Nursery Closure

Evening all, Due to the rising numbers of Covid cases I am taking the decision to close Nursery for the week. Staff cases are rising and I cannot open safely at this time. Nursery will re open again on Monday 24 th January. Sorry any inconvenience . Mrs Frankish

School Governor

Are there any parents interested in being a school governor? This is a VOLUNTARY position and would involve attending various meetings. If you are interested please discuss with Mrs Frankish by Friday 14 th January. Many thanks.

PE Kits

Parents and children, PLEASE can you remember which days you do PE and come to school in your kit. This also maens they wear pumps and not boots! This does NOT change throughout the year. Some families are entitled to support if your are struggling so please contact the pastoral team. The school calendar will […]

Happy New Year

2022 has arrived. The last few years have perhaps been the most demanding professionally for many teachers, never quite knowing what will happen. We have though, been resilient and ensured children have gained and tried to ensure we have fun. We hope this continues in 2022. Thank you parents and children for all your support. […]

Lovely term

Thank you parents and children for a lovely term. We have certainly seen fantastic progress. Thank you to those parents who continue to support by following the home school contract and constantly encourage. This makes a massive difference to your child/ren. Parents, as the holiday beckons please, make sure your children read. This is the […]

Rule of Law

Rule of Law Laws, rules or guidance sometimes change to help keep us safe so we may have to alter the way we do things. This week the PM said face masks must be worn in shops and public buildings. Do you agree with his actions?

Plea to Parents

Morning, Unfortunately the virus has not gone away. We don’t want schools to close, we want everyone to remain safe. I am therefore asking that when you come onto the school site, you wear a mask please. If You are exempt please display an exemption card so if asked why you are not wearing a […]

Tolerance and Respect

At Broad Heath we have many different religions and faiths. Children’s parents  and some children come from many  countries that are different to the UK. We believe at BH we are one big family. Tell me how you show respect and tolerate differences? What things do you hope to see improve in this country?

Our fantastic Chair!

Our Chair of Governors is a man called Abdul Khan. We are standing by a monument that reflects some of his international work that he does for Coventry people. Can anyone tell me the sort of work that a councillor does ? How do councillors differ from an MPs?

Brick Wall- more chances to win

This half term there will be more class winners of the prize. Years R- Year 1 will compete against each other Year 2- 4 will compete against each other and Years 5 and 6 will compete against each other for the prizes. Each half term it may change who you compete against as there maybe […]

Children in Need Day

Friday 19TH NOVEMBER is Children in Need Day. Please can you donate- ANY AMOUNT you wish and come to school in:   Big bow in your hair if you want Mad hair style if you want- yes you can spray colours in it Yellow top if you have one/or a plain white tee shirt with […]


Most countries have rules and laws that have been put in place to tackle climate change. The COP26 climate summit brings world leaders together as although their rules and laws may vary, their aim is the same. IF YOU HAD ONE REQUEST OR PLEA THAT THIS MEETING  THINKS ABOUT, WHAT WOULD IT BE?

Democracy and the right to vote

This week we were visited by Ofsted who have to follow rules and make decisions. I am now asking you to think and to make a decision and vote. Do you think what we learn about is : outstanding………..good….needs more work? Whose attitudes to learning are better? Boys?   Girls? Are class sizes  too big, too […]

Our Queen

Next Year this remarkable lady, celebrates 70 years of service to the country and the Commonwealth. The Queen has asked that we plant trees to celebrate. Why do you think she is asking us to plant and a tree and how would you like to celebrate this historical occasion at school?


This week we have seen long queues at petrol stations. Tensions have been high. People are saying it is their right to have petrol ? What do you think is the most important right of a human and why?

Need Help!

Morning, Last night we had a break in- main school not entered but destruction outside. These people are denying YOUR CHILDREN learning opportunities and it is not fair! If you see or hear anyone on the school site please inform the police  so we can stop them creating more mindless damage. The intruders last night […]

Our School Council (Democracy)

Broad Heath this week had it’s first school council meeting of the year, have you all read the minutes? What things would you like the school council to do this year? Think also about how we can get involved in local things and help others within the Foleshill/Coventry/UK/World community?


At Broad Heath we have 12 values( take a walk and look at the value wall outside Y6)- please can you tell me how you have displayed a school value this week and what you did and how successful it was?   Keep on being a great BH citizen.

This is me

Short Quiz this week for you all. What is the school’s mission statement? (Ie what do we expect you achieve in every lesson?) List  3 school values and give an example for each? How many behaviour rules do we have? What happens every Friday with Graham and Mrs Rullay? Teamwork is important- what does the […]