Another week gone!

Morning all, Grey Saturday morning. We as a school are still on cloud 9 after our lovely award. We as a leadership team are not sitting still and want more  success for your children. Their success is our success. Last week all children in school had a treat. We cannot have a community party until […]

Friday Treat

Thank you to  all of you who sent in such lovely messages regarding our TES award. I asked children what they wanted and a couple sent replies. One was so simple yet easily done in these times that I am going to do it. “I think we should have a non uniform day and an […]

Earrings Plea

Many of us love earrings but as per school policy these need to be studs if worn. We are also asking that if children swim they taken them out. The reason is a back dropped in the pool and caused some damage  which cost the school lots of money to sort. So please parents on […]

Weekly update 14/11/20

Morning all, Grey day but the TES win has brought us all some much needed sunshine and joy! Attendance in school remains high- 97% +, which is excellent. Thank you for working with us. We will continue to support families who have to self isolate, if you need anything please let us know. Apologies about […]


I am very excited to tell you some exciting news. Broad Heath Primary School has been named primary school of the year by TES. It is a national award and we were shortlisted with 8 other schools from around the country and….WE WON. We will be celebrating…what would children like as a treat? We have […]


Happy Children in Need Day! Smile and the world smiles with you. The British like to give, we care about others and want to help. Tell me why we need to help others and raise money for children? As a class can you post a spotty photo of you? Best class will get a treat!

Weekly update from Mrs F.

Good Morning, I hope everyone is well. We continue to work hard in school to maintain safe practices, this is working well and attendance rates are above 97%. School dinners are continually evolving especially when lunch is served in classrooms. We are trying very hard to send warm food. We will continue to go round […]

PE Kits and Swimming

Swimming kits should be brought in EVERY MONDAY. Years 5 and Years 4- wear PE kit to school on a Monday including PROJECT weeks Years 3 and Years 6-wear PE kit to school on a Tuesday including PROJECT weeks Years 1 and 2-wear PE kit to school on a Wednesday including PROJECT weeks Year s […]

See you all tomorrow

School is open as normal tomorrow, Year 6 will start at 8:25 am. The rest of the school can come in from 8:30- 9 am. Please do not come early. Parents you need to wear masks and as from tomorrow school staff have been advised to wear masks as well whilst on the school gates/ […]

Parents Update

Tomorrow we break up at the normal time. We come back to school on Monday 2 nd November. Times are being changed to ensure we support parents who cannot wait for long periods of time. i am sorry some do not like it. Year 6 will be expected in by 8;25 am for an 8;30 […]

News in RB

Afternoon, As from Monday November 2 nd RB will have a full time class teacher and not 2 teachers. Their teacher will be Mrs Dahil. Mrs Chapman will still be part of RB so the children will still see her. Mrs Shergill is moving to support in 2B as Mrs Langley is now on maternity […]

Non Uniform Day Friday 23 rd

Hello all, This Friday is non uniform day. Your 50 p donation will help buy prizes for the talent show and all the challenge prizes we give out. You can wear anything you want that makes you feel good as long as it doesn’t upset or offend anyone.  It is a, “This me Day!” Thank […]

Parent Updates

Afernoon Parents and children, We have completed 7 full weeks at school with one week left. We break up at the normal time next Friday 223rd October and return on Monday 2nd November. There is no teacher day. We only have one week as holiday and we have no idea if a circuit break will […]


Everyone of us is talented. We can all do things that others cannot. What talents have you got?   PS I hope everyone is looking forward to the talent show on Friday 23rd and if you havent been chosen, dont worry, tell me about your talents here and share with BH.

So where are we at?

Evening all, The end of 6 weeks at school and the children are thriving! We all live under the fear of the pandemic but we continue to be brave and challenge , whilst at the same time ensuring safety is at the forefront of every action action we take. This week, we had our first […]

Come on children do it!

Teachers have worked so hard to get all young people back into school. Show your appreciation by sending a free #ThankATeacher card to your amazing teacher ready for #WorldTeachersDay on Monday — Department for Education (@educationgovuk) October 2, 2020

Weekly update

Afternoon all, All systems in school are going well. Regular reviews and actions are taken to ensure your children are cared for at all times. We all want everyone to stay safe, we will ensure that we continue to provide a first class, clean and safe learning environment for your children. We have tried to […]


It is Black History Month. This is one of mine and Graham’s heroes. He was a famous boxer called Muhammad Ali. We both loved watching him box as well as talk. Who is your favourite non white person?

Why Creativity is important

!”It is because it makes life infinitely interesting and fulfilling. Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas. … The most creative people find ways around obstacles because they see them not just as roadblocks but also as opportunities.” This is why at BH we have lots […]


Good Morning all, The sun is partially out and it is not raining, so that is positive. I like to give you regular updates because it is important that you continue to have trust in us. I cannot stop the virus but I can ask that you play your part, to help the Broad Heath […]

End of a Month at School Nearing…

Dear Parents, We have nearly completed 4 weeks and this year has been the start of my 35th year in teaching and it has been both pleasurable and painful. The pleasure is the children who are a delight and continue to amaze me with their resilience and determination(Parents be proud, you can guide but they […]

Big Shout out to all your teachers!

Thank you to all the Broad Heath staff who every day face immense challenges but come to work  or indeed work from home, because they are not allowed in school, and create quality learning opportunities. What a team! We all believe our voice is important but we follow the laws and the rules.

Year 2 update

Morning all, Please do not panic- the actions taken are being done to ensure the children stay safe. Please can you do the following things: 1- Do not phone the office- if you need anything please send an email to 2-The Year 2 will be setting work so this needs to be done- they […]

Late Collections et al

Good Evening, Now that all the systems are embedded in school re opening and closing, we will be introducing late collection fees as per policy from October 1 st onwards. We have tried to support families, we cannot however have one set of rules for one and one set for another. We cannot allow parking […]


Hi children, Great to see you all back and being sensible. The Government has stated that school trips are permitted as from September 2020. We are thinking about organising the annual trip to Dovedale. We would do a risk assessment as per normal, We  feel Dovedale would be a great trip as it is away […]