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Mexico day !

Watch the video below showcasing some of the learning taken place during Mexico day!


Please share a comment about a new fact you learnt and something you really enjoyed doing on the day!
Big well done and thank you to parents who supported their children in making and creating fantastic Mexican themed outfits!

30 thoughts on “Mexico day !

  1. Mexico has day of the dead. It is starts on October the 31st to November 2nd.
    The best part was the pinnate and it was so cool to watch !😁😁🤡

  2. Mexico day was the best day ever because we had lots of activity’s . Everyone was dressed in something very beautiful and I loved doing the art work that was doing a volcano.

    By Miriam and Ayaan

  3. I have learnt in the day of the dead they put ❤️ 🌸 💀. Sophia’s fact

    I have learnt that in the day of the dead they do Shrines and festivals. Humzahs fact

  4. I have learnt that Mexico has lots of earthquakes and the highest it has reached is 8.1 magnitude . My favourite thing that we did was hitting the pinchata

  5. I have learnt that he Aztec people used to play a ball game called ōllamalitzli and if you didn’t win you would die.My favourite part of the day was when we learnt about the Aztec people and their beliefs.

  6. I have learnt that Day of the dead is a celebration in Mexico.

    My best thing was when we did the food tasting and when we did the volcano picture.

  7. I learnt that the day of the dead originated in Central America and butterflies,skulls and flowers are used to represent the festival.I mostly enjoyed trying new food because we got to experiance new cultures.I loved making the volcanoes because everyone had a chance to show their art skills that we have learnt about through the term and combined them together.

  8. I have learnt that the Day Of The Dead starts on the 31st of October and ends on the 2nd of November.

    I really liked making the volcano!

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