Year 1 White- Week 2

Today, we worked together to answer this week’s scientific question which was; Can sound travel along a piece of string? We worked brilliantly as a junior scientists and were able to solve this question. We also created some portraits in our art lessons of miss matched faces. On Wednesday we were finding one more while […]

To explain animal adaptations-Year 2 White

Today, we understood that how living things are adapted for their own habitats. We also had an opportunity to complete some simple challenges. We carried out a scientific blubber glove experiment. This is a fantastic, hands-on experiment designed to encourage children to think about the usefulness of blubber for animals living in freezing conditions.

National Numeracy Day-2White

National Numeracy Day was celebrated on Wednesday 18th May 2022 and all schools held celebrations around the world during school times. Today, in 2 White, we celebrated numeracy day by identifying lines of symmetry in fun and creative ways to develop our knowledge and confidence. Enjoy our Numeracy Rap Song!

To create a model shelter-2White

After testing and deciding which materials were most suitable for creating a fox shelter. Then, we read through our plans and collected the materials we needed to create our model shelters. We carefully followed the design and constructed our shelters. Can you describe what type of materials did we use and why?

Trip to Botanical Gardens- 2Blue

What a lovely day we had at Botanical gardens! Children enjoyed looking at various plants and were able to relate their learning to Apprentice Gardener. They also had an opportunity to carry on scientific experiments. What was your favourite part of the trip?

To solve word problems-Year 2

Today, we worked in mixed ability groups to solve word problems. Each time we read the problems and used the mathematical vocabulary to decide which calculation was needed to solve the problem. We wrote number sentences and drew jottings of tens and ones to find the answers.

Chinese New Year – SMSC

Today ,Year 2 retold and sequenced the story of Chinese New Year. Children used adverbials of time and conjunctions to retell the story. Can you tell me which animal came first and last in the race? Can you retell the story of Chinese New Year to your grown ups at home.

Year 2 – Sports Day

Children in Year 2 enjoyed their sports day. They had an opportunity to take part in various activities. We are so proud to see wonderful qualities of Broad Heath citizens such as resilience, teamwork and respect. Well done Year 2!

Blogger of the Week- 2W

We would like to thank all the children in 2W who have worked extremely hard and have continued to learn and gain during these difficult times. However, our blogger of the week has managed to go an extra mile and produced some high quality work. Well done Knowledge Knights of 2 White! Muhammad D. you […]

Home learning Gallery-2 White

Year 2 children, your home learning will be showcased in this blog. Hopefully, this is going to be for a short term. Thank you for all your hard work and resilience. Well done Knowledge Knights of 2W. Week 2-Thursday Week2- Wednesday Week2- Tuesday Week 2- Monday Thursday Week1 Friday Week 1