Rethink Your Drink- Healthy choices

More Water, Please! It’s no secret that tempting and tasty drinks are everywhere. It’s easy to forget the importance of water for overall health and a well-balanced diet. Staying hydrated helps you to stay alert and focused, can keep your bodies at a safe and healthy temperature, and may improve mental health functioning. School-aged kids […]

Children’s belongings- collection

Hello 4 Red, I hope you are well and safe. There are still many personal belongings that some children have left behind at school such as, PE bags, home learning packs, inhalers, jumpers etc. You can collect your belongings from school tomorrow Thursday between 9:30 -11:00. The office will be open if your parents need […]

4 Red- Punjabi MC

This music week children in 4 Red have explored diverse music and also understood the musical history of Coventry.  They have worked extremely hard and performed a song by Punjabi MC- ‘Balle Balle’. I am so proud of the children for learning a song in a different language. Well done!

WOW! Homework

This week children in 4Red have produced some amazing homework. Their task was to imagine if they were evacuated during WW2 and create a list of things they might need to carry with them.Well done!  


This week children in 4 Red have been learning the bus stop method for division.  Children can now apply their knowledge of multiplication to solve division problems.Well done!    

Subtracting 4 digit numbers -4 Red

This week children have been learning to subtract 4 digit numbers using pictorial method. They have also learnt to subtract with one exchange.. Well done 4 Red for working extremely hard. Can you please solve these subtraction problems. 657- 179= 1015-893=

Inspirational Maths: One Cut Geometry- 4 Red

Today, children in year 4 performed a mind blowing activity. The goal was to create 2-D geometrical shapes by cutting them out of a folded piece of paper with just one cut. Children overcame their challenges by realising their mistakes and were able to achieve their desired shapes with one cut. Well done 4 Red!.

Book Week ‘The BFG’ – 4 Red

During this book week 4 Red has been reading BFG. Are all giants mean and nasty? Do they all eat humans? In Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’, there is a giant who isn’t like the others. Today children drew and painted the giants from the BFG.    

HERBERT ART GALLERY- 4RED     Children in Year 4 today investigated the natural world, modern art and the Old Masters. Children wandered through interactive displays and enjoyed the latest exhibitions. The art gallery encouraged children to explore and discover the ancient history.


This week year 4 children carried out an activity with hoola hoops to create a Venn Diagram in order to compare and organise shapes into groups of equal sides and right angles.

TIME -4 White

Year 4 have been learning the concept of time. They are now able to tell the time using 24 hour digital and on analogue clock. Can you please convert these times using 24 hour digital clock. 8.30 am= 12.30 pm= 4.30pm=      


For 4 Whites WOW challenge homework they were tasked to make their own Anglo-Saxon armour. It seems like our children in 4W were ready for battle and some of our little warriors  made some amazing Anglo-Saxon shields and weapons (all child friendly of course!). Keep on gaining and going the extra mile 4W!

4 White- Autumn Term

Just an opportunity to say  ‘WOW  and ‘ THANK YOU’  to children in 4 White who have worked hard in this autumn term. It has always been pleasure to see your enthusiasm and dedication for work. Your hard work and effort have paid off! Wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year   […]

Year 4 Autumn 2 Portfolios

Hello Year 4, We’ve had a great half term.  You have been trying your best from becoming super spellers, great handwriting skills, good teamwork skills, maths legends, super art skills and we had a great Blitz night.  Read the portfolios below and share with your parents/guardians what you have been up to. Let us know […]