Plants Science Investigation!

This week Year 3 have been taking part in a science investigation around their topic of ‘Plants’. 

Their investigation was based on testing sweet peas and planting them in three different pots, ‘small’ ‘medium’ and ‘large pots’. The aim of the investigation was to observe which flower in each pot was the most successful in growing the tallest plant.

To do this experiment at home:

  • Take 3 pots, ranging from a small pot up to a large pot.
  • Fill each pot with soil.
  • Place a  seed lightly into the soil, not too deep!
  • Water and place in a sunny area either outside.
  • Each week, measure the plant and record it.
Planning an investigation is very important. Ensuring you make the investigation a fair test is essential for accuracy!
Mrs Patel was helping her group to think about what variables should be kept the same. 
Children are helping.

Water those plants and lets watch them grow!

Which plant will grow the tallest in which pot?


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  1. I think all of them will grow but in the smallest pot I think it will be a bit short . In the medium sized pot I think it won’t grow that big. In the tallest one I think it will grow the tallest out of all of them .