Historical Fiction

Good morning Year 4! Hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend. 😃 This term in English, we are looking at Historical Fiction. This links to our learning of the Blitz, as we have been looking at the story ’The Thing Upstairs’. Using a dictionary, define these terms: Ration, Shilling, Allotment Answer the […]

Multiplying and Dividing by 7.

Good morning Year 4. This week, we will be exploring the 7x table, multiplying and dividing by 7. To start with, practice your 7x table on ‘Hit the Button’. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button Once you have practiced this, complete the task below. Challenge: Using division, can you complete the sum commutatively?

Newspaper Reports

This term in English, Year 4 will be looking at newspaper reports based on World War II. What is a newspaper report? A newspaper report provides the reader with information on what is happening in the world. For example, it focuses on a specific event that has happened. The features of a newspaper report are: […]

🎉 4B Let’s Celebrate – Autumn 2 🎉

Well done for all of your hard work and efforts this term 4 Blue. You have all worked incredibly hard and made great progress. You should all be very proud of yourself. Myself and Mrs Latham are impressed with the outstanding work you have produced. 4B pen licenses Firstly, let’s begin by celebrating our new […]

Anglo-Saxon documentary

Please watch 4B’s Anglo-Saxon documentary to find out all about the Ancient Anglo-Saxons. Which values did you use? Share something you have learnt. How are the Anglo-Saxon times different to today? How will you ensure your exhibition meets the requirements of your visitors?

Phonics practice

This week, we will be recapping all the graphemes we have looked at this term. To begin with, let’s start with ‘ay’. Watch the video below to practice ‘ay’. Complete the activity. Next is ‘ee’. Watch the video below to practice ‘ee’. Complete the activity. Lastly, we have got the grapheme ‘igh’. Watch the video […]

Subordinating Conjunctions

What are conjunctions? A conjunction is a word, or words, used to connect two clauses together. Words such as: ‘although’, ‘because’ or ‘when’ . Have a go at the subordinating conjunctions activity below https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwwp8mn/articles/zqk37p3 Once you have completed the quiz, try the next activity. Take a look at these examples. Write 3 sentences of your […]

Phonics: Practice ‘igh’.

Good morning Year 4. This blog is for my phonics group: Romeesa, Haroon, Aro and Rubab. We have been practicing the graphemes ‘ay’, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’. To further practice the ‘igh’ grapheme, watch the video below and have a go at the activities. This can be done in your homework book or on a piece […]

Information Texts

This week in 4 Blue, we have been learning all about information texts. Information texts are non-fiction texts, giving information on a particular subject or topic. These are also known as a non-chronological report. Examples of an information text are: Biographies Reports Essays Newspapers Magazines Textbooks and instruction manuals The features of an information text […]

Year 4 Phonics

Good morning Year 4! Your phonics practice for this week is based around the ’ee’ sound. Reflect on the different words we have looked at today that sound the same but have a different way of being spelt. To begin with, watch the video below and have a practice of the sound. Have a go […]

Art Around the World Week in 4 Blue

Wow! What an exciting and knowledgeable experience we have had in 4 Blue this week, learning all about Eastern Europe and using a range of skills to consolidate our learning of Russian art and culture. Please watch 4B’s video below. Researching We started by researching the artists’ country. We used our research skills to find […]

Explanation Texts

As part of our new topic this term in English, 4 Blue have been looking at explanation texts. An explanation text is a piece of writing that has the purpose of explaining something to the reader. This includes giving information about something, or explaining how or why something happens. Explanation texts are usually written in […]

Addition and Subtraction

As part of our learning in Maths this week, are learning about Addition and Subtraction. Addition is one operation of adding two numbers together. We use the addition symbol when we want to add one thing to another. Subtraction is another operation for taking one number away from another. We use the subtraction symbol when […]

Roman Numerals

Today in Maths, 4 Blue have been learning all about Roman Numerals. We used match sticks to make our own Roman Numerals. What are Roman Numerals? Watch the video below to find out more. Roman Numerals video: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpdwxnb/articles/zcbvhcw Please answer the questions below and share something you have learnt this lesson. What does V represent […]

Pen Licenses! 😃

Congratulations to these children in 4 Blue for gaining their pen license this term. Aran Jamaal Hasbia Meharunisa Ghazala Ali Keep up the lovely handwriting and the great work! Make sure you keep practicing your handwriting at home for a pen license this term. Well done! ⭐️

Our Teeth

This afternoon in 4 Blue, we have been learning about our teeth, the different types of teeth we have and describing their functions. We have three main different types of teeth. These are our incisors, canines and molars. Have a go at the quiz below: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/z27kng8/articles/zsp76yc What are the three main different types of teeth? […]

Place Value

This term in Maths, Year 4 will be learning all about Place Value. Let’s start by looking at these numbers… 174215773What is the value of the 7 in each number? Is it always the same? Explain your answer. Once you have completed this, complete the task below. Task: Write down the value of the digit […]

The Digestive System

As part of our learning this term, Year 4 will be learning about The Digestive System. What is the digestive system? Why is it important? Today, we started off our learning by identifying body parts associated with the digestive system and describe their functions. To start with, let’s look at all the parts of our […]

This is Me Week in 4 Blue

This week, as part of our project week ’This is Me’, 4 Blue have been learning about valuing differences and celebrating uniqueness. We have reflected upon our Broad Heath values: teamwork, knowledge, empathy, tenacity, communication, kindness, respect, brilliance, imagination, honesty, resilience and individuality. Maths ~ Halving We started off by discussing the skills needed for […]

Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 08.07.21

Good Morning Year 4!For today’s PSHE lesson, I would like you to do the following: Please start by writing today’s date and title in your homework books, neatly written and underlined neatly with a ruler. Once you have completed today’s learning, I would like you to upload your work to the sharepoint first, then leave […]

Transition Day 3 Blue

Hi 3 Blue! I hope you are all safe and well. It was so nice seeing you all on Zoom earlier and I enjoyed answering your questions and getting to know a little bit about you. I will be your new LSA in September. I would like to tell you a little bit about me […]

4B’s Registration Zoom

Hi 4B. I hope you are all safe and well. Unfortunately, we are having to isolate for 10 days at home. Below is the link and your zoom invite to 4B’s registration, which will take place at 9:15am every morning from Tuesday 6th July – Monday 13th July. The passcode is the same as last […]

4B’s Super Rock Star of the Week! ⭐️

Big well done to Moosa in 4B who is this week’s TTRS champion! 🏆 Amazing effort since Autumn 1, making outstanding progress and practicing his times tables daily. We are all so proud of you! Moosa earned 3,904 coins and answered 268 answers correctly over the week. I wonder who will be our next TTRS […]

Year 4 PSHE Home Learning – 24.06.21

Good morning Year 4! Hope you are all safe and well. Welcome to our second PSHE lesson during home learning. Well done for those of you who completed last week’s PSHE work. Today, we will be learning about celebrating the achievement of others in our class. To begin with, please write today’s date and title […]