The Digestive System

As part of our learning this term, Year 4 will be learning about The Digestive System.

What is the digestive system? Why is it important?

Today, we started off our learning by identifying body parts associated with the digestive system and describe their functions.

To start with, let’s look at all the parts of our digestive system.

To begin with, we labelled each part of the digestive system. Can you describe the function of each of these?

Please have a watch of our ’Digestive System’ experiment.


Now answer these questions below:

  1. Where does digestion take place?
  2. Why is digestion an important process?
  3. Why is a healthy digestive system important?


How do we break down our food?

3 thoughts on “The Digestive System

  1. 1. where do you eat from>?
    I eat from my mouth.
    2.How does the food go to ur stomach?
    You swallow your food then it goes to your stomach then after it mix.
    3. How do we break down our food?
    We break down our food by breaking down the food we eat
    Last time we have learnt so many activity which was very fun and great I enjoy learning..

  2. 1. The digestive system is something that breaks down your food and from a liquid it melts down into energy.
    2. It is important because it makes energy so the amount you need it will give you alot of energy.

    1. The mouth is a body part where you put your food in and chew with your teeths.
    2. The oesophagus is a part in your throat where when you chew and swallow it goes into the oesophagus and into your stomach.
    3. The stomach is when it goes out of the oesophagus it goes into here and melts by stomach acid.
    4. The liver is used for making protein and blood clotting. The liver is next to the stomach on the right side.
    5. Pancreas is a body part that releases powerful , digestive enzymes.
    6. The small intestine is to connects your stomach to your large intestine and its main job is to break down and and absorb food , fat , vitamins and other substances your body needs.
    7. Your large intestine is a part of where your urine goes out.

    1. The digestive system takes place from your mouth to your large intestine.
    2. If you don’t digest your food it won’t give you energy
    3.It is a important thing because it process the food and can give you alot of energy which makes you relaxed.

  3. Where does digestion take place?
    It takes place in our mouth.
    Why is digestion an important process?
    So you get nutrients and water to your body.
    Why is a healthy digestive system important?
    So your liver or pancreas doesn’t need to work extra hard.
    How do we break down our food?
    We break down our food to little chunks in our mouth then we make our food into liquid in our stomach because it has some stomach acid well as making the food bounce around the stomach.

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