Fellow Broad Heathers

Dear Parents, Thank you for the many messages of support, it has been uplifting for the staff.  Unfortunately we still have parents who are NOT doing their bit as per home school contract. My staff and I are having to phone countless parents reminding them about the work on the blog. THIS IS NOT FAIR. […]

Top Tip

Morning all, What is your top tip for  making sure others smile during these challenging times? Tell me something you have done to be a great BH citizen? I hope everyone is doing well and I know the BH family is a strong one and we will pull through this TOGETHER. Stay strong and safe.

Greetings BH Team, we miss you lots.

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is still safe. We must follow advice and stay indoors. Tonight, open your windows at 8 pm and clap for the NHS workers. They are BRILLIANT. We have been in school today sorting some bags and PE kits out. I will open up again if people come and collect it […]


Afternoon parents, Please can parents send us their email addresses if they think they are entitled to a food voucher? We need an email address to send the voucher to. Please send to me or the school office. The email address is on the website. We should be able to start sending these out this […]

Friday 27th March

Good Afternoon Broad Heathers, Well done to the majority who are DOING the work, this is great. Well done parents who are supporting. It has been a long week and we want you all to have a super weekend. Remember the clocks go forward on SUNDAY. Remember  as Broad Heathers we have certain values that […]

Thursday 26 th March

Today Mrs RRK and myself phoned lots of houses to check on people. We are asking that everyone visits the BH website and does the work that is set by the teachers on there. Please make sure you try and do the work.  We have also posted a Where’s Wally puzzle, this is great fun […]

Where’s the teacher?

Later on Shaun will post a where’s the teacher picture as it is a bit of fun, rather like where’s Wally! Can you tell me what things you are doing to make people smile? I hope you enjoy  finding the teachers.  

March 25 th

Morning all my fantastic children, I hope you are all well and staying in. You can play in your gardens, in fact YOU MUST PLAY in this beautiful sunshine as it gives you necessary vitamin D. I will be posting a British Value Blog so please do. Stay safe and if anybody needs help please […]

Rally to Work!

Well done all the children and the parents who have done some work every day, you are SUPERSTARS! There are a lot of children who have not done any work at all, this is unacceptable. We expect everyone to try and do some every day please. We will be phoning certain houses in the next […]

Monday 23 rd March

Good Evening Broad Heathers! We have just started the long journey. Thank you to all those parents who are keeping their children safe at home. School is open ONLY to those children whose parents are in the government category of support and are working at the SAME TIME. As soon as we get the promised […]

Please, please take note.

You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should. #StayHomeSaveLives pic.twitter.com/n1B1gngVWr — Gavin Williamson (@GavinWilliamson) March 21, 2020

Further Information

School is doing everything possible to ensure vulnerable children and families are supported. All children will have work to do. They do it in their homework books. Teachers will respond to queries about it. Please collect personal items you need and any medical things you need ASAP. All PE kits and swimming bags should be […]

Thursday 19 th

Morning all, School will remain open for KEY FAMILIES ONLY. Please  can you collect PE kits and any valuables,  coming via Hanford Close. Breakfast Club will be available for key children. Work will be posted for children to do. Reception children have work to be COLLECTED. Please see their blog. Take care…

Send a message

Hi children,   It is natural to worry but share your fears and send me a message on here and I will respond. Keep on smiling, keep on gaining and keep on being positive. You lot are brilliant. Mrs Frankish xxx Kisses for all…

Wednesday 18 th

Morning, Daily update.  School remains open. We would ask that you stay at home now if possible. We remain open for frontline staff. My staff and I are working round the clock to support.If you need anything please email us. Take care. JF

School Under Review

The PM has still stated schools should stay open as of 17/03/20. I will reiterate, if you CHOOSE TO SELF ISOLATE, then please do so. Work will not be sent until we close. To support there are challenges on the website as well as various blogs. Parents  who choose to keep their children off school […]

BH Latest March 17th

Dear Parents,   Will reiterate again- WE HAVE HAD NO CONFIRMED CASES IN SCHOOL. To ease the pressure of absent staff I am taking the following decisions: Nursery- will close as from 17th March at 3;30 pm. Reception children- if you can keep at home this would ease the situation but they CAN come in […]

Government Advice

Please stay at home if you or any member of your family is unwell.  I will update daily . I just want you to phone in if absent. School will remain open BUT if you choose to self isolate then this is not a problem. I will post daily.

UPDATE 16 th March 2020

BREAKING: No school closures yet. Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance says: “It may be necessary to think about things like school closures, but these things again need to be done at the right time in the right way.” PLEASE NOTE THIS IS WHAT WE ARE TOLD TO DO AND NOT A BH DECISION.SHOULD YOU […]

Update re: School

Dear Parents, 1R is closed as we have staffing issues. THERE ARE NO CONFIRMED CASES IN THE SCHOOL.  School remains open to all pupils and staff and 1R will open again tomorrow. If parents choose not to send in- PLEASE PHONE THE SCHOOL.   Thanks


Dear Parents, We have been informed that someone may/may not have Coruna Virus. As a safety precaution, please can you keep your child off school until we get confirmation one way or another? Many thanks and sorry for the inconveniece.

Advice as of March 13th

Detailed information and advice for the public about what they should do can be found here on the NHS.uk website (and will be regularly updated). There is some new Stay at Home guidance, which can be found here   People do not need to phone NHS111 if their symptoms are mild but should do if […]


Dear Parents, Firstly, we are all scared, no one cannot say they are not. We MUST follow the advice give. We MUST wash hands and be sensible. If a new cough appears/temperature then you stay at home. PLEASE phone in as we are tracking all cases and might need this information to pass on.   Remain […]

Mutual Respect

Broad Heath is made up of lots of different children, who come from many different countries, speak many languages and believe in different things. We do however believe that BH is one big family and that we are taught to  respect differences. Tell me how Broad instils values in you, that enable you to get […]

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty. If we feel strongly about something that affects us, there are different ways we can share our opinions with those who make decisions. Explaining our reasons can help bring about positive changes. What would you like to share with Broad Heath Governors, in the hope it will change?

Secondary Schools

Good Morning, All Year 6 children will now have been offered a secondary school place. The school does not have any power in the decision making process. Please contact admissions if you are not happy. All details are on the email/ letter you have received. Thank you.


Department for Education Coronavirus helpline Today, we have launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows: Phone: 0800 046 8687 Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) ·         No school should close in response to a suspected […]