Car Park

Evening, Many children are lucky enough to attend free after school clubs. This means they finish school later than 3:15 pm. This however does not mean that parents have the right to park in the staff car park when they collect their children. Please can you park outside the school grounds if picking up later […]

Homework Club

Good afternoon, We have some vacancies for homework club, if you are interested in this club and would like your child to attend then please can you reply to this blog. Successful people will be notified and start in January 23. Homework clubs for this year finishes  next week, week beginning 5th December. The only […]

Child Minders?

A few parents have asked about any local child minders/ people who will pick up from school and look after children, Does anybody know of anyone? Please let us know and parents can read this site if interested.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

The World Cup has started in Qatar, a country which has some laws which are different from ours. This country does not allow people to be different, what message/actions do you think you/we should take? Should you/we do anything? Should you/ we concentrate on our laws and this country and allow every country the chance […]

Warm Spaces

If you need to stay warm during the day try these places out. It will save on your heating bills. If any parenst would like to volunteer in school then please contact the Pastoral Team. Cov’s warm spaces Churches and Faith Buildings Coffee Tots, City Arcade, City Centre Holy Cross Church, St Austell Road, Wyken […]

Children In Need Day 2022

Friday 18th of November is Children in Need Day- this is when we ask for any amount to be donated. The theme of the day is: Wear anything that makes you happy as long as it will make others happy too! Can you face paint? Yes if it makes you happy Can you  dye your […]

Social Saturdays

Hello there, In January the days are short in terms of day light, it is cold, it is miserable. We are looking for some families to do a project whereby they come into school and do fun activities.(Staff who work at this school are also invited.) We would do things like : art, sewing, archery, […]


We all have a voice, we all have an opinion. We do not always get what we want though. You do have the right when you are 18 to vote. So let’s practise. Should fireworks be banned as they scare people and animals? YES BANNED   NO NOT BANNED


Afternoon, All clubs last for 5 weeks. All the information that parents need is on the BH calendar. We never run a club ,the last week before a holiday. Clubs will start again on Monday 7 th November and the only one that children do not have to apply for again is choir club on […]

Individual Liberty

Hi there, what a great term we have had so far. So many things to talk about and share. If you could do one thing again,learn about something again, repeat a lesson or trip what would it be? Cant wait to hear about your highlights.

Dear all, Next week is the last clubs etc until they start again week beginning  7 th November . Please make sure new clubs are applied for. All clubs last 5 weeks. There maybe new additions to the homework club for 5 weeks. Children who are PPG will get longer sessions. Have a great break […]

St Paul’s Road

Good afternoon, We have had a complaint from a resident in St Paul’s Road who has stated that parents are blocking the entrance to her property. Please can you be mindful of this and ensure residents have right of way to their property?  Your support is much appreciated.

Homework Clubs

Afternoon, Lots of parents are asking about homework club.At the moment this club is full. It is reviewed every half term. Children in receipt of PPG get chosen first, for a period of time that I think is beneficial. The club is popular and will be reviewed every half term. Please let the Pastoral team […]

Walking In To School

Morning, It has been wonderful to see your children growing in confidence and gaining. As from October 3rd the children will be encouraged to walk independently with other children to their classes. This means parents will be expected to leave them at the school gates. The Early Years staff will be on duty outside to […]


Morning all, New LEGAL requirements mean that we will now be doing the regstraion at  8.45am each day so children must be in their classes and seated by this time. Walking through the gates will not count. Gates will still open at 8.30am and children can still come in then. We will also be open […]


There are many things that we can cheer and be happy about. What things in school have you done that have: 1- Shown you care about the school? 2-Applied a school value? And 3- Made a mistake but learned from it? Keep on being ace pupils and  remember to smile and welcome any visitor.  

Please apply for your school places

With children returning to school for the new year, applications for places for those set to start primary or secondary school next September  2023 are starting to open. The deadline is January 15, 2023, for primary school applications. Please apply online so you stand a chance of getting your preferred schools. Google if you are […]