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  1. Mexican have sombrero’s and England don’t.
    Mexican have peso and England have pounds.
    Mexican climate is hot and climate here is cold.
    Mexican speak Spanish whereas England speak English.

  2. In Mexico,they speak Spanish.However in England,they speak
    English.In England,the popular sport is football.Also in
    Mexico the popular sport is football.In Mexico,there are
    volcanoes.Whereas in England,there are’t any volcanoes.In
    England,it is rich.Also in Mexico it is rich.

  3. The language spoken in Mexico is spanish however in England they speak english.
    The capital city of Mexico is Mexico city however in England they speak english .
    Mexico’s currency is perso however in England the currency is pounds .

  4. Mexico is in the west but England is in the east.The fifth largest
    country in the Americas is MEXICO whereas England is a very small
    country.Did you know that in 2010 Mexico was the tenth visited
    Mexicans have bull fighting and bull racing for sports however England has football.
    the animals that live in Mexico are called peacocks,parrots and

  5. Mexico speak Spanish.mexico is a rich culture and different money that is called peso.Mexico is in North America near to the Atlantic ocean.

  6. In mexico the language is Spanish.
    The continent of mexico is D,2.
    Mexico is located in North America.
    The animals that are in mexico are a Jaguar,peacocks and birds.
    Also the is an equator which means there is a mixture of animals near the hot area and in the freezing area.

  7. The language in Mexico is spanish however the language in England is English. Mexico is cold and hot because the equator is in middle of south and north America also Mexico is near the equator.

  8. There are lots of deserts in Mexico whereas in England there are none which means there are different animals to Mexico.Mexico is hotter than England because it is near to the equator which means more heat reaches there.

  9. The climate in Mexico is hot because Mexico is near the equator.England is not near the equator that’s why our climate is mostly cold. The difference in climate means both countries have different animals, Mexico has a range of lions,tigers,elephants,jaguars and cheetahs.The language in Mexico is Spanish.

  10. Mexico is in North America near the Atlantic Ocean which is east to Mexico and Pacific Ocean which is west to Mexico .Compare to England , Mexico has a much richer culture . (Mexicos currency is peso)

    In Mexico , it is intense hot in the south and extremely cold in north , on the other hand , England is quite cold everywhere . During summer , Mexico can reach unbelievable temperatures ; 91 degrees ! Whereas , the hottest England can get is around 30 degrees .

    The main language spoke in Mexico is Spanish however the main language spoke in England is English . The three main indigenous languages are Nahuatl ,
    Yucatec Maya and Mixtec .

  11. In Mexico there is many Mexican dancers as part of there culture as there culture is a very rich culture but in England the culture is not dancing.

    In Mexico there language is spanish but on the other hand the country England has people who speak English.

    Mexico has oceans near by like in the east and west there is a parfic ocean and the Atlantic Ocean compared to England there are not many.

    In Mexico it is intense heat in the south but in the north it is cold although. England is much colder.

    In Mexico the currency is peso to pay money with alternatively England have pounds and notes to pay with.

    Also in Mexico there is many desserts,high mountains,rain forests and forests with some gold and copper in forests but in England it is really grassy with lots of farms around.

    In Mexico the capital city is Mexico City but in England the capital city is London.

    In Mexico the temperature is around 91 degrees whereas in England the summer temperature is only 23 degrees.

    In the south Mexico most animals are wild cats and beautiful birds such as Parrots but in England there are many birds such as pigeons and many more.Also in Mexico there are many plants and animals.

    In Mexico there are lots of oil growing however oil is very rare in England grassy fields.

    In Mexico half the country is part of the eqauter however in England it is not part of it.

    For sport Mexico likes bull fighting just like England have cinemas but in England the sport is football

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