Reception Blue-It makes me happy when…

The reception children have been brilliant at turn taking and thinking about what makes them happy. They followed instructions and waited until they had the owl before they started to speak. It was clear to see how much progress they have made since starting in reception, even though some became a little camera shy. Please […]

Reception Red-Taking Turns and Talking about Feelings

The reception children have been brilliant at turn taking and thinking about what makes them happy. They followed instructions and waited until they had the owl before they started to speak. It was clear to see how much progress they have made since starting in reception, even though some became a little camera shy. Please […]

Grandparents Day!

The staff and children at Broad Heath would like to cordially invite grandparents to school on Tuesday 17th December 2019 at 10.00am. We would you to see our school and share some memories our your school days. Please leave a comment if your grandparent/s would like to attend. Thank you Mrs Raja-Khan and the Broad […]

Children in Need Day 2019

We decided to show empathy and inclusion as part of our contribution to Children in Need 2019. Most of the children and staff at Broad Heath are fortunate and do not need to wear the eye patch, unlike some. We wore the eye patches for a short space of time to gain a deeper understanding […]

School Photographs 2019-Update

The photographs will be given out today and will need to be returned to school by: Monday 25th November 2019 You will need to give the envelope with the information and correct money to the class teachers, as they have the class lists. Thank you for your support Mrs Raja-Khan

Brick Wall Prize-Autumn 2 2019-2020

This term you can earn your class a FILM and LOLLY! Remember to work as a team and the entire class can benefit from choosing a film of your choice and a lolly. You can earn the bricks from your Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Team, Office Staff and Leadership Team. Please make the most of […]

3W and 1W-Brick Wall Winners Autumn 1 2019

Brilliant Behaviour has its rewards and it was extremely close this term with many classes almost completing their Brick Walls. Congratulations to the KS1 and KS2 winners of the Autumn 1 2019 Brick Wall. A very very big thank you to Martyn and Paul for ensuring the bouncy castle was ready to be used and […]

Bonfire Display 5th November 2019-Update

You can now pre order and pay for your your veggie or meat burgers and water from your classes. Please remember a burger and bottle of water costs £2.00. You can order and pay for as many as your family and friends would like. All orders need to be paid for by Thursday 31st October. […]

Broad Heath Bonfire Display-5th November 2019

We are extremely excited about our forthcoming Bonfire Display. We are hoping to see all of our family and friends on: Venue:Broad Heath Primary Community School Date:Tuesday 5th November 2019 Time:5.00pm-6.30pm You will be able to pre-order a burger and water at a cost of £2.00. Class Teachers will be asking you if you would […]

Luqman-Bromsgrove Swimming Gala October 2019

We all know that Luqman has a rather impressive collection of medals, as we celebrate with him each time. Today I was sent some photographs showing Luqman and his trophy for ‘Outstanding effort’ during the gala. I must say I was almost as impressed with Luqman’s personalised outfit! Luqman shared the following: “When I went […]

Absolutely Amazing Alexis!

I want to congratulate Alexis and her grandparents on their attitude towards life. Alexis has commitments both inside and outside of school and this week was no exception. The difference however, was that she was not feeling 100% but she still showed perseverance, resilience and tenacity. Hilda sent me some photographs over the weekend and […]

Marvellous Mini Mud Run!

We had a lovely email from the adults of Noah from 2 Red and Isaiah from Reception Red who shared:Both completed a 5K Mini Military Mud Run to raise money for Zoe’s Place Hospice yesterday (29/09/2019). They both did really well and managed to raise £280 between the two of them. Isaiah is the smallest […]

Reception White-Perfect Porridge!

I have had another fabulous afternoon in Reception White. The children made some perfect porridge. I can not believe they are in Reception and already know how to make porridge! Please watch the clip below and ask your adults to help you write down the instructions to make porridge.

School Councillors 2018-2019

Being a school councillor is an extremely important role and involves the development and use of many skills. The role has an impact upon the school and the individuals within it. Broad Heath having a swimming pool is one significant example of the enormous impact of the school council. Please take a look at what […]

Reception Parents

Good Morning Parents/Carers We have had the following request by Coventry School Nursing service: Dear Parent/ Guardian Coventry School Nursing Service  invite you to fill out your child’s On Line Reception Health Questionnaire, from this we can identify if you or your child require any support before starting school in September 2019. Please click on the Link […]

Perfect Parental Partnerships

I had a super surprise today. Not only was I given a fabulous homemade gift from Hilda and Alexis but Hilda has also offered to help make some of these desk tidies for our next Summer Fair. We will need some parent volunteers who will also be willing to learn how to make these for […]

Brick Wall Prize-Autumn 1 2019-2020

I have been visiting your classes and have seen some excellent learning being shared. I have even had to give out some extra bricks to classes! Please remember that your class can earn bricks at anytime, so remember to be great and ‘to gain’. The prize for the winners will be… The use of the […]

Brilliant Broad Heath Behaviour Rewards 2019-2020

The rewards were so popular last year that we have decided it would be great for all of the Brilliant Broad Heath Children to begin collecting! Autumn 1-Brilliant Bookmarks Autumn 2-Pantomime Spring 1-Broad Heath Pens Spring 2-30 minutes of Choosing Time Summer 1-Broad Heath Pencils Summer 2-Personalised Keyrings Each item will be different from 2018-2019. […]

Carpark Safety!

Staff have been monitoring safety over the few weeks and have noticed some behaviours that are rather dangerous. As a reminder to all families that use the Webster entrance: this is a working carpark as well as a pedestrian entrance. In order to keep everyone safe, both motorists and pedestrians need to take reasonable and […]