Year 4 Circus

Year 4 finished their fantastic first week back with a visit from the circus. The children had an amazing time experimenting and with new skills. Exhibiting great tenacity, resilience and brilliance. Well done year 4.

1Blue – STAR Spellers and DT

1Blue celebrate these STAR spellers for achieving top marks in their spelling test today. Well done to those that achieved 8 or 9. Please practise Week 5 spellings 🌟 Design Technology – The children completed their moving pictures by adding their character! They look GREAT! What did you enjoy learning this week? Thank you all […]

1Blue – Design Technology

This afternoon, 1Blue created their backgrounds for their moving pictures. They even cut the card ready to create their slider next week. They already look BRILLIANT! Well done children 🌟 What did you enjoy about today’s DT lesson? Which character will you choose to cut and slide next week? Will you choose; Rama, Sita, Hanuman, […]

1Blue – Islamic Art – Thursday

Wednesday extended The children’s final art pieces! I am so proud of you all, 1Blue! Thursday Today, the children took part in their very first Design Technology lesson! The children had to cut and join fabrics to create a piece of artwork. They did brilliantly! Please watch the video and share your thoughts.

1Blue – Islamic Art – Tuesday

Tuesday Another exciting and busy yet fun day in 1Blue! Today, the children were inspired by the work of Salma Arastu. Salma Arastu created wonderful pieces of art which included islamic caligraphy. The children created their own versions of Salma’s work. Each piece created is unique and simply BRILLIANT! In the afternoon, the children explored […]

1Blue – Islamic Art – Monday

Monday What a busy day 1Blue have had! The children were introduced to this week’s theme, ’Islamic Art’. The children asked questions to some ’specialists’ who answered the questions beautifully! After that, the children did some map work. They could say which country their families are from! For SMSC, Haseeb showed the class how he […]

1Blue – English and Art! WK4

What a bunch of superstars I have in my class! 1Blue, you are AMAZING! English – The children enjoyed learning new vocabulary from the story, Alien School. They understood and acted out each word! For Art, the children created their very own Picasso inspired portraits! They look FANTASTIC! What did you enjoy taking part in […]

Design Technology in 2 Red

In Design Technology, we are going to make a healthy sandwich for Mr Grinling. First, we learnt about a balanced diet and today, we tasted, described the texture and investigated the smell of chosen ingredients. Do you think our sandwich will be a healthy one? Use because to explain your answer please.

4 Blue are artists!

4 Blue have been improving their skills with watercolour paints. They started by experimenting with different brushes and ways to use them and then they created small-scale volcano paintings. Here are our volcanoes (still a work in progress)

1Blue – This Is Me!

It has been a wonderful week welcoming the children back to school! Our Mantra is ‘Roaring To Success!’ and it was wonderful to see the children ’roaring’ and having lots of fun! This week was linked to our story, The Rainbow Fish, where we learnt the importance of being kind. This week for ‘This Is […]

Great start in 2 Blue

The children have started the week off working so hard, we are very proud of them. Our project week this week is called ’This is me!’ and we have been learning all about each other. We created portraits of ourselves by mixing paint to match our skin colour them using collage materials to add in […]