Reading Challenges!

Reception Super Readers Needed!

Reception I need your help….I’m finding it very hard to find these tricky words from these word searches.

Red Group…Can you write these words as a list after finding them.




Orange/Yellow…Can you write me a sentence or short story about your favourite minibeast? Describe what colour they are and what they look like.




Blue/Green… Can you read these words? Try to write a sentence or short story about the holidays using these tricky words.




The Oxford Owl says: “To improve your reading skills further”




Mr Mahmood :)



15 thoughts on “Reading Challenges!

  1. I went to the park.
    I tried to ride on my bike.
    I asked my father for help to do my homework.
    My mother bought for me a new shoes.
    I asked my sister where we can go to the cinema and she said to me: ‘Oh no! We are to small to going alone’.

  2. 1. I went to the shop with my mummy and my little brother .

    2. In the shop I bought princess dress and three buitful tight.

    3. I went to the town with my friend I really enjoyed.

  3. I love to go to the park.There were too many flowers.
    Me,my father,my mother,my sister and my brother we all went for shopping.
    Me and my brother are play together in our house.

  4. Reading Challenges:

    Green Group: using words from Tricky Word list

    1) I went shopping with my mother and sister, we bought clothes and shoes.
    2) Me and my brother played football together in the garden.
    3) I kicked the ball high, and said oh no!. We have lost the ball. My Brother was angry.
    4) The sky is blue and is very beautiful.
    5) My Aunt came to my house to visit me, my brother and sister.
    6) I asked my father, if I can have some ice cream. he said yes.
    7) I asked can we go to the park, but my dad said you must finish your homework first.
    8) My shoe fell off when I kicked the football.
    9) My cousin brother came to my house to play with me.
    10) I asked my father what is that in the tree, he said its an bird.

    • Wow Armaan, well done for using these tricky words in your sentences. I hope you use some of these words in your writing. Keep gaining!

    • Well done Jesse. You’re such a star! Can you write me a sentence about your favourite mini beast? Does it have a name? What colour is it?
      Good luck

  5. My favorite minibeast is ladybird. They eat flies. They got black spots.


    • 1)first part of the holidays is when I went to the shops with mummy then later during that week, I went shopping with daddy. I bought something amazing.
      2)I went to sleep for hours in the morning and also my father, mother and sisters did too.
      3)we went to a restaurant which was very nice and exquisite(sister told me to use this word)
      4)I read my reading book to my mom and sisters on some occasions.
      5)To conclude the holiday was fun and I relaxed a lot.
      6)I enjoyed writing about my holiday.
      Thank you for reading this.(help from my sister).

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