Mrs Jane Frankish

Mrs Jane Frankish

Twycross Trip

Please can you come and collect your child/ren now as the children are very wet and cold. Please come via Hanford Close. Yes you may take your other children.

Don’t forget!

Pay £30 per child for ALL TRIPS in 2023-24 school year. Money needs to be in by FRIDAY to get this offer.Well done if you have already paid.

Year 4

Children now having some breakfast- parents can collect as from now as I know some have work…come via Hanford Close. All children safe and sound.

Monday 10 th July

Please can ALL children wear PE kit that day as many will be doing things outside. Year 6 will be at their new schools that day, they do NOT come to BH first. Thanks


To all those celebrating either today or tomorrow, have a great day and enjoy. We will see you all soon. Stay fit, healthy and happy!

Happy Tank

Many of you were given a book , the Happy Tank by John Magee. As a happiness matters school, please can you leave a review of the book telling us the best bits, how it made you feel, recommendations etc.…

Teacher Strikes

I wanted to give you as much notice as possible. School will be closed on July 5th and July 7th to the majority of pupils. The only year groups that will be open are Years 5 and 6. I am…

CHOIR -Mondays

After school club is cancelled this term as Mr Russell is not very well. I know you want to wish him a speedy recovery . Mrs Frankish

What would you do?

You are going to be given various scenerios and you ahve to decide what you would do? KS1- to be done as a class. You see a house on fire as you walk to school? A child crosses the road…

Hot Weather

Children will be allowed to come in PE tee shirts and shorts all week and / or uniform. They have a choice what to wear. Sandals must have a back and no flip flops. Make sure sun cream applied and…

Hot Weather

This week is going to be another hot one. PLEASE do not send children to school in fleeces. All items MUST be named. If you child suffers from hayfever please give them medication before school and if you feel they…

What skills do you need?

This week we have had Entrepreneur Week in school. We have learned lots about some famous people that have created wonderful businesses. You too can become successful if you want to have a go. What skills do you need to…

Tomorrow we are all back!

Breakfast Club as normal. School lessons start at 8:45 am so you need to be in the school grounds by 8:40 am. We cannot wait to see you. This week is project week so no after school clubs . Please…


Please ensure your child is in PE kit all week. It is HEALTH WEEK in school and they will be doing lots of physical things. This also means trainers/ pumps on their feet. Thank you.

Kindness is everywhere

A great BH citizen follows our 12 values with pride. Kindness is one of those values, please can you share an act of kindness that you have received from someone recently. How did that act of kindness make you feel?

Future Trips

As you know in September I will not be at Broad Heath. I also know that lots of families struggle financially. To help you,I am proposing we repeat what we have done this year and pay a one off fee…

A sprinkle of kindness

Words and actions are worth more than presents. You don’t have to be rich to give someone the greatest gift…kind words and a helping hand. Tell me how you have done this ,this week. Make the kindness coach proud.

Forthcoming Teacher Strike

I know that the strikes put a lot of parents in very difficult positions, I am very sorry. To ease the pain if any family would like a hot meal on Thursday 27 th and would like to come into…

Reception Places

Hopefully all parents who have applied for BH will have got a place. If not please contact admissions and appeal. We hope you get want you want and look forward to seeing you at the induction day in July for…

Back to School Monday

I hope you have had a wonderful break and are feeling refreshed. It will be lovely to see you all as we enter the summer term. School starts at 8:45 am on Monday 17 th. Next week is only a…


At BH we celebate and learn about all faiths.Easter is a very important festival for Christians. To many it is more important than Christmas. Lots of children celebrate by eating an egg- why does this tradition happen?(KS2 ) KS1- What…


In the UK we have many different religions and many different beliefs. This month is a special one for Muslims. It is a time for reflection and doing good deeds. KS1_ Can you tell me what good deed you have…

Rule of Law

KS2- This week the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Man who decides where money is to be spent) introduced a new budget.What law/bill would you introduce if you were the Chancellor? Google budget 2023 for ideas. KS1 Look at the suggestive…