Year 2 – Sports Day

Children in Year 2 enjoyed their sports day. They had an opportunity to take part in various activities. We are so proud to see wonderful qualities of Broad Heath citizens such as resilience, teamwork and respect. Well done Year 2!

Blogger of the Week- 2W

We would like to thank all the children in 2W who have worked extremely hard and have continued to learn and gain during these difficult times. However, our blogger of the week has managed to go an extra mile and produced some high quality work. Well done Knowledge Knights of 2 White! Muhammad D. you […]

Home learning Gallery-2 White

Year 2 children, your home learning will be showcased in this blog. Hopefully, this is going to be for a short term. Thank you for all your hard work and resilience. Well done Knowledge Knights of 2W. Week 2-Thursday Week2- Wednesday Week2- Tuesday Week 2- Monday Thursday Week1 Friday Week 1

Samba Friday-2 White

Today children in Year 2 enjoyed learning Samba dance. Samba is a popular Brazilian dance.They also had an opportunity to try the Samba outfits. Loved your enthusiasm 2 White. What was your favourite dance move?

A day full of Mindfulness in 2W

Today, we read the text ‘ The Colour Monster’. We identified different feelings and spoke about them. During circle time, we spoke about how events in our life can make us feel. We reflected on happy and sad times. We then explored ways to tackle feelings that we might not like such as fear and […]

Shelters- Year 2W

After testing and deciding which materials were most suitable for creating a fox shelter we designed one on paper. Then we read through our design plans and collected the materials we needed to create our shelter models. We carefully followed the designs and constructed our shelters. Well done Knowledge Knights!

Coventry Blitz – Year 2 W

Year 2 children are learning about History of Coventry and today they understood the effects and events of the Coventry Blitz and what happened as a result. Children watched videos and had an opportunity to hide under their tables when the air raid siren went off in the classroom to understand how must people must […]

Year 2W-History of Coventry

This term children are learning about History of Coventry. Today, children were able to understand Leofric’s actions and it’s impact on the people. They explored how the actions of Lady Godiva helped the poor people. They also performed a poem called Lady Godiva using intonation.

Year 2 Celebration gallery

Hello Year 2! Finally, it is the last week of Home learning. We are so proud of each and everyone of you for making so much progress even at home. All your work will be showcased in this blog for this week. Thursday Wednesday Tuesday

Blogger and Citizen of the Week

Safa you have worked hard throughout this week and exceeded every expectation that was set. We are proud of you! Thank you for your tremendous hard work, resilience and we hope you continue to shine in every aspect of life. We are proud of you Robyn!

Year 2 Creative Blog- Milk Art

Hello Year 2 here is a fun, science activity for you to try it at home with materials easily available at your home. Hope you enjoy it. Milk Art Materials A bowl ½ cup of milk Dish soap Cotton swab Food Coloring, more than one color Pepper (optional) Instructions: 1. Pour the milk into the […]

Year 2-Lets get Creative

2021 is the Year of the Ox and will mark the beginning of a New Chinese Year on 12th February 2021. Today is a very simple, fun activity to draw an Ox and to colour it in. Follow these simple steps shown below and remember to split your page in 4 equal parts. Once finished, […]

2W -Blogger and Citizen of the Week

Nma you are an extraordinary student who is always willing to go above and beyond for every piece of work. Your resilience and perseverance is outsanding and you are a perfect role model for our class as you portray high standrads of home learning . Muhammmad you are a hard-working, polite and an outsatnding student. […]

2W- Blogger and Citizen of the Week

We really appreciate all your hard work that you have put into your work. You are a star Welat! You have tons of potential and are always eager to learn and gain. Irfa you are such a bright and cheerful girl. We love your enthusiasm and the effort you have put into everything to be […]

Year 2- Let’s get Creative

Chinese Shape Dragons Here is a simple Maths activity about shapes. You need to carefully cut out the different shapes such as rectangle, triangle, circle or a square and arrange them on the background to create a 2D dragon and glue them together. If you do not have coloured paper, then you can colour in […]

2W- Celebration Gallery Week 4

Hello everyone! We hope you all are well and thank you to all those children who have been working extremely hard and trying their best to learn and gain. We really appreciate your hard work and resilience. Well done Knowledge Knights! Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday

2W- Blogger and Citizen of The Week

Abdul you are trying really hard and we really appreciate the support you are having from home. We hope you continue to learn and gain. Marwah you do every task with an amazing smile on your face. Inspite of moving home you have not let that get in the way of your learning. Keep it up!

Y2 Let’s Get Creative- Fortune cookies

Hello Year 2! Here is a fun and easy activity for you to try with your parents to get us in the spirits of Chinese New Year. Hopefully, this baking activity will help you feel relaxed and give you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Ingredients 2  egg whites 1 tsp […]