The children and staff have just left. They have asked me to say that they will miss you…

Please look out for blog posts throughout the week.

See you on Friday!

43 responses to “Plas Dol-y-Moch-The journey begins!”

  1. Meena B.

    Great luck!

  2. Shahzaib M.

    Have a good time there

  3. Nma M.

    Enjoy your trip

  4. Afsa P.

    Have a good journy

  5. Myiesha S.

    I wish you have a great trip

  6. Zainab A.


  7. Zainab A.

    Have a wonder time

  8. Ayaan B.

    Wow I wish I went maybe next year
    Have a good journey

  9. Mustafa A.

    Enjoy your trip

  10. Zahra N.

    I hope you have a safe day year 6.

  11. Aarav R.

    I hope they have a safe journey

  12. Muhammed A.

    Have a great adventure.

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