Our new topic in Science for this half term is Spring and Summer.

This week we have been thinking about Spring and what it is like.

Can you look outside and describe what you can see/feel/hear/smell?

We will collect all of our answers together to help us understand more about this season.

**Don’t forget that if you cannot access the blog then you can write your answers on paper and bring it into school**



7 thoughts on “Spring

  1. Thank you Mr Stevenson.
    No, the leaves are not the same as autumn. They are swishy, crunchy and dried with orange, yellow, and red colour.

  2. In spring,I can smell some flowers, daisy and some buds of trees.The plants are growing, even I can see how sunflower seeds are growing in my garden. I can see that the sun iż shining longer. In Spring time I don’t need to wear a scarf and a gloves and a hat because is warmer.

  3. In spring I can see flowers growing on trees and I can smell the green grass that’s on the school field. I can hear birds singing and I like to have ice cream in spring.

  4. In spring I can see bright colours like yellow. There are white blossoms on the trees. The weather is hot. Plants are growing. I can smell lovely flowers. I can hear birds singing early in the morning and it is sunny.

  5. In spring, I can smell and see green fresh leaves, colourful blossoms. I can hear birds singing, heavy rain sound and thunder. I can feel the nice weather.

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