Y6 SMSC (Summer 1)

SOLE: Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in /charity and generosity? Recap the purpose of charity/ what is the benefit of charity?Who can give charity? Identify examples of exceptional religious architecture around the world.(How much does this cost? Why is this important for communities?) Over $900million dollars was pledged […]

Y1 Eid Assembly

We are incredibly proud of our Y1 children!They have worked incredibly hard the past few weeks in preparation for their Eid assembly. We are very proud of you all.I would like to thank the children for showing how amazing they are. The technical difficulties could have taken over but the children were absolute SUPERSTARS!Thank you […]

1B Diwali Day

1B have had a GREAT day today! 1Blue have enjoyed celebrating Diwali. Our focus story is Rama and Sita for our next unit in English, so we are levelling the playing field with beautiful Diwali activities and experiences today. We’ve even tried some Diwali treats too! Please see the videos and pictures below to see […]

1Blue make Diva lamps!

Today, 1Blue could understand what instructions are and even followed them to make a clay diva! They were BRILLIANT! Challenge! Can you write the step by step instructions using numbers, time words and imperative verbs? If you do, you will be rewarded with 2 pegs! Time words – First, Then, Next, After a few days, […]

1Blue – Islamic Art – Monday

Monday What a busy day 1Blue have had! The children were introduced to this week’s theme, ’Islamic Art’. The children asked questions to some ’specialists’ who answered the questions beautifully! After that, the children did some map work. They could say which country their families are from! For SMSC, Haseeb showed the class how he […]

1Red learn about Lent (SMSC)

1Red explored a Christian celebration called Lent. The children understood why Christians observe fasts for 40 days and shared why they give up certain habits. 1Red shared what they would give up if they observed/ celebrated Lent. What have you enjoyed learning in our SMSC lessons so far?