Six Red Art Builders Day

Introduction video ( created by Sabah and Harroop)

Art Day Gallery

How have you prepared for the day?

Throughout the morning what challenges did you and your team have to overcome?

What BH values did you apply this afternoon? Give examples.


  1. My group prepared really well bringing in resources that was really helpful.
    I did not come throughout the whole morning whoever one of the members of the group stated “getting things done on time and making sure everyone is contributing.”

  2. We have prepared by making and building a blossom tree and after that a group had to a iMovie step by step what we did and after that we took a photo of people which were hard working.

  3. Throughout the morning My group and I have been working on creating blossoms and tree branches however I have had to cover the plastic bottles in tissue paper.

  4. Now we are finishing off the trunk and the branches of the tree using cardboard and we are finished making the blossoms. We are nearly ready to blossoms on the tree. This day has been great so far!

  5. How have you prepared for the day?
    How I have prepared for the day is that I brought in some yogurt containers and 3 pieces of white card paper.

    Throughout the morning what challenges did you and your team have to overcome?
    The challenges That I have overcome is to make the flowers and finding the right materials to use.

  6. I have prepared for art day by bringing in recyclable items and blossoms I made at home. I am currently finding it challenging adding the branches and blossoms to the tree.

  7. The start of the day we came prepared bringing cardboard, bottles and more. So far we are 1 and a half hour in and we are finding challenging attaching the branches in the tree trunk. So far my team are using communication so we are able to overcome this challenge.

  8. To start the day, everyone brought in recycled items to build their tree. Me and my group are making a cherry blossom tree collaboratively. We are currently making the cherry blossoms and this is so fun. Ilyas came prepared and brought a big box of diy blossoms which he made with his mum.

  9. To start the day, we worked collaboratively to discuss ideas and brought in the materials we need. We also made some things at home to bring in for our blossom tree. My group are using scrap newspaper to make pink blossoms.

  10. To start the day, we prepared by taking the things required for our tree,
    We made some leaves and designed them, and started to design and create apples.

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