Welcome to 1 Blue!

The adults can not wait to meet you and see how wonderful you are. They are in for a BIG surprise!

7 responses to “Welcome to 1 Blue!”

  1. Samuel N.

    1 blue is so much fun i love it so much

  2. Adam K.

    Thank you for the video just showed Adam he had a big smile on his face… He will have a lovely day tomorrow. Meeting his new teachers

    1. Mrs Raja-Khan

      I am also smiling. Adam is such a superstar!

      1. Adam K.

        Thank you

    2. Mrs J Patel

      Thank you Adam can’t wait to see your smiley face tomorrow.😃

      1. Adam K.

        I would like to say thank you. Adam had lots of fun today meeting both of his teachers he had lots to tell me what he had done.. Adams mum

        1. Head Teacher

          What a lovely message.

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