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Science Week in Nursery

This week in Nursery we have been learning about water.

At the start of the week we learnt about seahorses and we were amazed at how they live. We decided to explore the school to see what water there was in school and to see if we could find any seahorses.

We found lots of water but no seahorses. We also noticed that the colour of the water that the seahorses lived in was different to the colour of the water in our taps so we explored with changing colours.

You can try this at home too. All you need is some food colouring and some sugar free lemonade. As you can see the results are pretty impressive and it tastes delicious.

We thought about the seahorses a little more and decided that they might be in a lake as they are bigger. We planned our expedition, made our maps and made some tasty provisions.

If you want to make some at home (and some of the grown-ups did ask for the recipe) then here is how.


Finally we explored as pirates. The weather was great and the children were super. We did not find any seahorses but we did find some beautiful swans, ducks and geese.

We also found an old pirate ship!

Where do you think we need to look to find the seahorses?

I’d like to thank the grown-ups for helping us with our expedition, without you we could not have gone.

3 thoughts on “Science Week in Nursery

  1. I had a lovely time on our adventure. Really enjoyed feeding the ducks πŸ¦† and swans 🦒. Also playing in the park , My Mummy enjoyed coming along too .

  2. I think the seahorses live in the sea 🏝

    I had fun making the yummy biscuits and dressing up as a pirate 😊 thankyou Mr harwood for always letting us do fun things !

    Thankyou to Aziz’s mum for helping me climb the pirate ship!

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