Chinese New Year – SMSC

Today ,Year 2 retold and sequenced the story of Chinese New Year. Children used adverbials of time and conjunctions to retell the story.

Can you tell me which animal came first and last in the race?

Can you retell the story of Chinese New Year to your grown ups at home.

6 thoughts on “Chinese New Year – SMSC

  1. The rat and the cat were good friends and they asked the ox to carry them a cross the rat pushed the rat of the ox and the rat came last because it drowned and he didn’t get a name after him self.

    The Chinese empera through there was a new way to travel time
    and he made 13 animals rise a cross the river so they all jumped in and swam as fast as they could the rat wasn’t the greatest swimmer but he was the smartest animal and he saw the ox was going to win so he ran as fast as he could and jumped on the ox’s back as soon the ox was going to win and the rat jumped of the ox’s back and he won.

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