Coventry Rocks!

Coventry Rocks showcases a wide variety of family friendly activities ranging from local attractions, events and groups, to day trip ideas and some fantastic outdoor spaces and walks. Take a look and see what you think at Please always check that it is safe to travel and that the venue is open!

Reception Classes-June Update

The school are continuing to support the children and families and would like to know if you would like to send your RECEPTION child into school on a Friday from 8:30am to 1:30pm This will start on Friday 3rd July.The children will need to: Be on time for Drop off and Collection Wear their school […]

Kindle Collection!

If you have placed an order for a Kindle, please telephone the office on: 02476 689558 We have managed to order a few more and those who make the appointments first will receive the few that we have available. If you did not place an order but are interested telephone the office and there may […]

Here to continue supporting!

We have done our very best to support families with food-parcels over the last few weeks and it has been great to see so many of you. We have also continued to support in the community. School will be open from 10:00-12:00 on Friday 29th May for families to collect a few essential food items […]

Broad Heath in the community again!

Broad Heath have been donating food once again. This time we have donated food to our families, The Hope Centre in Hillfields CV1 5LF (Open from 11:00-2:00 Monday to Friday) and Al Madinah Queen Mary’s Road CV6 5LR (Walk-in Foodbank 2.30-4.30 daily). I am sure that you will agree that we are all part of […]


It has been great to speak with so many families over the last few weeks and we would like to thank the parents who are supporting their children. The staff have helped to keep you busy over Easter but we have now restarted the three daily Home Learning blogs, with extra blogs to help keep […]

Check and Collect – Monday 6th April 9am-11am

Mrs Frankish and other members of staff have added several blogs and I am afraid we still have many, many belongings left in school. We have taken the step to show photographs of the bags in the hope that you will come and collect your children’s belongings. Rooms are being deep cleaned and the items […]

BH in the Community!

As school is currently closed to pupils, BH has delivered food to The Hope Centre in Hillfields CV1 5LF as it is the hub for Coventry’s Foodbank at this time. The Foodbank at Hope will be open from 11.00am-2:00pm Monday to Friday. We will keep you updated regarding the Free School Meal vouchers as we […]

Pastoral and Safeguarding

As you all know we take the wellbeing of our children and parents extremely seriously. If you need to share any matters of a safeguarding or wellbeing nature please email: We will continue to do all we can to help The Broad Heath Team

Key Workers and Vulnerable Children!

After schools shut their gates on Friday afternoon, they will remain closed until further notice except for children of key workers and vulnerable children, as part of the country’s ongoing response to coronavirus. Examples of these workers include NHS staff, police, supermarket delivery drivers and workers looking after the vulnerable and elderly who need to […]

Update-Free School Meals

Please contact school by 9:00am on Thursday and Friday if you are entitled to a Free School Meal and would like to collect it from school. If you are unable to telephone school then please leave a comment on the blog with your child’s name and class. The comment will be read but not posted.You […]

Free School Meals

Message for children entitled to a FREE SCHOOL MEAL. If your child is entitled to a FREE SCHOOL MEAL and is not at school, please contact the school so we can prepare a takeaway meal. Please contact the office before 9.00am if you require a meal to be prepared. We will keep you updated regarding […]

1 Blue-Using Standard Measuring Equipment!

1 Blue were marvellous at measuring today. They used standard measuring equipment such as the metre ruler and tape measures to measure different objects both inside and outside of the classroom area. Please answer the questions below: Haarun is taller than _____________. Mrs Raja- Khan is shorter than____________. __________is shorter than the tree. The shed […]

Reception Red-Being Careful!

The children were so great that I laughed all afternoon. I saw some amazing acting, turn-taking and teamwork and could not believe how much progress the children have made. Please take a look at the clip and leave comments about our amazing children.

100% Attendance Spring 1 2020

Everyone that visits Broad Heath is always amazed at the children, staff and environment. Today was just another one of those days… The only difference being that seven children were awarded with an extra special reward for: 100% ATTENDANCE

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-The final few hours!

After an eventful few hours the evacuees finally fell asleep on the floor (well on extra thick comfortable mats). Our children were just perfect, including the children that snored during the night and those that insisted on speaking (in their sleep)! We have just added a few more clips and photographs of the night and […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-It’s almost a goodnight from us!

The activities during the evening incorporated many wonderful, exciting and thought provoking learning experiences. This however, would not have been possible without the staff. The children are now relaxing and are ready to watch Goodnight Mr Tom, whilst munching on their handmade rationed carrot cookies and glorious hot chocolate. A really big thank you to […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-War Effort!

A ‘war effort’ refers to the coordination of society’s resources. This takes place to help support a military force resource and are both industrial and human. The children took part and supported by making boxes that could be used for gas masks. How did you make the boxes? Why would they have been important?