Each week you will be set a piece of Literacy and Mathematics homework online to complete. There is also a WOW homework which is optional.

The homework will be set every Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday of the following week in your homework books and uploaded to your class links below.

Leave a comment on the blog when you have completed your homework.

Please view the Homework Planner below…

Literacy Homework Challenges

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Learn to read and write the words below, and to extend yourself further attempt to write the word in a sentence.

Click on the Set 1 or Set 2 Green Words below and practice reading them.

Mathematics Homework Challenges

Education City Learning (Just click on the icon and enter your login details): Play Carnival Frenzy

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Education City Learning (Just click on the icon and enter your login details): Play Carnival Frenz

Please Upload your homework on via your class links below.

Reception Red Click Here

Reception Blue Click Here

Reception White Click Here

55 responses to “Reception Homework Summer 1 Week 1”

  1. Naksh P.

    Naksh done his work.
    He got 100% in education city.

  2. Mustafa F.

    Mustafa has completed his educational city maths work.

    Mustafa was able to read and write all the red words but struggled with a few extra reds words I made him spell.

    He was able to read the “set 1 green words” however was unable to read none of the “set 3 green” sounds attached to the “set 2 green sounds” link provided, please amend at your earliest convenience so I can practice with Mustafa.


  3. Iqra S.

    iqra will do education city and got stuck on english with th and or

  4. Elim F.

    Elim read set 1 green words very well and did her other task on the education city too.

  5. Syed A.

    Aqsa has done her home work and education city pictures upload

  6. Huzaifa S.

    Huzaifa has done his maths homework on education city. Huzaifa done his literacy homework, he also practiced reading the set 1 green words and he wrote them as well. The pictures have been uploaded. Thanks.

  7. Reyn T.

    Reyn has sent a picture of her homework

  8. Ahsan M.

    I got 100% and read my words.

  9. Reyn T.

    Reyn has completed her writing and spellings, and also made a sentence.
    a is for apple

  10. Muhammed I.

    Ibrahim completed his homework.
    He got 100% 0n education city.

  11. Shayan S.

    Hi, Shayan done the homework and I will send the picture soon.

  12. Maryam K.

    Maryam has completed the activity on education city. She has read the set 1 words. We have uploaded her work.

  13. Noah M.

    Noah has done his homework.
    He’s scored 78% at his first go and he has done it and got 100%.
    Thank you teachers.

  14. Sulaiman A.

    Sulaiman read set 1 green words 1.5 and he completed his education city work. Once he completes writing his sentences, I’ll upload his work. Thank you!

  15. Yahya K.

    Bilaal has recognized all the letters he has also done the education city task and has got 100%.

  16. Yusuf A.

    Yusuf got 100% on Carnival Frenzy! He also did very well pronouncing letters & reading words.

  17. Nabira M.

    Nabira done her education city work.

  18. Tala I.

    Tala done her homework 📚 and I upload it .
    And she has done education city .

  19. Haseeb A.

    Haseeb has done his homework.
    he practised the words.
    He got 100% in education city

  20. Saskia S.

    Sanya gas doneher home work

  21. Rehan Hussain

    Ziyaan scored 94%

  22. Amelia R.

    Amelia has done her maths home work she got 100%

  23. Amina I.

    Good morning Amina has completed education city scored 100% and she read set 1 just few words at the end she took her time to understand what they were overall she read all words correctly with no help.

  24. Advika B.

    Advika has done her education city work and got 100%. She also practiced reading set 1 green words.

    1. Jasmine P.

      Jasmine done her one green words set and she made sentences I tried a lot to education city maths smashes the plate but I think it’s not working on my phone so I gave her few maths work I will send you soon

  25. Iqra A.

    Iqra has done her homework.

  26. Zakir F.

    Hi, I have completed my homework and uploaded on the link provided,

  27. Dhonshan R.

    Dhonshan has done Education city homework. Thank you

    1. Dhonshan R.

      Dhonshan has done his homework.

  28. Sarah B.

    Sarah practised the green words set 1:4.
    She has done education city and got 100%.
    I have uploaded her homework .Thanks

  29. Maryum N.

    Maryum has done education city and she got 100% and she has practised all the words.

  30. Emraan A.

    Emraan has done his homework.
    He got 100% on education city.

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