How to get involved with World Book Day - World Book Day

Hi everybody!

On Thursday 3rd March 2022 it is World Book Day!

On this day, everybody must come to school dressed up as a book character.

Remember – you don’t need to BUY a costume. Here are some simple ideas below to help to create a homemade costume.

We can’t WAIT for a fun-filled day!

14 responses to “Y1 World Book Day 03.03.22”

  1. Noah M.

    I will come.

  2. Noah M.

    I will make my Mr Grumpy book.

  3. Aadyan W.

    It is going to be amazing

  4. Dominik B.

    It is going to be fun!

  5. Latifa A.

    Love world book day.I’m so happy, goodbye Mr Mahmood and Miss sharif.

  6. Dhonshan R.

    I’m exciting…

  7. Emraan A.

    What we to doing in world book day

  8. Maryum N.

    l love wellbook day

  9. Emraan A.

    I have one in my home is the mr fansitic fox in tesco

  10. Manuela M.

    Thank you!
    I can’t wait!
    It will be very interesting!☺️

  11. Aqsa S.

    Ok thank you

  12. Jasmine P.

    Ok thank you

  13. Huzaifah J.

    I am really excited for world book day 😀

    1. Huzaifah J.

      I. Like. It

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