 6 weeks of working at home. I fear it may be more. So let’s remain positive and focused and think about the great things that await us when we can all meet up, a new PE pod being one of the things,you […]

Act of Kindness

Hello there BH citizens, It is very easy to just think about yourselves during the pandemic. We at BH are special and do think about others as well as support people. Please can you tell me about a time this week where you have been kind and demonstrated kindness . Can’t wait to hear about […]

Weekly update

The snow is gently falling as I write this and reminds us that we are in the middle of winter, so we need to be mindful of keeping warm, wrapping up and going for a brisk walk when we can. We must NOT go into any friends’ houses, or meet and have a party. This […]