Star of the Week

This half term the school value we will be focusing on is respect and those children who demonstrate respect will be awarded star of the week. Respect means politeness , honour, and care towards someone or something. Congratulations to all children who earned a wristband this week.

What have you done this week that is respectful ?

What does respect mean to you ?


  1. Well done guys keep up the hard work
    I have been respectful by listening to my teachers and my peers for sharing ideas respect means to treat them well like you wanted to be treated

  2. Well done to everybody who got a wristband. Keep it up and you will get a wristband for using all school values.

    I have done that is respectful by always giving turns and making sure the game is fair.
    Respect means to me as a must because in order to be a good citizen you must have great and a respectful heart.

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