The Magistrates!

What an informative session today for Year Six! Today, we learnt about the Magistrates court. We looked at different types of crimes, courts and what you can be convicted for. Some children did some art from the perspective of the courtroom and had a go at the Coat of Arms logo.

After we looked at this in depth, the children had the opportunity to take part in a mock trial for the defendant Sam Little! How did you find this experience? Did you learn anything new?


Define the following words: Justice, guilt & trial.

Identify the different roles of people within a Magistrates setting. Who are they and what do they do?

4 responses to “The Magistrates!”

  1. Rida W.

    Justice: Justice is fairness in protecting rights.

    Guilt: Guilt is the responsibility for having done something wrong and doing something against the law.

    Trial: Trial is an examination to find evidence of something.

    Did you learn anything new?
    I learnt the layout of the court and people who sit there. Also I have learnt how you get treated in prison.

  2. Yousuf I.

    Guilt – admit to a crime
    Justice – punishment
    Trial – found out it if there guilty

    Roles of court :
    Defence solicitor
    Legal adviser
    Witness stand

  3. James H.

    That day was so fun because I learnt things I didn’t know before

  4. Yalda N.

    How did you find this experience?
    I found this experience very fun and I had a great time nearing the two people.
    Did you learn anything new?
    I learnt what happens in court for example the magistrate are not the only one that ask questions and I found out there is a table called the witness stand.

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