Respect for mankind

Respect It took billions of pounds and thousands of people many years to put people on the moon. When we find out more about the universe, we also learn more about ourselves and our place on planet Earth! What interesting facts can you share about our planet -Earth? Any interesting facts about the Moon?

Tree of Success

At BH we strive to be brilliant citizens both in school and in the community. I am now looking for children and adults within our community who have done something special -eg: Got an award, helped a charity, overcome a problem that has helped them or others etc, that can be put onto our “Tree […]

What do you think about this?

Democracy The island of Sommaroy doesn’t have a traditional night and day for much of the year so the people, who live there, are campaigning to get rid of the usual way we measure time. If they are successful, they will be the first place in the world without time!   What do you think […]

Summer Fair 2019

Thank you parents, staff and children for a superb fair. We raised just over £2000 and will be spending this on replacement items that were stolen from the shed. We had a great afternoon and we saw some lovely families from the past and present. Your support to the BH family is truly outstanding. Thank […]

Mutual Respect

Lots of people enjoy playing and watching football! The FIFA Women’s World Cup is currently underway and over 1 million tickets have been sold. Women’s football is thought to be one of the fastest growing sports across the world! Which girls play it at BH? What are your thoughts about this boys and girls?

Why is it important we vote?

Democracy ensures everyone has a voice. You might not be in the winning team but at least you have registered your opinion if you vote? Can we therefore have a vote? Should skills academy continue in 2019-20? Yes or no and please add a reason?  


The terrible weather has caused a tree to fall causing severe damage. There is also a tree beside it which is looking unsafe so to ensure everyone’s safety, NURSERY Is closed today and tomorrow to ensure we can clear the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Mary Winifred LAMBERT- has been given an award from the Queen! This is for being a : School Governor, Broad Heath Primary School and For services to Education.   Well done Freda, we are very proud of you. Love and kisses from all at BH x

Bravery comes in many forms.

This week we need to think about bravery. We need to thank all the people who were brave when the landed in France  in 1944 and fought the Nazis. This allowed us all to be free and for everyone of us, no matter how we looked ,to be part of the free world. I hope […]

Individual Liberty

It’s good to have dreams and goals. Trying hard and aiming high can help us to achieve great things. There’s also lots to be learnt from when things don’t go to plan!   Year 6- What have you learned from doing SATS and what are your goals? Rest of the School- What do you want […]


Respect is a word that covers many things. You need to look after things and care for them. I want you to respect Broad Heath School and everyone in it. What should you be doing to ensure this happens?

Please, please, please!

Parents could I ask you to do your little bit in our lovely partnership by requesting the following?: 1- Please send swimming kit and PE kit in every Monday or Tuesday if a bank holiday.(First day back after every holiday) 2-Please read with your child and sign their diary, as well as  encourage them to […]

Democracy is important!

Yesterday many people voted in local elections. It is important that in any vote you have a voice so always make sure you vote . You may not get what you want all the time but at least your voice is heard. Broad Heath; Should we allow use of the play area for all children? […]

Greetings to a new term

Broad Heath is open as normal tomorrow. There is breakfast club and all after school clubs are on as per notifications on the calendar. We look forward to seeing all your happy, excited and lovely faces. Just remember there is no school Monday 6 th  May as it is a bank holiday. We will be […]


Buildings and places can hold huge importance for people. They can be part of who we are, hold special memories and be part of our shared culture. Tell me about a building that is special to you.


At Broad Heath, respect is a very important word. We want you to respect all humans  but we also want you to respect property. What things should we respect at Broad Heath that are important?


Dear Parents, There is a lot of sickness in COVENTRY at the moment due to a nasty virus. This is resulting in sickness and other minor ailments. Just make sure you drink lots of fluid- it will go. If you are worried at all please phone 111 or talk to your local pharmacy who will […]


Libraries can offer a lot more than just the books they contain, they are a welcoming place to educate, enrich and support us all regardless of who we are or where we are from. Foleshill Library offers free internet, learning support and a great environment. USE IT to gain further.

Rule of Law

Rule of Law There are rules and laws about where and how cars park around our schools to keep us all safe. It’s important we follow these rules and encourage others to do the same. What are your opinions about the entrances and car parking around Broad Heath School? Ask you parents what they think […]

Saturday School

Thank you for being brilliant BH students and wanting to come. Just remember don’t get here before 9;45 am as we need time to set up please. We finish at 12 every Saturday- another 4 sessions to go! Keep on gaining!

Mutual Respect

Mutual Respect There will be times when we feel happy, and times when we feel sad. It’s important we support each other during difficult times and celebrate together the things that make us happy. What has made you happy this week at Broad Heath Primary School?

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty Clothes are important both to reflect who we are. We have non- uniform days at Broad Heath whereby children can choose what to wear? Do you think this is a good idea or should it be stopped?


We can learn a lot from people who have different experiences from our own. It is important to show an openness to learning from and speaking to others in all kinds of places. This is TOLERANCE. What have you learned about a classmate this week that you never knew before?

What a woman! You can achieve anything you want children in this country as long as you are fair, principled and hardworking. Read this remarkable story, totally inspirational!

Individual Liberty

It is important to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. Throughout our day, we will often make choices about the food we eat. We can use these choices to make sure we eat a wide range of foods to keep us well. Which healthy foods do you enjoy eating and what would you like […]