Traditional Tales

As part of our new English unit this term, Year 2 will be learning about traditional tales. A traditional tale is a story based on a tradition, usually fiction. They can be entertaining and fun to read, but are also different in many ways as well as similar. Here are some examples of tradition tales… […]

Number bonds to 20

Good morning 2 Blue!As part of our maths work this term, we have been learning about number bonds. To practice this further, here is a video to watch to explore our number bonds to 20. When looking for number bonds to 20, we are looking for two numbers (that make a pair) which add to […]

Our Potato Germ Experiment

Last week, Year 2 carried out an experiment to test hygiene and germs. We used potatoes to test germs on different surfaces. Potato 1: Control potato Potato 2: Our hands Potato 3: The floor Potato 4: The toilet We looked at the potatoes a week later, after they had been kept in the cupboard. We […]

Counting in 3’s

Today, we have been learning to count in 3’s. We have had lots of practice. When we count in 3’s, we start from 0. Counting in 3’s helps us to understand our multiples of 3. Here is a number line to help you count in 3’s. Practice counting in 3’s. What pattern do you notice? […]

Y2 Healthy Eating

To start our science learning this term, Y2 have been learning all about taking care of our bodies and healthy eating. So, why is it important to stay healthy?Watch the video below to find out. We have different food groups which are:– Carbohydrates– Proteins (meat, fish and egg)– Fruit and Vegetables– Dairy (milk, cheese and […]

Y2 The Seaside

This afternoon, Year 2 learnt all about the different parts of the UK and located different cities and the beach on a UK map. They worked in smaller groups to identify and locate this, showing great teamwork and knowledge. We then used our imagination to role-play being at the seaside. We will be learning about […]

Counting from 0 to 20

Today in Maths, 2 Blue learnt how to count from 0 to 20. We used a number line to help us with this. We learnt how many tens and ones were in a number and practiced writing the numerals and words. What have you learnt today? Which numbers are missing from the sequence below? 0, […]

Well done 4 Blue! 🤩

Well done 4 Blue for your outstanding effort this term. I am so proud of all the hard work you have done, the effort you have put in and how you have gained so much. You have used your teamwork skills, persevered, shared lots of great knowledge and shown your citizenship skills. So what have […]


Last week in Maths, Year 4 started their new topic of learning in Maths of Coordinates. Watch the video below as a quick recap. This week, we will be consolidating our learning further as we continue to look at coordinates on a grid and understanding the importance of the x and y axis. The […]

Transition Day ~ 1 Red become 2 Blue 😁

Good morning 1 Red! Myself and Mr Mahmood are looking forward to teaching you in September. We will be 2 Blue. We can’t wait to meet you on Wednesday. Bring your smiles, as we will be having lots of fun! Here are some fun facts about me: Name: Miss Bhangu Favourite colour: Purple Favourite food: […]

Measurement and Angles

This term Year 4 have been learning about Measurement and Angles. Today, we looked at comparing angles. We identified acute, right and obtuse angles. Answer the questions for the worksheet below. How have you made progress today in your Maths learning? What have you learnt about angles? Which values and skills have you used?

Year 4 Wellbeing Day – 23.06.22

Children have had a fun day participating in a range of activities. They have used a range of BH values and demonstrated their skills, working together as a team. The staff and pupils had a fantastic time! 🤩 Rugby The children had a great time playing games to develop their rugby skills today. Lots of […]

Mindfulness Monday

Good morning Year 4! Well done to you all for the efforts made last week during your times tables test. You worked incredibly hard and we are all so proud of you. 😃 As a way to unwind and relax, here are some ways to practice mindfulness at home to make you feel calm. Everyone […]


This term in Maths, Year 4 are learning about Time. Here are some practice questions below to have a go at. Make sure to include your reasoning. Challenge: Can you think of your own word problem? Maybe try challenging a friend. What is the difference between analogue and digital time?What skills did you use?How have […]

4 Blue Fun Friday

Well done for your superb learning this week 4 Blue. You have shown great teamwork skills, working together in groups to research Sir Francis Drake and share your knowledge. We also had lots of fun during the drum workshop on Thursday afternoon, using communication, respect and creativity. As something to enjoy, here are some art […]

Mindfulness May

Good morning Year 4, Well done for your superb efforts and hard work in Summer 1. It has been an amazing few weeks and you have all shown your BH values in your everyday learning. Keep focusing and practicing your times tables daily, reading every day to an adult at home or yourself but also […]

Measurement: Time and Money

This week, Year 4 will be learning about time and money. We will be converting between pound and pence, ordering money and estimating amounts of money. Have a practice of the questions below. We will also be solving problems with money, using all four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). To explore this, we will […]

Year 4 Wellbeing Day: 13.05.22

Minibeast fact files Children researched a range of minibeasts, also using their existing knowledge of what we have learnt this term in Science. The values used were knowledge, brilliance and teamwork, as children worked together to create their own fact file of a chosen minibeast. Football Our Football fanatics have been busy playing football for […]

⭐️Skills Academy ~ Week 3: 13.05.22⭐️

Good afternoon, This week in Mindfulness, we have been listening to different types of music, writing down words to describe how we feel and how different genres of music make us feel. As we listened to different pieces of music, we reflected on our feelings and emotions. Here is some relaxing mindfulness music to listen […]

Skills Academy ~ Week 2: 06.05.22 ⭐️Mindfulness⭐️

This week in Mindfulness, we discussed the importance of Art Therapy. Art therapy is a form of communicating our feelings and thoughts. It can also help to encourage feelings of positivity. Children practiced some mindfulness colouring, exploring a range of patterns and understanding how this impacts our wellbeing. Mindfulness colouring is a great way to […]

4 Blue ~ Let’s Celebrate 😁🤩🎉

Well done 4 Blue for all of your superb effort this term. You have all worked extremely hard and made lots of progress in your learning. Spellings Well done to these children for achieving a weekly high score in their spelling test. You have practiced daily and earned great results. WOW! Please take a look […]

Year 4 Well-Being Day

Basketball Children practiced their skills. We practiced dribbling, shooting and passing. Children excelled in using their abilities and skills, such as control and coordination, working together as a team and demonstrating great values of teamwork, resilience and kindness. Well done Year 4! Curling Times tables board game We worked in groups to play lots of […]