Year 1 Story Time – Monday 23rd March.

Hi Year 1, I hope you are all still smiling and are staying safe. While we are not together I still wanted to share some of my favourite stories with you, just like I do at school! Our story for today is That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown. The authors are Cressida Cowell and Neal […]

Year 1 – Home Learning.

Hi Year 1, As you know we will not be seeing each other for a little time now. We are already missing seeing your happy smiling faces in the mornings but we are very lucky that we have our BH blog to keep in touch with you all and to help ensure that you are […]

1 Blue – World Book Day.

We have had an exciting day today! The children all came dressed in their favourite book characters costumes and have developed lots of skills! Our focus for today was The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. The children were able to identify new vocabulary in the text, developed measuring using standard measures, used story language to create […]

Year 1 Reading Challenge Spring 2

Year 1, here is a picture of Hansel and Gretel can you describe what is happening in the picture? Red group One day________________________ The witch was____________________ Hansel was______________________ Gretel was_______________________ Orange and yellow group Write five sentences with your first sentence beginning with ‘One day’ or ‘Once upon a time’. Use the conjunction ‘and’ to describe what is happening […]

1 Blue Music Week

We have had a fantastic Music Week. The children have really enjoyed being creative and developing their music knowledge. The children also looked at the Coventry Band ‘The Specials’ and their song ‘Ghost Town’. They watched the music video and began to learn the words. They then worked cohesively to make their own music video […]

1 Blue – Poetry – Now I am Six

This week we have been learning our Year group poem – Now I am Six. The children learnt to recite the poem out loud and even thought of their own rhyming couplets to create their own poems in the style of Now I am Six. The children developed really good Speaking and Listening skills when […]

Year 1 Animal Visit.

We had a wonderful visit from the Melissa from Weird n Wonderful animals today to support our learning in Science. She had a variety of reptiles, birds and mammals with her for us to learn more about. The children were very enthused by this visit and really enjoyed having a first hand experience of these […]

Year 1 PE and Well Being Day

The next PE and Well Being Day for all Year 1 pupils is on Monday 10th February. On this day your child will need to come to school in their PE clothes; please make sure your child takes this home on Friday and remember to wear your BLUE School PE top on this day. Your child will […]

1 Blue – Science – Animals

This week we have been learning about different animals and how they move. The children learnt about vertebrates and invertebrates and used this to influence their movements. What does the word vertebrate mean? What does the word invertebrate mean? Can you name a vertebrate animal? Can you name an invertebrate animal? What is your favourite […]

Year 1 – Animal Visit!

We are so lucky in Year 1 as we have organised an extremely exciting visit from Melissa the Animal Lady. She will be coming in to our school on Thursday 6th February. She will be bringing lots of interesting animals! Some of the animals that might be visiting are lizards, snakes, hedgehogs, spiders, millipedes, skunks, […]

Year 1 – PSHE

This week in PSHE we have been learning about how to play nicely with other people. The children thought first about how to be a good friend and then how they can use this to show that they can play nicely with others. The children then demonstrated how to play nicely when playing different team […]

1 Blue Science

This term we are learning all about animals in Science. We have been learning about different animal classifications and today learnt about Fish. We had the opportunity to look at the different parts of a fishes body by looking at real fish! We were able to identify the fins, gills, tail, scales, eyes, head when […]

Year 1 PE and Well Being Day.

We have had a wonderful and exciting day in Year 1 today. The children have been developing skills in PE and swimming and have been learning about mindfulness. The children have developed new skills during an Orienteering starter. They worked on their Broad Heath Values of resilience, communication and teamwork.