Thank you

Many thanks for the lovely cards and gifts. The greatest gift I treasure,is watching you children, grow into caring, respectful and kind young people. Keep being ace and see you all on September 5 th;breakfast club will be available as from 8 am to anyone in Reception to Y 6.

Have a great summer.

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  1. Thank you so much the timing I posted this may be late I’m very sorry but I came here to say just thank you very much for being a lovely head teacher I feel glad I am here at this school because of you and the teachers I appreciate being in year 4 I feel very sad leaving my current teachers like I always do I miss everyone especially my friends and once again thank you very much for being a lovely headteacher and I miss every so much and I hope everyone has a good day!!.

  2. Thank you Mrs Frankish for teaching me for 7 years and my whole family with two more left and maybe another. My family gives you lots of thanks and memories. I have remembered every moment of my Broad Heath as well as my family. We all loved it in there and when we left we new we were leaving the family at our school because family doesn’t have to be blood and we all have learned that throught the times. Broad Heath wasn’t just a school to me it was another place as my home. I hope the future pupils learn this as well once at Broad Heath always Broad Heath. I have cherished my time with my friends teachers and many more now its the end of my time and for more/.

  3. Thank you 😊 Mrs Frankish for all your hard work. Thank you for all the special opportunities you have gave us. If it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be here, and here I am full of knowledge, respect and love so thank you. You are the best headteacher ever. All those chances you gave us were wonderful and nothing could have been better. I am glad I came to this school because of all the fun stuff it has, such as the swimming pool,library,weather pitch,adventure playground and many more.
    Also many thanks to all the teachers I had in every year in Broad Heath.
    Every single teacher did their best to teach us and at the same time take care of us even in the rough times.
    Not 1,2 or 3 but every teacher I had and LSA would make the lessons more fun and creative. The teachers did their best to help me revise for my SATs ,if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have done so well.
    My whole time I spent in Broad Heath was the best, it couldn’t have been better,it was full of pleasures, presents and love 💕.
    The past 6 years of my life in Broad Heath have been the greatest and now that I think about it, I want to go back to Broad Heath, in fact I want to spend my whole life in it.
    All the books and drawings and displays I have been given will be kept as memories.
    So thank you Mrs Frankish and Teachers that I had for all your support and love.
    I already miss you.🥺
    Stay safe!
    I hope we meet again.
    XxxxxxX Aisha

    • Wow, what a message. You came here from another country, not speaking English, frightened and wary. You leave as a confident, clever and beautiful young lady who achieved some outstanding results. Your future is bright, keep in touch with your BH family. X

  4. Thank you Mrs Frankish for being the best head teacher EVER! Without you I don’t know how I would have thrived in BH! You provided us with lots of things the Adventure Playground, swimming pool etc. Also my teachers! Throughly the years they helped me grow and learn! Without them I don’t know how I would have done well in my SATs! Well I know I wasn’t here to say goodbye but I hope we meet again soon. – Iqra

  5. Thank you Miss Frankish the best head teacher ever.I only have 2 more year in this school so I will miss BroadHeath .
    I hope you will enjoy all the presents 🎁 and card..🤫
    Tana xxxx

  6. Thank you for being an amazing head teacher. This school wouldn’t be this good without you. Thank you all staff and diner lady’s for help and supporting me when I needed it. Thank you Year 6 staff for preparing amazing activities for us and helping us revise for our SATS which we wouldn’t have aced without you.

  7. Thank you Mrs Frankish for giving us the best 8 years of indescribable, enjoyable lessons about a variety of many different subjects and trips.
    Throught the years, i have been taught by many wonderful teacher and to my final teachers Mrs Ahmed, i wish you a safe and great travel across the world.
    I am sad that out time has come but i am sure that in many years to come we will meet again.

  8. Thank you Mrs Frankish, I am sad that I am leaving this school, yet i will hopefully visit when I’m older. Mrs ahmed and Mrs Sharma were great teachers, also my final teachers, Safe travels Mrs Ahmed.
    The saddest memory was my friends, most of my closest friends have applied for different schools luckily I can call and talk to them.
    Goodbye Broadheath, The beginning of some peoples story.

  9. Thank you for being the greatest head teacher you are the best and you really deserve these gift and presents hope you enjoy all .and again thank you for all your support.
    Yours sincerely
    Tipian xx

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