Year 1 PSHE-New Friends!

Year 1 were able to show progress in a special way today. Their challenge was to make friends with a person from their class, who was chosen by the adults. They had to talk to them and then share what their new friend had told them. The children were brilliant!

Coventry Children’s Boot Fund

We all know that children grow out of their shoes rather quickly and are offering support to those families that feel they would benefit from some help. Please contact the office and arrange to collect the form. We need your forms back by Thursday 18th November 2021.

Year 1 PSHE-Getting On and Being Respectful!

We were amazed at the way in which the children showed respect and tenacity during our PSHE session today. Some children shared their previous learning whilst others persevered and learnt a new way to greet people in a different language. Thank you to our very young teachers! Can you tell your adults of three different […]

The Queens Green Canopy!

At Broad Heath we are always at the forefront of new initiatives and today was just another example of this. We were one of only three organisations (in the West Midlands) chosen to be part of this unique experience to mark the Jubilee. The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) is a unique tree planting initiative created to […]

Broad Heath Behaviour Rewards 2021-2022

The individual Behaviour Rewards for this academic year are: Autumn 1-Brilliant Bookmarks (handy and helpful) Autumn 2-Pantomime (fabulous and fun) Spring 1-Broad Heath pencils and pens (marvellous and memorable) Spring 2-30 minutes of Golden Time in class (personal and perfect) Summer 1-Ice Lolly (clever and cool) Summer 2-Broad Heath Keyrings (KEEPSAKE)!

Olympic Torch Relay 2021

Yesterday was quite an emotional day at Broad Heath. We had been planning an amazing event for weeks with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, amongst other esteemed guests being invited (having undertaken risk assessments etc). Circumstances dictated that the children could not share their skills and talent.Shaun and I were however, able to bring […]

Talented Year 5!

The children in Year 5 have been sharing their talents and sense of humour! Ilyas shared making the Lego Ninjago model was “Fun and enjoyable to watch and find out how the model works.”“The car was easy to make and it was satisfying to watch how moving one part, can move the rest of the […]

PSHE Year 1 Summer 1 2021-Choices!

We have had a very busy time thinking about making ‘Choices’. We all make choices everyday, some are positive and some are negative. Year 1 have supported each other to make POSITIVE choices! Please speak to your adults and ask them to help you write about some positive choices that you make at home.

1 Blue-Exploring non fiction text!

The children in 1 Blue worked extremely hard today and helped each other to realise the importance of listening. We read the pieces of non fiction text and then answered some questions. Mrs Patel and I were impressed with the teamwork and the work completed. Can you remember what the doll is made from? What […]

Year 1 Choices (PSHE)-Good Friends!

Year 1 have been thinking about what a good friend is and how we can make good choices. We thought about different things that good friends can do. Please use the clips below to help you answer the questions. Please tell me three things that a good friend might do. How are you a good […]

Year 1 PSHE-Citizenship!

Today we thought about our community and how we can help those within it. We thought about those that may not have enough food and decided to make some food parcels for them. The children were thoughtful and so very careful whilst making the food parcels and were able to show the values that we […]

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Alexis

I have heard some even more news about Alexis. She has been extremely busy… When Alexis was asked about how she feels “When I started I was wondering about how it would be”. “It has been getting more difficult as I am starting to do two man with the weapons”. “My Nano and grandad have […]

Amazing News!

Shivani’s mum shared some wonderful news (and some photographs) with school today and we all thought it was well deserved. Shivani entered a competition run by the Rialto Plaza. Shivani won first prize and the comment was “We loved your creativity and NHS workers theme!” You have made us all feel proud!

Uniform Shop-Update March 2021

Due to popular demand Please note that school uniform, bags, bottles etc will now be available to purchase from my office (near Year 1) opposite the Science pod. Daily from 8.30am-9.15am 3.10pm-3.40pm Please bring the correct change for any purchases and any lunch money in an envelope (with name, class and amount). Thank you

Uniform Shop-March 2021

Good Morning Please note that the Uniform Shop will be open daily from 9.00am-10.00am. Please make your way to the Parents room (near the main office) via Hanford Close. Please bring the correct change for any purchases and any lunch money in an envelope (with name, class and amount).