Nursery Portfolio, Spring 1!

In this blog, we will be showcasing the children’s best work they have completed for different areas in Spring 1.

Well done to the children who have produced these fantastic pieces of work during the half term.


Also linked into Communication and Language

Shape, Space and Measure

The children have been practising recognising and naming different shapes through activities such as shape sorting and creative activities.


The children have been using different media’s to practice writing and counting their numbers 1-10. We have also been learning about numbers through games and songs.


Also linked into Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


We have been enjoying reading stories together. This includes our live story sessions, listening to stories on the blog, rhyme times and sharing stories at home with our families. We have also been focusing on our phonics and completed activities such as phonics hunts!


We have been practising our letter formation through our phonics activities! We have used different media’s such as pencils, chalks, water paints to support us with forming our letters. We have also been doing some super name writing!

Expressive Arts and Design/ Understanding the World

Also linked into Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language.

We have been very busy getting creative at home! We have used many different media’s such as paint, glue, junk modelling, listening to music and sounds and even cooking!

We have also been learning in outdoor areas, completing activities such as scavenger and phonics hunts! We have been using our imagination and role playing and using small world to support us in understanding the stories we are focusing on.

Physical Development

Also linked into Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language.

The children have been practising skills such as putting their coats and shoes on and using a knife and fork which supports their health and self care. The children have also been participating in physical activities like rolling a ball, joining in with action songs, practising with scissors and building with blocks and lego.

Online Learning Champion

These children are our online learning champions this term. They always complete the learning activities and comment on the blogs and they are producing super work everyday, well done!

Blogger of the term

Oliwia is our blogger of the term! Oliwia always completes every learning activity, ever day to a wonderful standard. She always has a lovely smile on her face and has tried really hard with her number and letter formation too, she has also sent us in some fantastic videos, well done keep up the amazing work Oliwia!


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