Skills Academy

I am looking at ways to make skills academy even bigger and even better and I am looking for your opinions.

1. What do you think is the best thing about Skills Academy?

2. How could Skills Academy be even better?

3. What would you like to be awarded with at the end of Skills Academy to show that you have achieved your diploma?

4. Which clubs do you like best? Why?


Thank you

Miss Dewar

5 thoughts on “Skills Academy

  1. 1. I think skills academy is great because everyone have got the chance to pick through a variety of activities to participate in and they can also embrace their talent and learn new things every Friday.

    2. I think skills academy could improve by having our teachers putting a bit more on the blogs showing pictures of what we are doing or if it is a sort of art club what we have made in our club.

    3. I think that at the end of skills academy we could get maybe a piece of card saying that , _______ has achieved his/her diploma by achieving , E.G the innovative and creative skills.Or just written skills academy diploma.

    4. I love origami club because you can learn how to make new things with paper. Sewing club benefits children’s life’s so if a rig cam into any piece of their clothing when they grow up they know exactly how to fix it because Mrs Sharma and Mrs Jones taught them.

    thank you for reading Haniyah :) :) :) :) !!!!!

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